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Electric cigarette is a device used by smokers to replace the real cigarette. It is a better way of smoking and can be used by those who want to quite their smoking habits or those who want are trying to fight addiction. They are non pollutants of the environment; this is because it does not produce the smoke always associated with tobacco smoking. These cigarettes also do not have the odor of the real cigarette making it even more effective and friendly to the environment. Normal cigarettes produce more than 4000 harmful chemical substances apart from nicotine. Real cigarette smoking has been associated to substances that may cause cancer; electronic cigarettes are free from these substances.

They are also non flammable; this simply means that the unnecessary accidents caused by cigarette smoking are greatly reduced. Unlike real cigarette smoking, there are no puffs produced in e smoking meaning that there are no passive smokers in this case. The other effects of smoking like turning of smokers fingers into black do not exist in e smoking. However, this type of smoking may be dangerous as the smoker may consume too much nicotine without their knowledge. The normal cigarettes burn out and gets over but e cigarettes just continue working until it runs out of battery which still may be replaced.

Again it is not legal in all countries; there are some countries that still do not approve of this type of smoking. Since its vapor is harmless, this type of cigarette can be smoked in public places and other places where smoking is prohibited like pubs and restaurants. This type of cigarette is also very affordable as it can be used more than once. Electric cigarettes are widely said to be very safe even though the world health organization has warned that no scientific research has proved them to be safe.

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The pros and cons of electric cigarette  
The pros and cons of electric cigarette