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f o r my G r a n d f at h e r Vi r i at o

“It is now 09:06 of november 9, 2011, and I am onboard the flight TP 1573 (...) The airplane begins to descend. Madeira is down there. From far we can understand the feeling that the fifteenth century discoverers had when they saw Madeira (wood) for the first time, and from there we can easily guess the origin of the name. An intense tropical vegetation fills and covers the island of green, but I cannot help but noticing the various urban clusters, scattered houses, roads and highways and the megalomaniac construction of the new airport. The constructed confronts the natural on a dual mode. Large scars are open, but the consummation of the act makes the built elements part of the landscape. This new landscape causes both fascination and disbelief and it is as beautiful as ugly. (...)�

Thank you My mother, my father, my grandparents, my brother Rita Gouveia George Georgiou and Vanessa Winship Ana Matos, Martim Dias and Pedro Guimarães Ângela Berlinde, Rui Prata, Julija Berkovika, Serdar Darendeller, Refik Akyuz, Álvaro Teixeira, José de Sainz-Trueva GAPO, FISL, ISSP, MaioClaro Museu da Imagem de Braga Museu de Arte Contemporânea do Funchal European Cultural Foundation Open Society Institute | Arts & Culture Program

Dummy Edition © 50’s Viariato Miguéis for the color 6x6 archival images © 2011-12 Tiago Casanova for the images and text © 2014 Pascal Ferreira for the cover artwork © 2014 XYZ for this dummy edition Edit and Sequence: George Georgiou, Vanessa Winship, Tiago Casanova Book design: Tiago Casanova Scans: Álvaro Teixeira Prepress: Pedro Guimarães Printing: Geração Favorita Binding: Tiago Casanova Serigraphy: Carapau Amarelo Printed in Portugal

PEARL *Hard object that grows around a grain of sand or other foreign matter as a defensive measure of certain molluscules.



Tiago Casanova

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