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Stylish Handbag Hanger For Your Bags And Purses If you take a good look around, you will seethat nearly 100%of the time, women will be walking around clutching purses and hand bags. Now, some of these bags may be cheap and some may be knockoffs while others may be thousand-dollar creations, but one thing is for sure and that is women are always on the lookout for a place to put their bags when they sit down to take a break and eat or simply chat with friends after a day at work. Women put their bags on empty chairs, sling them on the backs of chair, or place them on their laps and when they really have no choice, there are times that out them on the floor. Thesemethods however are flawed and could result in somedisasters for you. Placing your bag on an empty chair or the backs of chairs can make you a target for theft as it is very easy for a thief to just reach over and slip their sticky fingers in your bag or, in the worst casescenario, grab the whole bag. The same goesfor placing it on the floor but only this time, you get to take home some germs and bacteria and perhaps even viruses if your bag doesnot get stolen. Bags, especially expensive ones, do not belong on floors. Thesedays, you can get your hands easily enough on stylish handbag holders so why bother to risk your belongings by storing them in the above mentioned methods?A handbag hanger comesin many different designs and you are sure to find one that suits your needs. For instance, if you are not very particular about the design of your handbag hanger, you can buy the plainest and most functional ones at perhaps $2. But if you like more glitz and glam in your belongings, you can get a handbag hanger which can also double as bracelet for as cheap as $15or as expensive as $250.The more expensive handbag hangers are usually the designer ones that have expensive stones and somepricy crystals embedded on them. But if you do not want to wear your purse hanger around your wrist, there are other designs that you will go crazy over for sure. Onedesign which you may love is compact bag hanger. Thesehandbag hangers manage to incorporate a compact mirror and handbag hanger in one piece so you can check your makeup or your teeth without taking out a separate mirror. Not only do you get to store your bag properly but you get to save spacein your handbag as well.

Speaking of saving spacein your handbag; many women have tried hard to maintain order in their purses

and many women scratch their heads at the end of the day and wonder how their carefully organized purse managed to turn into a battleground at the end of the day. Many women try hard to be organized but their purses turn into blackholes where things always seem to get lost. If you are sick and tired of rummaging through your purse for 15 minutes every day just looking for your wallet or your keys perhaps you can get a handbag organizer. Thesehandbag organizers are truly a godsend becausethey really do help you maintain order in your purse. It looks like a purse within a purse and has many different compartments for things like your sunglasses,lipstick, wallet and even a key slot. There are even some organizers that have a generous zippered pocket where you can place things like loosechange and receipts and the like. If you want to look for handbag hangers or purse organizers, you can take a look at your local mall or why not take things one step higher and look for them online? Not only will you find more choicesbut you also have the chance of customizing your hanger and your organizer. Try to take a look at and prepare to be astounded by the sheer variety of products they have online. They have someready-made options for you and somecreative customization choicesas well. You can buy one or two for yourself or perhaps you can buy several and give them to your friends as gifts.

Stylish Handbag Hanger For Your Bags And Purses  

If you take a good look around, you will see that nearly 100% of the time, women will be walking around clutching purses and hand bags.

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