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..is a jumpstart to that vision.




wakes us up. keeps us awake/alive.

..is a jumpstart to that vision.


Too often mark becomes a sign of sameness. We seek a mark/diploma/grade. We hope to earn value by being marked/stamped/approve d/checked-off. We think/hope that makes us distinguishable, but perhaps, it’s perpetuating an asleep sameness.

Become fit to be sold/marketed? Is that what we really want/need/crave..?


Perhaps what our souls desire.. is simply being useful/beautiful/honest. No show, no fluff. Just doing what we can’t not do, our art/part/fittingness.


How to give everyone a go‌

..has shown us what happens when you provide access/resources to children, trust them, and pretty much leave them alone..

..has shown us what happens when you allow communities to tap into basic infrastructure , trust them, and pretty much leave them alone..



Imagine 7 billion people awake in


Perhaps we’re getting in the way, making this all too difficult/clouded.

What if the solution is to stop spinning. What if the solution is to give trust a chance. No more prep, training, management. No more meetings, organizing, elevator pitching. Lobbying, begging, campaigning. What if we trust the findings of many, that mirror Sugata’s and Iwan’s, and we give trust a go. What if we let go of being in charge of people, and simply be about setting them free.


People are stressed, not themselves, poor, dying, disengaged, disenchanted, .. asleep.


ear eye hand arm foot . . . you

ear to be an ear eye to be an eye hand to be a hand arm to be an arm foot to be a foot . . . you to be you

What if we try a different experiment.. a city/people set free..



a city-wide experiment, to provide an ecosystem of eclectic people/resources;

an as-the-day experiment, rather than adding something to the day (after hours/school/work).

*well. 100% minus 33 min. so 97.7% your day.



Suppose we jumpstart/sustain ..


by first/simultaneously/at-least..

Most districts average 500 policies they must comply with to garner public ed funding. The most well-known/referenced policies being: seat time & test scores. What if we prototype a city/district getting funding via just 2 policies. Ones that address two fundamental human needs – attachment & authenticity:

community buy-in to have these daily conversations: if everyone is having these 2 convos every day, 30+3 min, the rest of day is theirs. plus they get suggested connections everyday from the 3 min data. plus they get free access to and input for resources throughout the city. government/powers-that-be buy-in for ongoing funding: if having these 2 daily convos works, (enlivens the city: less crime/poverty/health issues/etc), the city/district gets funded per census, rather than seat time & test scores,



setting people

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