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adding a new dimension to your BUSINESS (and you don’t need 3D specs to see it)


A HEALTHY BALANCE How’s business? Everything running nicely? Lucky you. But sometimes a fresh perspective can be beneficial, pinpointing where changes might improve things. Instead of a comfortable jog, your business could be sprinting ahead. Springlea Consulting can give you a business fitness test, looking at cash, profitability and management. Keeping those three in a healthy balance ensures that your business can face the challenges ahead and grow with confidence. And we’ll be there to help you around any obstacles along the way.

PART-TIME FINANCE DIRECTOR No matter what size your business, wouldn’t it be great to have a financial expert with bags of experience at your disposal, guiding you through your budgetary and strategic planning, so that you never feel out of your depth? Out of reach? Maybe not... Springlea Consulting offers a

part-time finance director option, in which we work handin-hand with your business for as few or as many hours per month as necessary. It’s a cost-effective option that truly adds a new dimension to your finances... and keeps your head well above water.


GUIDING you safely... Preparing business plans can be a daunting prospect. Where to begin? Well, it doesn’t matter whether you are a start-up or a longestablished company, Springlea can provide an objective view and will act as a mentor in guiding you and your team through the whole process. We use our experience to help you bring your plans alive and we’ll also produce easy-to-follow action guidelines that will help you to achieve all of your corporate and personal targets.


..AT YOUR OWN PACE The pace of change in business is often frightening, particularly as technologies continue to evolve quickly. So if you have a project in mind, it makes sense to seek advice from Springlea Consulting, as we have many years’ experience at guiding people through change programmes. We can help you identify the changes that will be of real value to your company and can even manage the project for you.

REPORTING and forecasting

STAY ON COURSE Your regular financial reports may provide basic information but Springlea Consulting can help you make the numbers come alive and take the decisions that will drive your business forward, ensuring that you don’t drift off course. It’s not just about looking back but also about looking forward, spotting problems and opportunities at an early stage. We provide a range of services that will keep you informed about your business finances. Why not find out how we can tailor effective management reporting systems to your needs?

TRAINING and development Making sure your staff have a good understanding of business finance can only help them contribute to your organisation’s success. Springlea Consulting offers a range of financial and personal training programmes for all members of your team to enhance their skills and knowledge. We offer two-hour, half-day or fullday programmes and we can tailor our training courses, using examples from your own company, to make it more relevant to those attending.

invest in people

GET IN TOUCH... Why not give us a call now for an informal chat about how we might be able to help you? You never know, we might end up saving, or making, you a fortune! Contact: Ray Thomas Address: Springlea, Parkside Lane, Nateby, Preston, Lancs PR3 0JA Telephone: 01995 606069 or 07876 716991 Email: Web:

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Springlea Consulting offers finance and business advice, training and mentoring to organisations of all sizes. The company's aim is to help...