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The vacation moon, Gon776, is inexplicably protected from the unending war that smashes around the galaxy like a drunken force of nature.

It’s kind of run down and forgotten, but still it emits an aura of faded glory.

It also houses some of the best holographic sculptures in the galaxy, though there are few who appreciate the extinct art form.

Secretary Vanguard. I heard rumor that you might be joining us again.

I was never a secretary, and you know it, Vyx.

I like bringing new lovers here.

My life is too weird not to have a secret vacation spot.

I’d never been with a Flexon before, but I felt ready for whatever fireworks came from our union.

At least I thought I was ready.

We joined in ecstasy. When we were done, we were altered beings.

It probaby had to do with the danger of what we were doing, both in the bed and behind our bosses backs.

Taking risks is what I do best. It’s also a great way to get laid.

So now that WE’ve taken care of that,

Will you tell me about yourself.

You ready to travel back in time with me?

Stay tuned for more Hot Vanguard Action...

Slash The MOvie

Written and Directed by

Clay Liford

Comic written by Morgan Coy

Illustrations by Bloodyhorse

Vanguard Origin  
Vanguard Origin  

The beginning of the epic of Vanguard.