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aka: what’s next

disclaimer: perhaps business plans don't/won't matter so much anymore. just people. trusting people as they emerge healthy societies. currently, however, most people aren't mentally free to do that. perhaps a clever plan could help jar this mind game/cycle. free us up to sustain ourselves. get us back to us. along those lines an add-on disclaimer: this is an ongoing/perpetually-in-beta vision that is always dis\covering itself. its manifold-osity of amazing/breathtaking/tacit-ish/grokkingly-engrained alive\ness challenges articulation. you can’t confine it to words.

for more on intent/meaning behind words/phrases.. they can be searched at pages with tab suggest word/phrases to be searched specific to that page .. ie: Amanda Judd

the premise:

Based on grit (passion + persistence) as sustainability. Stemming from 2 conversations to help people see better. In-the-city\as-the-day as mental/physical spaces of permission.

Jump start a revival with an initial bet on synchronicity. [sync: enough people, spaces/resources, and tech] Emerge/model ongoing reallocation/upcycling of resources.

Different measure – how are the people around you doing. Community as credential/curriculum/ecosystem. Soul/world peace. Nationality: human. premise\1

the realization: beautiful/alive/craved solutions/answers/questions/definitions.. perhaps cannot be aka – this premise is begging to be chaordic:

perhaps the soul sings/dances/plays to a rhythm we’re missing ..because of all the efficiency. might we move/zoom enough so that everything


is as it is. infinitesimally/ginormously/small‌ and forever ongoingly miscellaneously ..us.

missing it



different\neocortex happy

to be what you already are re\mark\et\able enough

why grit a people experiment

Something not yet tried. people 100% free. in the city. as the day. grit as sustainability.

Two conversations.

two conversations replace 500+ district policies. every day. synchronicity as revival.

Enlivened city self-sustains. a city changed as enough for others to believe. city as ecosystem. experiment\7

Perhaps what has not yet been experimented with:


a city-wide experiment, to provide an ecosystem of eclectic people/resources;

in the city


as the day

an as-the-day experiment, rather than adding something to the day (after hours/school/work).

*well. 100% minus 33 min. so 97.7% your day.


within ongoing protoyping over the last five years..

one with yourself. one with others. so what if we use 2 convos to literally redefine school (the day, the funding, the mindset, ..)

literally redefine

Most districts average 500 policies they must comply with to garner public ed funding. The most well-known/referenced policies being: seat time & test scores. What if we prototype a city/district getting funding via just 2 policies. Ones that address two fundamental human needs – attachment & authenticity:


community buy-in to have these daily conversations: if everyone is having these 2 convos every day, 30+3 min, the rest of day is theirs. plus they get suggested connections everyday from the 3 min data. plus they get free access to and input for resources throughout the city. government/powers-that-be buy-in for ongoing funding: if having these 2 daily convos works, (enlivens the city: less crime/poverty/health issues/etc), the city/district gets funded per census, rather than seat time & test scores,

so .2% of your 24 hr day – aka 3 min, you commit to:

3 min into curiosity app everyone in city x 3 min data is used to connect people

2 cnversations c (dot) app story


and 2.1% of your 24 hr day – aka 30 min, you commit to: meeting up with a group of 5-10 people, everyday, somewhere in the city. with no agenda other than everyone being known by someone. so conversation can be silent.

and the rest (97.7%) of your 24 hr day – aka 1,407 min, you commit to whatever you want.

tribe: find your people about curiosity app


plus - you get suggested connections everyday from your self-talk into curiosity app. 3 min self-talk into curiosity app

everyone in city x 3 min data used to help people find their people

plus - you get free access to and input for resources throughout the city. so‌


.2% of your day

97.7% of your day

2.1% of your day


632-2 public



open\dance happy

people spaces/resources tech upcycle/reallocate

Money calls too many shots. people become money free for a year.

Initial bet. Ongoing remix.

initial 20 mill to model (partial) future. ongoing via upcycling/remixing/reallocating of current govt funding - starting with ed.

Share/relationship/trust economy.

the future of money. more resourceful rather than more resources.



not ridiculous



We are looking for like minded dreamers interested in financially jumpstarting ..

Just to see if there is a better way to live our days, rather simply hoping for it or theorizing about it. Getting the sync right to play out in a community where red tape is essentially nill. This is the next phase/prototype of a finding/vision we have been dabbling with the last five years. Perhaps an experiment/mindset in an ecosystem not yet tried. business plan story board


If/when we model enough of a betterness – a city changed, perhaps it would merit reallocation of current school funding. Future finances would then come per census, rather than seat time and/or test scores, as government, et al, see the benefit of an entire city as community builders. Ongoing spending would be determined by ongoing crowdsourcing of these gatherings per choice. [If there does emerge betterness, yet powers that be don’t deem it worthy of funding reallocation, perhaps the people themselves would bypass the government buy-in phase, hastening a more democratic system/structure.]

literally redefine

20 million would/could represent/demonstrate:

• what a city might look like financially if govt funding was per census and crowdsourced per the community/city/district • how rich a city might feel, with or without the literal money, when we start practicing a time/talent/share/trust economy • the transformation that might take place in just a short year, in a city with a new/emerging mindset: spaces of permission with nothing to prove


for more on ideas/uses of


three areas of focus: for the moneys

Synchronicity as perhaps a temporary dance/revival, getting us back to us/abundance..


potential benefits


7 mill – ish:

for people,

people that need income can be supported to play with us, especially tapping into sabbaticals for teachers in the district, and waivers/scholarships into unis/business for students – so they won’t worry about the potential of being punished later for playing, or for taking a year (on) off – to come back & play our/their dream/vision, also parents/community members, wanting to play

sabbatical to play in city [this could be any district staff]

paid internships to play in city

to start up their real dream job

tech/ai unschooling communication documentary

*note: the idea is that labels – ie: teacher/student fade as everyone becomes/is both. initial/temp moneys go to those currently tied to it. eventually all involved rhizomatically in whatever currency/economy emerges – ie: share/gift/connection/relationship economy\35

city as floorplan deck


8 mill – ish:

for places and resources,

buying and/or renting spaces (ie: community-owned spaces) for the crowdsourced gatherings that matter, also equipment/resources needed in those spaces, & for traveling to and from those spaces

maker/hacker space studios (record/edit/photo..) homeless hotel visitor/youth hostel collaboratory/pi lab theatre/dance permaculture/wild life

elementary as sudbury-ish middle as make/hacker-ish high as youmedia-ish

cardboard arduinos people tools tables bikes food materials money etc

*note: the idea is that spaces morph as much as people do. and especially initial spaces – ie: collaboratory functions are to 1\get us back to a natural state and 2\as global research/sharing to affect world change economy\39

tech to hasten

Initially (as with the 20 mill start up) we’ll craft useful/temporary tools for both the c-app’s (curiosity app) self-talk c-space’s (collaboratory space) others-talk. But both will have the option/potential/flexibility to be crafted/remixed perpetually/ongoingly by the person and/or by the community.


5 mill – ish:

for tech,

while none of the ideas are new, combining them might be, being able to pay experts [to write code, for an app to hasten the time between finding what matters & finding your people‌] and purchase resources [wifi, devices,..] will accelerate the ability to make this equitable on a global scale.

cell\recycle wearable microchip personal-fab

for co-creating/remixing city

urbanfor access observatory/google(in&out)/documentating match.com sketch-up/ /sharing brain/map/trail i-wish-thisscreens personal-fab was/seeclickfix/cityforw projectors wiring sociometer ard/streetlight/edgeryd wifi banks cameras servers ers/hoverapp/collaborat hot spots deb roy-style ivestorage city-wide space – out & in consumption/project*note: the idea is that initial cost/functionality if successful - esp with tech – will soon become self/local/global-created/sustaining citizen economy\43

for more on

& the



: (

about curiosity app 632-2 the brain


1\Talk to self in app 3 min a day so encourages self-talk 2\Self-talk becomes data – what are you curious about – what matters to you new form of data – and tons of it - 3 min x city population worth 3\App connects you to others and leaves a brain mapping trail – daily match(dot)com connections & crafting of non-linear portfolio


All in such a way to encourage you to spend less time proving yourself and more time doing/being aware/awesome.


ou’ve got to make the systems so that they help people pay attention to the world in front of them . - Clive Thompson ie: systems that encourage/facilitate/perpetuate personal fabrication

632-2 the brain non-linear portfolio

Rather than taking tests or creating portfolios.. the app creates a trail, perhaps similar looking/functioning to the brain. For you, that means you don’t spend countless hours proving/defending/documenting/faking yourself, giving you more time to do/be awesome. For a ceo/college admissions a simple word search in your brain gives a more human/honest portrayal of ie: your curiosities/connections in regard to that topic. economy\49


: (


A collaboratory, as defined by William Wulf in 1989, is a “*center without walls, in which the nation’s researchers can perform their research without regard to physical location, interacting with colleagues, accessing instrumentation, sharing data and computational resources, [and] accessing information in digital libraries” (Wulf, 1989). *Community owned spaces.

To look more like the solution, a first space we are looking to secure is in the heart of the city. As a hub, or a home base, our kitchen table, so to speak. Where we will come together locally and virtually, to notice the unlikely, dream boldly, make connections, and start doing things that matter, to us. We are especially interested in a neutral space of high quality, that represents the value we place on this ongoing community conversation. This space may resemble more of a maker space, as conversations that matter often happen while we’re cocreating. The space resembling perhaps, Deb Roy’s house, so that it’s accessible to everyone (local/global), whether they are there physically or not. Deb Roy


for visions of


we could start with ..

Money in particular, spent on: testing, competing, prepping, training, standardizing purchases, policy-izing, regulating the policy-izing, medication, restoration, prison, homelessness, ‌ Reallocation of funds, because w/healthier people, city spends less on health care, judicial system, vandalism, homeless. That money can be used to equitize resources, ie: food, shelter, living spaces, .. free higher ed.. Freeing up current ed funding flows, for people to literally upcycle.. enlivening the cities/world in which they live.

buy in: if this works.. we’ve got enlivened cities, with # of population = # of community builders, spending less on health, crime, et al. economy\55

Reviving/remixing becoming indispensably re\mark\et\able. Co-creating a mindset of a different economy/currency. Perhaps trust/share/relationship/connection, as a city listens to each other without an agenda, other than: what do we need, what do we have, what are we curious about, afraid of, .. and how can we facilitate that. At all levels and in all areas we crowdsource/co-create/emerge community via such things as (already existing): urban-observatory/google-sketch-up/i-wishthis-was/seeclickfix/cityforward/streetlight/edgeryders/projectcitizen/hoverapp/collaborative-consumption‌ maker/hacker spaces.. pie/coffee spaces.. sketch-able walls.. sidewalks.. Perhaps some of these think tank-ish space(s) would have literal birds-eye-view of the city, with i-wish-this-was-a.. google sketch stations, giving everyone easy access to share their dreams. no agenda

• • • • • •

a lawn mower time to babysit huge food garden 3 bikes not used on weekend a guest room dance skills

• • • • •

someone to help me learn italian a car on thursdays a cook someone who can fix my sink $100 for an medical bill

ie: collaborative consumption, mesh, et al.. economy\57


free\dom\planet happy

how are the people around you doing re\mark\et\able emerge

mad world discrimination as equity re mark et able

It’s a mad world.

many/most of us are so stressed/busy/sick/asleep/blind that we are missing life.

Set people free.

like returning a stolen shell to a turtle. giving people what they need. spaces of permission with nothing to prove.

People at peace.

people see themselves and each other as the system. nationality: human. people\61


Some more benefits/outcomes/perks/changes.. The city would be experimenting with any/every idea people have to make the city/world better. People have great ideas, if they could just get connected to and have time with their tribe/people. More sharing of ideas.. of everything.. less waste. Especially less waste of people. Cross generational expertise/interconnectedness wakes all people up. Nationality: human. Generation: B. Like Pam Dorr talks.. using what's annoying/nuisances to solve problems.. disbands scarcity.. reveals abundance a whole community talking about things that matter.. wisdom of the entire city would grow exponentially.. more eye contact.. less petty arguing family ties grow fewer people divorce .. because people are more themselves.. not looking for themselves in others no more prep/training no more fundraising more bikes

Bunker Roy discrimination as equity youth

..people learning each other’s song/stories.. forever enhancing the dance.

Chimamanda your song

people. face to face. eye to eye. heart to heart. love. people\65



We’ve seen/heard too much to not. We can’t not give this a go. Too doable. Too urgent.

Perhaps a city changed will be enough for people to say, i/we can do that. For people to realize it is legal/safe/good for people to think for themselves.

7 billion people taking charge of their day. Finding/doing/being the thing they can’t not do. Creating community. Creating us.

perhaps our only credentials worth mentioning:

story board


many love bikes. not so many love cycles. at least not the ones that perpetuate mindlessness via oppression/compulsion/dependence/blindness. and especially not when there is a means to break away. perhaps now‌ is one of those times.

maybe we say...

grab your x-d glasses