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GLA S GOW Johannes Nadeno

GLASGOW © Johannes Nadeno Produced in March 2013 Supervised by Professor Elisabeth Neudörfl Co-supervised by Professor Christopher Muller Department of Photography, Folkwang University of the Arts, Essen, Germany Printing: Druckverlag Kettler, Bönen, Germany Paper: Igepa Profi matt, 135g Cover: Igepa Caribic, 250g The photographs in this book have been taken in February / March of 2011 in the City of Glasgow, Scotland. I would like to thank Elisabeth Neudörfl and Christopher Muller for their advice and guidance, Gunnar Schmidtmann for the generous accomodation at his place in Glasgow, Ingo Sturm for his help on this book, Juliane Siedler for her love and help and my parents Heinz and Heidi Nadeno for their great support and their patience.


Johannes Nadeno

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