hosting life bits

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- Gordon Bell

- Jon Udell

I have been proposing an architecture to break the lock jam. It doesn’t currently exist (2007). I can’t prove it will come to pass but I have a feeling it will.

hosted life bits.

I started to call it: The ‘life bits’ is from Gordon Bell. To create an archive of all his digital aspects... capturing digital log.. interesting to all of us.. harkens back to Memex. When I say hosted life bits.. very different.. lives in cloud...

a repository of life's work that exists in a place where it can participate in relation w/other people's repositories and other people. .. - Jon Udell


[world wide web\wikipedia&wordpress\blockchain (or whatever) interoperability dance]

I’ve always defaulted to WP and Twitter.. but whatever you are good with ..

-Jim Groom

[who intro’d me to Jon and hosted life bits]

perhaps blockchain ..

(only because* Vinay is saying it’s the means to get databases and networks to **dance)

..used as a scraper/facilitator/holder/platform of data (via self-talk) for some.. wikipedia/wordpress ish / www ish (zoom-in)

(zoom out)

..type dance. note: *Vinay Gupta quotes throughout io dance deck at **dance ability is huge. but not as huge as the why we are dancing. ie: we can be excellent at dancing for policing/verifying/fighting/commodifying/et al. the dance our souls crave is one that frees/facilitates all of us. a dance we haven’t yet seen/done. sync/tempo/inclusion matters.

It’s not the technical but the metaphor.. servers as containers. Not a generalized generic community system.. that was the lms/portfolio.. rather an *ethos. ..the poetry of our moment.

- Jim Groom

*ethos- the characteristic spirit of a culture, era or community as manifested in its beliefs and aspirations.

blockchains (or whatever) replacing server farms..

People kept saying.. ‘don't want to put out half baked ideas’.. Strikes me strange - I think this notion of narrating life's work... narrating your public agenda... I think it applies to *almost everyone... the notion of narrating one's own story online. We're doing it anyway.. or if not.. it's being done for us. This narrative thing.. really powerful. How could any of us not have it. For many.. they say they don't have **time. Where's the message that says.. here's how to do it one's ***modeling those behaviors

- Jon Udell

*almost - perhaps everyone. in fact has to be everyone ie: www ness **time - been missing ie: as the day ness ***modeling - first: free people. model is already in each heart. [back to Howard and the ants.. stigmergy.. whimsy .. et al]

We’re at a point that we should be able to support various faculty doing various things ..

- JG

perhaps we’re at a point to support 7 billion people doing various things.. per whimsy. as the day. (not boxed in schools/unis/faculty/student/et al)

from my self-talk to Luis Von Ahn’s duolingo ted

imagining the need to leapfrog to life

• • • •

7 billion plus each w/self-talk-as-data (zoom in ) platforms dancing interoperably on some (zoom out) platform of us

[something that makes measured transactions, currencies, badges, privacies, securities, contracts, .. poverty, war, … i r r e l e v a n t ]

Outside the institution becomes your everything… you can define who you are along side anyone else…

- JG

yeah. that. but never independent learner… rather.. eudaomoniative learner.. ie: never just me.. but also not following supposed to’s and package deals and consensus.

imagine.. hosted life bits – via self-talk et al perhaps we simply – leave a trail – self talk as data – in whatever form we choose that day. as the day.

Domain of One’s Own – a play on Virginia Woolf’s notion of a room of one’s own…

… JG

People become hubs and nodes of their own data personal *API ness... In 2007 - this was my vision...

- JG

*API is an acronym for Application Programming Interface. An API is a set of routines, protocols, and tools for building web-enabled and mobile-based applications. The API specifies how you can authenticate (optional), request and receive data from the API server.

No tech solution to ie: preventing a reputation attack.. but there is possibility of asserting the positive self.

- JU

true.. but also.. perhaps there is a tech solution to preventing ie: gershenfeld something else law. perhaps why we haven't gotten there yet.. we've got to have all of the people free in order for it to work. and now/today we can technically facilitate/welcome that chaos.. perhaps as mechanism for hosting life bits..

Listening simultaneously to each individual and to the entire networked world is beyond complicated. Beyond Burning Man. Beyond fan\dom. Beyond occupy. Beyond us. Perhaps it’s crazy to imagine a mechanism that could ground that much chaos/complication, and yet still be always listening without an agenda. Imagine all of us together – interconnected – 24/7, as well as alone – echo chambered – 24/7. free ness. Perhaps it’s crazier to not give it a try.

perhaps we go with way more/less words and just focus on listening-to/riding/feeling/grokking/whatevering the waves. still. quiet. enough.

(quoting Thad Starner)

imagine being brave enough, awake enough, open/free enough.. to let our dancing be antifragile

Serendipity is not just a matter of a random event, nor can it be taken simply as a synonym for “a happy accident” (Ferguson, 1999; Khan, 1999), “finding

out things without being searching for them” (Austin,

2003), or “a pleasant surprise” (Tolson, 2004) .. difference between random and whimsy perhaps what makes the chaos a dance

the dance will dance when every single person is free/brave/woke enough to listen to their heart and just be