the death of us

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the death of us

from the get go we are ongoingly scrambled, intoxicated, oppressed, complianced, .. in all the ways.. to all the degrees.. we under/overtake so many things in order to cope with this un-fittingness.. in order to try to keep breathing thru the strangling ness of these suppos-ed supposed to’s we are exhausted.. riddled/unsettled with guilt/debt/whatever.. from all our attempts at cope\ing ness..

from all the un-us ness

particularly.. the un-us ness

of school (because we don’t trust curiosity.. et al)

and.. the un-us ness

of work (solving other people’s problems to earn a living.. et al)

the un-us ness from any

form of

huge red flag we’re doing it/life wrong.. killing us deeply/unknowingly.. (raised eyebrows, pretending/claiming to hear all the voices, al)

when you’re in a space and you feel like you don’t belong (w/o first compromising your fittingness by abiding by all the supposed to’s)


when you feel like you don’t belong.. in all the spaces


the death of us.. keeping us from us/fittingness.. making/keeping us like whales in sea world

let’s stop that..

let’s do this instead/first: free art-ists for (blank)’s sake…

there is a nother way to live alive

imagine if we just focused on listening to the itch-in-8b-souls.. first thing.. everyday.. and used that data to augment our interconnectedness.. .. locally/entropically.. in all the spaces

daily curiosity.. data that would/could lead to legit/natural affinity gatherings

our focus on decision-making is unmooring the essence of our human being am thinking that any time we think we need some formal apparatus for decision-making/teaching/training.. maybe we just have the wrong people together in a space.. maybe we just need a re\set.. maybe if we focus on curiosity over decision-making we’d create a means to undo our hierarchical listening in order to let the dance-of-us .. dance


ie: cure ios city