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GROUP NEWS Monroe Consulting Group had a strong Q4 with all Countries reporting signs that the recruitment market is starting to bounce back strongly in all regions. The Indonesian office recently reviewed the year end results, which revealed some very encouraging statistics. Compared to our 2008 figures Monroe:    

Picked up 18% more new job assignments Processed 42% more applicants for jobs. Booked 71% more interviews for applicants. Placed 44% more applicants in to new jobs.

These are very encouraging results and back up what I said in the first edition of the Monroe Times in January 2009, concerning the “global economic crises”: “In short the team at Monroe Consulting Group

would like to say “Don’t’t believe everything the news tells you!” Companies are still doing business, and the demand for proven, experienced executives is more important than ever.” While other countries recruitment markets and economies were badly affected, Indonesia can be veryy proud of its economic achievements during 2009. Looking forward, there are no signs of the local recruitment market slowing down. With many foreign companies looking to expand existing businesses or wishing to enter in to the Indonesian market. This year should be another year of high competition to secure the best talent. On that note the Monroe Team wish you all a happy and prosperous new year!

Our Consumer Goods team has had solid results through the year. Recently tly there seems to have been an increase in demand from 3PL companies as well as continued demand for sales and marketing staff from the manufacturers. Professionals in this sector have obviously been closely monitoring the Kraft / Cadbury situation, a deall that looks like has finally been accepted. This will be the third big merger in 3 years, the other two being Nutricia & Sari Husada being merged in to Danone Group and Kraft taking over Danone biscuits. The other interesting trend is the number of Sales and Marketing people that left food and beverage companies to join Telecommunications are now moving back, as they become increasingly disillusioned with the “price war ” being waged by the operators.

BANKING & FINANCE Some interesting activity for the Banking Ba sector of late. While some banks continue to compete for the best talent others have stalled. Barclays seem to be attracting the most industry speculation rumors they will now only operate a small corporate banking division and walk away from their original o retail banking ambitions. Danamon has also been a sleeping giant this year in the recruitment market. However there are rumblings coming from them to expect a strong recruitment drive for 2010. Another interesting one to watch was the changes that followed disastrous AIG results. AIA Indonesia has now become Avrist, AIG is now AIA Financial and Finally AIU now operates as Chartist. Initial signs are the restructuring has been successful with all companies performing well.

TECHNOLOGY Although a tough h year for the technology desk, this sector rallied in the final quarter as many of the large technology companies increased their recruitment efforts. It seems that every other week that we hear of a new company in this sector opening a new office. The demand mand in this sector is still heavily on the sales and marketing sector, with the most requests coming for people who are experienced selling to the Banking or Telecommunications sector. Our feeling at the moment is that this sector could be one of the most competitive this year.

INDUSTRIAL At last we have good news coming from our Industrial desk. As the Asian economies recover the financing seems to be starting to flow. This has lead to companies focusing on their recruitment needs to ensure they have the he people in place to take advantage of the positive market conditions. With a good Q4 under their belt and a predicted record 1st quarter for 2010, the Industrial team are very busy at the moment.

THE MONROE TIMES MONROE PROFESSIONAL COMMUNITIES Our LinkedIn groups continue to gain members and some active discussions are taking place. I would encourage those of you that have not yet joined to do so as the more contributors we have the more informative it will become. Indonesian Consumer Goods Professionals Professionals, (

Members: 737

Indonesian Technology Professionals,, (

Members: 629

Indonesian Banking Professionals, (

Members: 598

Indonesian Energy Professionals, (

Members: 706

INDUSTRIAL IS THE NEW ENERGY As some of you may have spotted Monroe has re re-named named its Energy desk as Industrial. This step was taken at the start of the year as the group felt Energy was slightly limited and didn’t cover some of the areas covered by the desk. Industrial was selected to make it clear to our customers that this desk also covers Industrial Manufacturing and Construction as well has the energy sector.

THE TRUTH BEHIND COUNTER OFFERS Because of the shortage of experienced senior level professionals, Indonesia has developed a culture of counter offers. Surprisingly many people view a counter offer in a positive light as they do not understand the reasons why a counter offer is made. Take a second to think about why companies make counter offers. Do you think they make the offer because it is in the individuals’ best interest or because it is in the companies’ bes best interest? Think about the following points the next time you hear about a counter offer being made: • You should not have to threaten to resign to get what your worth!

• You’ll be the first to go when times get rough.

• All companies have strict wage guidelines. Is your added pay coming out of your next raise or bonus?

• Your reasons forr considering a change will repeat themselves – even if you accept a counteroffer

• Now your employer knows you are unhappy or have reservations, therefore your loyalty will always be a question.

• Even if you accept a counter-offer, offer, statistics show that you will probably leave within six months, or be “let go” within a year.

• Will your employer consider your loyalty when promotion time comes around?

• A counter-offer offer is not only an insult to t your intelligence ntelligence but also a blow to your pride – knowing you were bought.

Monroe Times - Q1 2010  

New letter to update people on the latest company information and recruitment news in Indonesia

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