»Love is a Stranger«

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Love Is A Stranger The design of this camera facilitates chance, to imagine the outcome of an image and shoot without looking, aided by an intuitive knowledge of how optics work rather than composing for precision through a view finder. This style allowed certain freedoms and resulted in many images. Each negative collects two exposures and the juxtapositions are mostly random. The sequence on a complete roll of film is always a surprise. Being small and robust, taking it everywhere quickly became automatic. Darragh Shanahan

All photographs shot on location with black & white film,

Thank you for the perambulations Horatio No No,

processed then scanned and photoshopped.

Rocky & Zonja, Grace & John, Veda, Rachael Mooney, Amy Walsh, Ciara O Donovan & the families Shanahan,

2010 – 2014

Thornton and Kampmüller.

Amsterdam, Antwerp, Bled, Dublin, Galicia, London, Madrid, Oslo, Paris, Rome, Santiago de Compostela,

To the Gallery of Photography Ireland, Dan, Pete, Tanya

Skjervoy, Tromso, Vienna.

and Trish thank you for looking and Darren Campion for the text shuffle.

Published by Diddy Garcon. © 2014, Darragh Shanahan.

Thank you redmanAKA for your insight & knowledge.

Limited Edition of 100 Copies.

Dedicated to Johnny Boo Boo and the Kool Kandy

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