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Monkland State School Be a Learner

Be Respectful

17th July, 2012

Be Responsible

Be Safe


SCHOOL NEWS: Please note the newsletter is published fortnightly. If you miss a newsletter or want to refer to a back copy, Monkland State School newsletters are available on our website: SCHOOL WEEKLY ROUTINE: Mondays

Parade 8.50am / LOTE (Year 6 & 7)




Music / Tennis Lessons (Yrs 6/7)


Library Lessons / School Banking / Tuckshop


Swimming (P-3) / PE (4-7) / Parade 2.45pm


Gotcha Prizes – Monday, 9 July: Hayden (Yr 6/7), Lauren ( Yr 4/5/6)and Amy (Year 3/4/5).

UPDATING CONTACT DETAILS Please ensure that the office has your up to date contact details (particularly mobile phones as these can change often). It is vital that Monkland staff can contact you if there is an emergency with your child. LOST PROPERTY Please ensure that your children’s belongings, in particular clothing (especially jumpers and hats), are clearly marked with their name. We have quite a collection of lost property that parents are welcome to come and go through.

Awards on Parade: Friday, 13th July: Back row – Bailey, Mark, Austin, Hayden and Zac. Front row – Ben, Tyler, Ben, Katie and Storm (Principal’s Award)

SCHOOL SUPPLIES Please check with your child that they still have adequate supplies of pencils, rubbers and any other school needs as they often run out at this time of year. NEW STANDARDISED SCHOOL ZONE TIMES From Monday, 9th July, School Zone Times across the Gympie Region will be standardised. The new reduced speed limit (40 km/hr) School Zone times will be 7:30am - 9:30am and 2:00pm - 4:00pm. This is a joint safety initiative between the Queensland Government and Gympie Regional Council to reduce confusion for motorists when travelling through school zones throughout the Gympie Region. PREP ENROLMENTS Prep enrolments for 2013 are now being taken. Please recommend Monkland If you or someone you know is looking for a great school for their children to commence their education.

Gotcha Prizes – Monday, 16th July: Courtney (4/5/6), TJ (Prep/1/2) and Jeremy (6/7). Absent is Sarah (2/3/4) Congratulations to all award recipients!!

SCHOOL HOLIDAYS 2012 The information listed below is current and sourced from the Education Queensland website. For more information on school holidays and Pupil Free Days go to:

Last Day Term 3

Friday, 21st September 2012

Queen’s Birthday

Monday, 1st October (in holidays)

School Resumes

Monday, 8th October 2012

Pupil Free Day

Monday, 22nd October 2012

Last Day School

Friday, 14th December 2012

First Day 2013

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Last Day Term 1


Thursday, 28th March 2013

LIBRARY NEWS: Welcome to Term 3! I have put out lots of new books for students to read and borrow which is always exciting. Thanks to Mrs Spedding for covering them.

CHOIR PHOTOS Choir photos are available for purchase at the office for a cost of $15 each. They can be viewed in the office foyer.

Tennis Coaching/Hot Shots Gympie and District Tennis Association Coach Matt Watkins will commence the Hot Shots Coaching program on Wednesday 25th July at Monkland State School. Lessons will be held Wednesday lunchtimes from 1.15pm to 1.55pm for a minimum block of 7 weeks. Costs will be $60.00/pupil or $110.00 for 2 children in the same family. Loan racquets are available each week. Please return this completed form to the office by Wednesday 25th July. Name………………………..………..Age……. Grade..…. Phone/s………………………………………………… Parent or Guardian Signature………………………………. Email………………………………….

Issue 5 of Book Club will go home today. Please return all orders by 9am Tuesday, 24th July. Payment is made by cash, cheques (made payable to Scholastic) or an online credit card payment at The order will go in on the 24th and be returned the following week. Please note: If you put your order in late, it may be returned to the school late.

For more information phone Matt Watkins on 0417070129 Cash payment or Cheques payable to Brett Cottrill please. Direct Deposit : B A COTTRILL BSB 014585 ACCT 583359786 students name as reference please.

Due to the cold and damp weather in the mornings I will be opening the library before school each day this term. Students can come in and catch up on homework or watch a DVD in the warmth until classes commence if they wish to.


There are still students with overdue books from last term. I will be sending reminder letters home to those families. Students who have overdue books will not be allowed to borrow until those books are returned. Please help your child to remember to bring their library bag each Thursday. Library bags are on sale at the library for $1 each. Happy Reading! Mrs J. Wilson Library Teacher Aide EISTEDDFOD Gympie Eisteddfod is rapidly approaching (29th July to 3rd August). A reminder to all students entering that they need to be prepared and practice their pieces. Good luck!! CREATIVE GENERATION Good luck to Aislin, Kyah and Mary-Helen who travel to Brisbane on Wednesday to participate in Creative Generation and will perform alongside students from state schools all over Queensland. ATHLETICS TRAINING Athletics Training is available (for both Secondary & primary students) at Gympie State High School (on bottom oval) with Keith Brown (and other Staff) from 3.30 – 4:45 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Stella Macklin A/Sec Zone Sports

TUCK SHOP CHANGES Please note that due to sport being held on Fridays, Tuck Shop day will now be on Thursdays. This will also affect those who are on the Home Baking Roster. MEETING MINUTES Minutes from the last meeting are enclosed in today’s newsletter. NEXT P & C MEETING – DAY AND TIME CHANGE!! P & C Meeting days and times have been changed to enable more people to attend. The next P & C Meeting will be held on Tuesday, the 14th August at 3.30pm in the Library. All are welcome. MUSTER HELPERS NEEDED!! The P & C are running a coffee shop at the Muster this year. Volunteers will be needed to fill rosters over the Muster week and particularly the Muster weekend. Help will also be needed in setting up and packing up. If you are interested in helping please contact Cindy Buchan on 0401 951 920. Please remember that all funds raised directly helps all Monkland School students. A Muster roster is included in today’s newsletter. If you can help out at the Muster, please fill out the roster and return to the office by this Friday, 20th July so the P & C can complete their Muster submission.

Tuesday, 17th July, 2012

FROM THE PRINCIPAL’S DESK: Dear Parents and Caregivers, Welcome Welcome back all to another term. We are now past the halfway mark of 2012 and as expected time will fly by once more. There is a lot on this semester and a variety of changes. HPE notably, with the curriculum being covered internally by Paul, Dani and myself. The Junior (Prep- 3) school will be taking part in the junior school swimming program at the indoor swimming centre, while the 4-7’s will undergo Friday afternoon sport. Curriculum As a part of our plan to become more transparent we have attached in today’s newsletter a copy of our school curriculum plan for the first five weeks. Highlighted is a snapshot of what is being taught in class within the 8 Key Learning Areas. Please take the time to read what your child will be learning this semester. Student Management This semester we hope to fully implement a revised Student Responsible Behaviour Management Plan. We will continue to reward students with our weekly “Gotcha” awards proudly supported by our P&C. Weekly achievement awards each Friday recognising students for demonstrating our four core values of being a learner, being responsible, being respectful and being safe. And not forgetting the weekly Principal’s award for outstanding students. Included in today’s newsletter is a poster that highlights our school community aspirations. Interschool sports Students in years 5-7 will be taking part in the postponed interschool sports this Friday. Students have nominated themselves in a variety of sports such as Hockey, Tennis, Soccer and Touch football. All permissions and monies have been paid. Athletics Students selected from the successful Gympie small school athletics carnival will be taking part in the Gympie Zone athletics trials held on the 26th (Thursday) and 27th (Friday) of July. I wish all participating students the very best of luck.

Yours truly, Mr Ashley Lawless Principal - Monkland State School

WHAT’S ON Tuesdays Play Group at Monkland SS 9 – 11am Thursdays School Banking & Tuckshop th

Friday, 20 July Interschool Sports Yr 4/5/6 & 6/7 th

Tuesday, 24 July Book Club Orders Due In th


29 July – 3 August Gympie Eisteddfod th

Tuesday, 14 August – 3.30pm Next P & C Meeting (will be held in the Library) th

Monday 20 August to Friday th 24 August - Year 6/7 Camp st

Friday, 21 September Last Day of Term 3 th

Monday, 8 October First Day of Term 4

Monkland students have a right to learn, teachers have a right to teach and both have a right to be safe. Students must:

        

Be prepared to learn Be on time for class Be well equipped to learn Show pride in myself and my school Be an active listener Be compassionate Be a respectful learner Be responsible for own learning Be motivated and involved in learning

It's ok to be a selfish learner!

Parents must:

Staff must:

           

Be the professional Model expected behaviour Develop high expectations for learning Be prepared to teach Be on time for class Be well equipped to teach Be an active listener Be a respectful teacher Be responsible for own learning Be motivated and involved in school Understand our students Show Compassion

Be a professional educator, be proud!

    

  

Model and support school expectations Demonstrate high expectations for learning Be active in parenting Be active and responsible in your child’s learning Get to know your child's school  Communicate with school through newsletter and website Respect education Respect and support your school Prepare your child for school  Healthy eating and physical activity  Healthy hygiene  Plenty of regular sleep  Be on time for school

Invest in your child's education!

These aspirations are reflected in the four core values which underpin the school philosophy “Be a Learner, Be Respectful, Be Responsible and Be Safe”

Monkland State School Five weeks in Curriculum Term 3 Phase 1

Prep 1/2







The Arts


Information Text Unit

Number and Time

Changes around me

Around the world in 10 weeks

Australian Flag

Visual Art


In this unit, students read, view and listen to a range of stories with animal characters and ask open and closed questions of an animal character. Students create an information report about an animal.

In this unit students apply a variety of mathematical concepts in real-life, life-like and purely mathematical situations through the sub-strands - Number and place value, Using units of measurement (time) Location and transformation and Patterns and Algebra.

In this unit, students will compare and describe the changes that occur in the features of the day sky and landscape with the night sky and landscape. Students ask questions and explore understandings about what they observe. Students organise observations and make inferences to link the observable changes to everyday life, and plants and animals.

Students will design and create a new Australian flag

Students will study visual and dramatic arts from around the world.

Junior swimming program conducted at the Gympie’s indoor swimming centre.

Narrative Comparison Unit

Number, Measurement & Time

Hot Stuff

Famous Landmarks

Toy Makers

Visual Art


In this unit, students listen to, view, read and compare a range of stories, with a focus on different versions of the same story. They create a spoken retell of a story they select from another perspective.

In this unit, students apply a variety of mathematical concepts in: Number and Place Value - recognising, representing and ordering numbers up to 10 000. Measurement - using metric units of length, mass and capacity and informal units of area to measure, order and compare objects. Multiplication and Division — exploring strategies to develop recall of multiplication facts of two and three. Time — reading, writing and representing time to the minute on both analogue and digital clocks

In this unit students investigate how heat can be produced and transferred. Students explore factors affecting heat transference and safety practices required. The unit provides opportunities to use this knowledge to analyse real life applications of heat production and transference.

In this unit students will research famous landmarks in Gympie, Australia and around the World. Landmarks are what places town, cities and countries on the map. The students will discover what made these places become so iconic and investigate how they were formed or built.

Throughout this semester students will use their imagination and creativity to make sense of the design world as they investigate toys from all centuries and cultures. Students are required to design, plan, create and appraise the making of their own toy creation.

Students will explore the world of textiles, while making and creating art pieces and a toy using natural and recycled items.

Children celebrate cultural diversity as they travel around the world visiting various locations. They will identify and collect information about these countries and communicate these in a travel diary, retrieval chart and simple venn diagrams.

Junior swimming program conducted at the Gympie’s indoor swimming centre. Students in year 4 will join year 4/5/6 and 6/7 for Friday HPE


LOTE is not delivered in these year levels.

LOTE is not delivered in these year levels.

Monkland State School Five weeks in Curriculum Term 3 Phase 1







The Arts



In this unit, students have opportunities to develop understandings of: Angles: estimating, measuring and comparing angles, using degrees. Shape: connecting three-dimensional objects with their nets Equivalence: finding unknown quantities in problems involving multiplication and division. Fractions: comparing and ordering common unit fractions

Light Properties

Local History


Visual Art

Hand Eye Coordination

In this unit students will investigate the properties of light and the formation of shadows. They explore the role of light in everyday objects and devices and consider how improved technology has changed devices.

In this unit students will take an in depth look at Gympie and what makes our area so special. This will be achieved by looking at the history of our area by looking at the people and events that have shaped our community.

Technology has been imbedded in all KLA areas through the use of ICT’s. Science will also contain technology tasks for students as they will have the opportunity to construct a maze that light can travel through.

In this unit students will express an idea about a journey through creating an artwork. The artwork will demonstrate the selection and use of visual arts elements and concepts.

Students will be developing and honing their skills in regards to hand-eye coordination through a variety of ball games.

In this unit students apply a variety of mathematical concepts in real-life, life-like and purely mathematical situations.

Heavenly bodies


Designing Greeting Cards

Visual Art

Hand Eye Coordination

German Spare Time

This unit involves students learning about interrelationships between the Sun, Earth and Moon system. They explore predictable phenomena such as eclipses, tides, phases of the Moon and solar phenomena.

Students conduct an investigation into how a global organisation is working to address a problem caused by globalisation, and present their investigation to their peers.

Students design, make and evaluate a greeting card or set of greeting cards for a specific occasion.

Students create and display a series of observational drawings and abstract one drawing using a grid drawing exercise. They respond and reflect on drawing processes.

Students will be developing and honing their skills in regards to hand-eye coordination through a variety of ball games.

This unit explores the language and cultural practices related to students’ hobbies and leisure activities in Germany and Australia.

Students will also be competing in the Gympie small schools ball games competition in September.

Students will review their knowledge of selfintroductions and extend their vocabulary to include hobbies and daily routines.

In this unit, students will listen to, read and view a range of poetry, songs, anthems and odes from different times, to create a folio of responses analysing authors' use of language and its impact on the message and ideas of text.


Character Descriptions Students will investigate a variety of texts that use Figurative Language to describe a character. Students will be reading Black Snake by Carole Wilkinson. A collection of stories and transcripts about Ned Kelly.

Index notation expressing numbers as a product of its prime factors, calculating the square root of a number using prime factors and factor trees Ratio - investigating the concept of ratio and the part-part-whole relationship. Linear equationsexploring the maintenance of ‘balance’ to solve simple linear equations. Statistics -displaying data using stem-and-leaf plots, comparing different types of data displays, exploring factors

Students will also be competing in the Gympie small schools ball games competition in September.


LOTE is not delivered in these year levels. Students in year six will join the 6/7 class for German.

2 0 1 2 Gy mp ie M uste r M o n kla n d Co ffe e S ho p R o ster Name:

Contact Number:

Please circle the shift you would like. Sunday 19th August - Setting Up

Monday 27th August - Packing Up

Thursday 23rd August:

7am – 1pm

1pm – 7pm

7pm – late

Friday 24th August:

7am – 1pm

1pm – 7pm

7pm – late

Saturday 25th August:

7am – 1pm

1pm – 7pm

7pm – late

Sunday 26th August:

7am – 1pm

1pm – 7pm

Pack Up

The Muster coffee shop is Monkland P & C’s major fundraiser for the year. Some of the benefits are:  Free entry to Muster on the day/s you volunteer (eg. 1 shift = 1 day pass; 3 days = 3 day pass; 4 days = a season pass). Check when your favourite artist will be on at and volunteer on that day. Buses and car pooling are an option.  It is not hard work, you meet lots of new people and you get a free meal and drink.  Monkland School children benefit from the money raised.

For more information phone Cindy Buchan on 0401 951 920 Please return roster to the office no later than this Friday the 20th July. Your help is greatly appreciated – Monkland P & C

P r i n c i p a l ’ s Austin Coleman Ned Cronin David Brown Jack Marshall Sarah Thomas Kyah Fritz

William Little Mark Yakoub Amy Somerfield Mary-Helen Buchan Carmen Du Toit Storm Yelaska

A w a r d

R e c i p i e n t s

2 0 1 2

Monkland State School Newsletter - 17 July 2012  

Monkland State School's newsletter for 17 July 2012

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