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Our top best custom made eyewear

We manufacture the custom made eyewear in the Denmark. We are devoted to making high synergy between the optical frame and face. Danish brand, famous for its innovational handcrafted quality of glasses. It uses the timeless lines and innovative color combinations.

The eyewear designs by us are optical frames, lightweight, beautiful, highquality acetates. Here you can search all the types of eyewear, glasses like innovative glasses, cool Eyewear, Danish eyewear, bespoke eyewear, and 3D printed eyewear, etc. We offer the handmade custom made eyewear.

These eyewear's and sunglasses made to measure for you. Our eyewear is a custom design make for eyewear shop the Denmark. We design the only eyewear for your one and only face. We create the alternative eyewear brand and producing handmade glasses in Denmark. Our glasses are the best collection of sunglasses and eyeglasses.

Website : Address : Danstruplund,Danstrupvej 27M, DK – 3480 Fredensborg Phone : +45 6022 2071 Gmail id :

Get the unique custom made glasses  

The custom made glasses make you secure from outside of the sun rays and dust. Mono gives you the high quality of eyewear and glasses for yo...

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