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Did you ever stop to wonder if there were some easy, natural ways to help you stop smoking? For instance, is there a meditation group nearby that has its focus on quitting smoking? If so, it might be a very good move to join them for a few sessions to see how you might do under their discipline and support. Meditation has been around for thousands of years and has helped many people in many different situations. Its first objective is to quiet the inner chatter that goes on constantly in our minds. Once this has been accomplished (and at first you will never believe that you can do it), our minds are more receptive to positive thoughts that can help us in our goals. Chanting a mantra as we meditate can bring us to a place where the mind will accept new and positive thoughts. Reinforcement is the key. Perhaps a mantra such as "I am well and strong, and I do not need tobacco" repeated several times a day will be enough to help one person stop completely. For another person it might take more than just a mantra and meditation, although they will certainly be of help. Another natural way to combat the evils of smoking is acupuncture. This centuries-old Chinese method of inserting needles into the proper meridians of the body to increase the flow of energy to vital spots has had a good record in helping the tobacco addict. In conjunction with meditation and affirmations, acupuncture might be just the extra ingredient needed to start the ball rolling. Acupuncturists are sometime medical doctors who use acupuncture as an adjunct modality in their practices, but most often they are practitioners who combine needles with acupressure and/or Reiki. The art of acupressure is the same as that of acupuncture with the exception that the healer uses pressure on the various meridian points instead of needles. Both are useful in clearing the energy flow through the various points. Reiki is the combination of two Japanese word: "Rei", which means "God's Wisdom or the Higher Power," and Ki, "life force energy." Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and promotion of relaxation which brings about healing. The premise behind this is that we all have an unseen life force energy which keep us alive. If the energy is low, we are ill. If the energy is high, we feel well. These three modalities, meditation, acupuncture and Reiki, could go a long way in helping us to defeat our dependency on tobacco. It is well worth a try.

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==== ==== For Great Information On How To Stop Smoking ==== ====

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