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Students Need Two Weeks Holidays Over the Easter Period Students need two weeks holidays over the Easter period as it gives them a well needed break from their school studies. It doesn’t just give them a break from school and their school work, but it gives families time to go away on holidays or catch up with relatives and friends, which for some families doesn’t happen too often. Also it gives students time so that if they want to, they are able to work and earn money for themselves. Firstly, for students, school work and homework can get extremely strenuous. Sometimes, for some students, it gets to a point where they just don’t want to do it anymore and they start to slacken off. Students can also get very stressed about continuously having to hand in tasks, whether they are difficult or not, students still have to worry about getting them handed in on time. But two weeks holidays means that they are able to just chill and unwind, then approach the next term all refreshed and geared up to learn. Secondly, two weeks of holidays gives families a good opportunity to spend time and catch up with each other. Usually the only times when parents and their children get to spend quality time with each other is on weekends, and that’s only if they’re not working or they don’t have sport. For some families too, they live a long way away from any other relatives and if they visit them at Easter, not only will they get to see them but they get to celebrate the fun of Easter together! Thirdly, students are able to work over the holidays and earn money for themselves which means that they won’t be pestering their parents for money because they have their own to spend. They are also able to help out their parents if they are needed to with work. The Easter break is always such a difficult time for farmers because they are either busy finishing off preparing the ground or starting to sow the crop. Could you imagine going to school on Easter day? Or even only having a few days off over Easter? It wouldn’t be much fun at all! These reasons are exactly why we do have two weeks of holidays and it makes a difference in so many ways, as I have shown you in this essay.

It Is Cruel to Keep Animals in Cages and in Zoo’s A zoo is a collection of a number of various animals which are found in nature from all over the world. Some of the reasons for keeping animals in captivity may be for education, research, recreation and conservation. But I feel that none of these are good enough reasons to keep animals locked away. How would you feel if it was you, if someone came and took you away from your home just to go and locked you away in a cage? I think that it is just plain and simple cruelty towards them. That is why, in this essay I have written a few points as to why I think it is bad. Firstly, every person has their very own natural rights and so do animals, so why do people think it is ok to capture them and put them in cages for our entertainment; it is a breach of their rights. Have you ever been and visited a zoo? I bet all you saw was animals that looked happy in their natural environment. But if you had of looked more closely at them you would have realise that they weren’t. Because their true natural environment is wide open spaces, fresh air and huge areas where they can run free and be truly happy. Secondly, no matter how good the facilities in a zoo might be, the animals in it will still suffer in some way. Animals suffer from a lot of stress because their natural activities are restricted by the boundaries of the zoo fences. It is not natural for them. For example, lions in the zoo have no need to hunt, track and chase down their pray because they get their food put down right in front of them. And my last point of argument is that once the animals have been in captivity for a length of time it is very unlikely that they will be able to be released back into the wild. Most of the time people don’t realise just how much being in a cage actually impacts them. When they are kept in a small cage for any long period of time they get so used to people waiting on them, such as giving them water and food, and they forget how to live and survive in the wild by themselves. Some animals have not even experienced the world outside of the zoo fences because they were born and bred in a cage. Imagine if you were locked inside your house and you could look out your window and know that you wanted to be out there but just can’t quite do it. So these are my reasons and I really hope that this essay has made you think very long and hard if you did think before reading this that keeping animals in cages was a good thing. After all, animals are a huge part of the whole world and they deserve better from mankind. Thank you for taking the time to read my exposition.

Summariser Name Monica Rowe . Book Feral Kid . Author Libby Horthorn Date 26/3/11 . Pages 136 to 164 .


Summary What we read this week was the last 30 pages so it was basically just finishing off the story. Pale bullied Robbie into helping him and Lal to do a robbery again but it ended badly. Pale got caught by the police, Lal disappeared and Robbie got chased to a dead end where he was forced to climb a fence and he fell down the cliff on the other side. Iris thought it just wasn’t working living with her daughter so she moved back home to the little farm house by the river that she missed so much. The failed robbery was the last straw for Robbie so he decided that he wanted to get away from his crappy life in the city and he would go to Iris’s house but he didn’t know that she would be there when he arrived. The book ended right as Robbie was going to get on the train so the author had left it to the reader to guess what would happen next.

Key Points 1) 2) 3) 4)

Pale got caught by the cops and went to jail. Robbie went back to the reservoir to hide out for a few days. Iris decided that she wants/will move back home, out of her daughter’s house. Robbie fell off a fence when he was getting chased by a guy after trying to rob a store. It was a very high fall but he didn’t get too badly hurt.

Plant Experiment Aim- To see if different soils change the growth/germination of a plant Hypothesis- To test the effects of one particular physical or chemical factor on the germination of a seed Materials4x plastic cups, sand, red dirt, cotton, potting mix, water, 4 seeds, ruler Method1) Label and fill each of the four cups; one with sand, one with red dirt, one with cotton and the last one with potting mix 2) Make a whole in the middle of the cup using your finger that is approximately 25mm deep and place a seed in each of them. 3) Cover the wholes and pat it down softly 4) Water each cup with 100ml 5) Continue watering for the next three weeks, every second day 6) Use a ruler to measure each plant every second day from the ground to the tip of the plant as it grows and record on data table 7) Also remember to take a photo each day End ResultsRed Dirt Sand Potting Mix Cotton

Starting Weight 0.607 0.711 0.677 0.574

Growth 0 0 0 0

Visual Appearance None None None None


Why do you think your seeds didn’t grow? I think that we gave them too much water, which drowned the seeds and made them go soft and yuck.

If you did this experiment again what would you do better? I would have given them less water, put bigger/better draining holes in the bottom of the cups and maybe used a little bit of fertiliser. What were the dependant variables? The growth of and the appearance of the plant What were the independent variables? The type of soil ConclusionOur experiment failed because none of our seeds grew. We think it was because we gave them too much water and it might have drowned the seeds. We were not able to dig the seeds back up and see if they had grown at all because they had been thrown away without us knowing.

One Simple Mistake I could hear the crowd cheering, feel the strong wind on my face and smell the motorbike fumes that carried with it. I was going too fast to see my mates waving at me and took no notice of who was behind me. This was the biggest race I had ever taking part in and I was not going to lose, after all, I had put so much time into preparing myself for this day. I was on my final lap with only 400 metres to go. I was winning but not by much, and there was only 1 big corner left. I didn’t see the need to slow; if I did I may get overtaken. So instead I sped up. It was a huge mistake! I first sensed that something was wrong halfway around the corner; I struggled to turn the handlebars, then I could feel my back tyre slipping. It was too late; there was nothing I could do. My motorbike skidded out from under me, I was knocked out as soon as my body hit the hard race course and from what I’ve been told, I looked like a piece of rubbish rolling along the ground by the wind. My bike and I hit the tyre wall at the same time as the other racers past. That day was supposed to be the best day of my life. I woke up very confused, laying on a bed in a small white room. There were tubes coming out of my mouth and needles in my arms. “Andrew? Andrew, can you hear me?” said a lady who was sitting on a chair beside my bed. Who is she and who is Andrew, I thought to myself. I couldn’t answer her. I couldn’t get my mouth to move. “Andrew, can you hear my honey?” she said again, and then in more of a screech she yelled out for a nurse. In no time two more people entered the room and went quickly to work poking me, giving me more needles then finally removing the tubes from my throat. 1 of them left while the other started talking to me, “Andrew you are in the hospital, you fell off your motorbike and have been in a comma for 6 weeks.” She said. I still couldn’t reply, but I tried and all I got out was a small dry cough, then I closed my eyes and went back to sleep. I woke again in the same little room but this time it wasn’t as hazy looking. I had a look around the room at all the flowers and cards that said ‘get well soon’ and then I noticed that that same lady was still sitting on the seat next to the bed I lay on, but this time she was asleep. I felt so strange, my legs felt as if they weren’t there, as if they weren’t connected to my body anymore. When I tried to move my body so that I could sit up with my legs over the edge of the bed I couldn’t do it. They just wouldn’t more. I was getting worried, what’s happened to me, maybe the doctor had just given me a needle, I thought, the needle could have numbed my legs and it would wear off soon. That would have to be it... what else could it be, I thought. The lady next to me began to stir. She rolled over onto her side then opened her eyes. She was looking at me for at least a minute before she spoke “Andrew, Andrew my boy. How do you feel, do you need a doctor?” Unlike the day before, I was able to talk, “No, I’m fine” I said still with a bit of a dry and sore throat. “Are you sure?” “I’m fine, just a bit thirsty.” “The doctor told me you would be. But you’re not allowed to drink until they do a few tests later today.” We were both quiet for a few minutes after that. All that you could hear was the slow, repetitive beeping coming from the machine in the corner. I was the one to break the silence this time, “Who are you? Are you a nurse or something?” “No, I’m your mother,” she said softly, with teary eyes “the doctor also said that there was a chance that you mightn’t remember anything from before the accident.” I’ve been back home for 5 days now and it’s been 3 weeks since I woke up in the hospital. I’m slowly remembering things as time goes on but my life has changed in so many ways. We have had to modify a few things around our house because in my wheelchair I’m not able to reach up high or use steps. My life is difficult now, without the use of my legs I struggle to do almost everything, it takes

me 5 minutes to shuffle from my bed into my wheelchair each morning and night, unlike a couple of second which it use to take me before the accident. My Mum has been getting very frustrated with me lately because she says I always think of the negatives of everything. But what’s good about being paralysed from my hips down? Nothing! Absolutely nothing! “Mum what’s for tea?” I yelled from the lounge room. “Chicken and vegies darling and it will be ready soon so come over to the table and I’ll bring it to you.” “Ok mum.” After we were both at the table mum began to talk, “Honey, I know that you can’t play footy and you can’t race anymore like you used to but your father and I think that you should try some other types of sports.” “Like what mum? Are there even any for people like me?” “There are heaps, such as, handcycling, golf, wheelchair basketball, tennis and all different athletics events, if you give them a try you might like them.” “Yeah whatever mum, I’m tired and I want to go to bed.” “Alright Andrew, just make sure you think about it, give them a go, try some of them, you might be surprised.” I didn’t even reply and I didn’t want to think about it. Two days later it was Saturday and as usual dad and I went to the local footy. Well that’s where I thought we were going anyways. I didn’t pay much attention to where we were going until dad pulled into a parking spot at a basket ball stadium. “Dad what are we doing her?” I said “Andrew, your mum and I want to get you more active. We have decided that you have to watch a game of wheelchair basketball before you say you won’t do it.” “Alright, one game, that’s it and if I don’t like it will you guys just leave me alone?!” “If you don’t like it then you can try the other sports your mum suggested.” “Arh, whatever” After the game I was actually amazed at how fun it looked, I really think I will give it a go! I didn’t believe my parents when they were said I would like it, I guess I owe them an apology. I also think that I should find out when and where Blue Bears (the team I liked most) trains so I can start learning how to play! I guess things are looking up. It was hard for me at the start but now I am getting used to it and I’m automatically thinking of the positives without being told. THE END

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