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MLS Conversion Recap of my private meetings Michaela Mitchels - Communications Director – Emerald Coast She is going to send me everything she has regarding communications leading up to the conversion. Regarding communicating, she suggested a marketing/communications plan, FAQ’s and webpage to house everything. All links will go to that page. They did a Flex eReport every week when they had enough info to share. They created a Facebook group and let the YPN help them manage it. Their MLS Director did a 2x a week blog, making the conversion more personal. When they launched, the phones went haywire! They trained all the front house people (non MLS) to just answer the basics, how to log in, etc. Anticipate overtime hours for the MLS dept and MLS director the first week. When calls were overwhelming, they asked the members if their questions were how to USE the system, to call Flex support. If they encountered PROBLEMS with the system, they should talk MLS so they can fix them Carol Van Gorp – CEO - RAPB The most important thing we can do to ward off trouble is to make sure all our venders are ready for the conversion as not to

have the feeds disabled. Even though they put the word out, vendors were coming back saying ‘they didn’t know’ and big, important members were calling and screaming at her. Keep up with them, call them, don’t let any slip through.

Mls conversion meetings recap  
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