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“I’m convinced these sixteen lovely and strange short pieces by Shellie Zacharia are not dreams, but incantations she has created with which to work her magic. Read, whispered or sung, however you approach this work, you will be rewarded with its uncanny truths and unforgettable beauty.”

K athy F ish, author of T ogether W e C an B ury I t


“Reading Shellie Zacharia’s marvelous collection Not Everything Lovely and Strange Is a Dream is like the relief of putting on glasses after years of fuzzy vision: suddenly you can see the tiniest things. You can pause to admire the old rocking chair on the artist neighbor’s porch or your new infatuation’s unevenly rolled shirtsleeves. The reward for that kind of attention, we learn, is wonder and perhaps magic.”

D avid E benbach, author of Into the W ilderness

Shellie Zacharia is the author of the story collection Now Playing. Her fiction has appeared in Washington Square, The Pinch, Canteen, Sou’wester, Flash: The International Short-Short Story Magazine, and elsewhere. She lives with her husband and dog in Gainesville, Florida.

M o n k e y P u z z l e P r e s s . c o m

E lyse B rownell


Elyse Brownell Š Johnny Miller,

Elyse Brownell is a Yooper. She holds an MFA from the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics at Naropa University. Elyse is a poet, performer, and founder of the monthly performance series Bouldering Poets in Boulder, Colorado. Her work has been published in several journals including Bombay Gin, Emergency Index, Semicolon, Line Zero, and Hoarse. Her self-published chapbook Floating Away was released in 2011. She currently resides in Boulder, Colorado, with her husband, the writer Chris Shugrue, and their 106 pound malamute Yoda, and a black kitten named Rumi. She blogs at and tweets @elysebrownell.


- $10.00

“Elyse Brownell’s Sinkhole is a poem-study of loss and the holes that define it (and us, more than we might like to admit). The poem moves in branching directions simultaneously and feels its way as present becomes past and remains an ache of absence in the next present. As the poem looks further into these holes, time opens, and the assumption that ‘there is a bottom to memory’ becomes questionable.” REED BYE, author of CATCHING ON


“ Sinkhole is a brilliant, lyrical, evocative exploration of the pain and loss trapped inside the sinkholes of every relationship. Elyse Brownell fearlessly furrows into those holes in search of a missing friend/partner/lover, the ‘you’ of the poems, but the bottom keeps falling away as one absence leads inevitably to another. Sinkhole is a profoundly ambiguous and lyrically haunting journey into the unknown.” BOB MAYBERRY, Associate Professor, English, CSU Channel Islands

“There is a kind of writing or writer that is about living on the edge of what wants to be written: without reserve. What happens when you touch the inside of something that has no outside? How do you return? It is a book from the heart, for you—and anyone else who wants to live wildly and all at once.” BHANU KAPIL, author of BAN EN BANLIEU

M O N K E Y P U Z Z L E P R E S S . C O M

E lyse B rownell


A sample of SINKHOLE by Elyse Brownell. Elyse Brownell’s SINKHOLE is an exploration of vulnerability, a journey into the depths of the soul...

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