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The Dandelion Effect.

We’re losing people as a busi ness.

We’re losing heart as a communi ty.

School as a busi ness: Programs people are choosing now..

1000 signed for that charter 1000 for this charter another charter making plans homeschool unschool/ uncollege online doubled

Nothing is for everyone.

..given the widening array of possibilities, ther e’s no r ea son tha t ever y chi l d must master the sciences, algebra, geometry, biology, or any of the rest of the standard high school curriculum that has barely changed in half a century. -via Former U.S. Secretary of Labor Robert B. Reich’s 2000 article in the NY Times, One Education Does Not Fit All …secondary education is onl y a ppr opr i a te for a sma l l por ti on of youth. In 1892, - via the 1892 National Education Association’s Committee of 10, who set out to standardize high school programs.

- Dennis Littky’s The Big Picture, Ed is Everyone’s Business

People are seeking choice.

why choice?

choice empowers. choice energizes.

The opportunity to make choices increases our motivation. Mindful awareness of different options gives us greater control. This feeling of greater control, in turn, encourages us to be more mindful. Rather than being a chore, mindfulness engages us in a conti nui ng momentum. -via Ellen Langer’s Mindfulness

Kevin, choices = increased energy

why this one?

To par ticipate w holehear tedly in something means to be self-motivated and self-directed, intensely and genuinely enthusiastic. If we're forced to do something, or if we do it halfheartedly, we're not really participating. If we don't care how it all turns out, we're not really participating. If we're passively waiting it out, we're not really participating. And the less we fully participate in our everyday lives, the fewer opportunities we have to be happy. It's that plain and simple.

Jesaja alive

If you’re seeking w holehear ted par ticipation it must be voluntar y. - Jane McGonigal, Reality is Broken

However in ed, too many of our choices are basically reproducing the same thing.


the same thing

.. begs a new roof every year. (What we’ve learned from studying homelessness.) Recycling through this “grass is always greener” mentality/ mobility, compounds an ongoing misuse of resources, money, and people. Keeping us not only bound to the very thing we were choosing not to do, but mindless that we’re the ones perpetuating it. And dang, dandelions spread fast.

On listening to k ids last school year


-rings of Clay Shirky’s Cognitive Surplus

Doing what has been considered standar d doesn’t equate with success anymore.

We need to be freeing kids up to be themselves. Giving them space to fail. Showing them we tr ust lear ning. That it is that fascinating and alluring. Lucas with a CSU student talking about space and permission to be.

Baby boomers changed politics, Gen X changed family, Gen Y changed work, and gener ation Z w ill r evolutionize education . - Penelope Trunk thanks to Lisa Nielsen for directing us to it. our r esponse : We see public ed becoming school of choice. Everyone gets the free option to learn like authentic unschoolers – key being purely self-directed learners, not just doing school as we know it on their own. Nothing is for everyone. Public school can now offer everything. That's what we need. That's where we're headed. The town is the school…separate buildings (schools as we now know them) are simply resource centers and meet up places. Also available – a town art hall, a town engineering hall, etc. sharing spaces are wikipedia, youtube, wherever the crowd is. Wherever sharing is most useful/ accessible. The 1-1 movement is spot on.. but it's one to one, face to face, mentors.. the declaration of interdependence. We see this unschooling wave for sure, facilitating that in public ed provides the equity we all seek. Setting the culture of trust for that to happen, that's the pickle. click to play But it's coming.

There are more resources in an institutional setting.. people and things. Let’s focus on that. What if we pr ovide r esour ces.. and let people design their ow n school?

A new paradigm shift. The future of business is shar ing. The Mesh, Lisa Gansky

Getting to the heart of the matter begs a ‌

to deck for culture of trust

YOU th have different ideas‌

YOU th have different methods‌

YOU th have different results‌

YOU th have a different style‌

Their Dandelion Effect 2003: SKorea bans USbeef imports – mad cows disease. 2008: Korean President Lee Myung-bak lifts ban. Korean citizens stage Korea’s first family-friendly protest. It lasts over a month. Over half the protesters are teenage girls. Why? DBSK, a boy band. DBSK’s online site, on facebook, with nearly a million users, provided these girls with an opportunity to discuss whatever they wanted, including politics. Massed together, frightened and angry that Lee’s government had agreed to what seemed a national humiliation and a threat to public health, the girls decided to do something about it. - Clay Shirky, Cognitive Surplus

Their Dandelion Effect

They are ready to change the world. Many of you, like the Youth Digital Media Project – are listening to them. We need to listen louder . They are connected to each other. That is pow er like we’ve never seen.

Their Dandelion Effect By the age of 21, the average young American has spent somewhere between 2 and 2 hours reading books and more than 10,000 hours playing computer and video games. (esp if born after 1980) It’s potentially an unpr ecedented human r esour ce: hundreds of millions of people worldwide who are going to be exceptionally good at the same thing – whatever it is games make us good at. Jane has been researching that question for nearly a decade, the answer: collabor ation. Collabor ation isn’t just about achieving a goal or joining forces, it’s about creating something together that it would be impossible to cr eate alone. -Jane McGonigal, Reality is Broken

What’s coming could blow us away. We get to decide which Dandelion Effect we prefer.

note: YOU th is you to whatever degree you decide.

a wish‌ spaces to be.

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the dandelion effect  

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