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OUR SOLUTION MAKING MONEY MOBILE One of the most exciting challenges facing financial institutions is how to make the most of the global proliferation of mobile networks and make money truly mobile for your customers. The Monitise solution, based on our best in class Enterprise Platform and unique Network Approach, was created and refined in some of the most heavily regulated financial service environments in the world and is specifically designed to embrace any device and every network. As a result we’re responsible for the creation and ongoing development of an increasingly rich and diverse mix of mbanking, mpayment and mcommerce solutions across the world. A leading global technology company, Monitise is committed to making money totally mobile and we’re already working with over 300 of the world’s leading financial institutions. Wherever you’re doing business, whatever your Mobile Money objective, Monitise is best placed to help you achieve it, delivering pragmatic services for your customers today, coupled with a clear line of sight to your – and your customers’ – future needs.




Globally proven, flexible and secure, our best in class Enterprise Platform is an evolving hardware and software technology resource. It’s designed to deliver innovative mass market mbanking, mpayment and mcommerce solutions for you and your customers. It can be deployed ‘on-premise’ or as a managed service depending on your individual requirements. Its bank grade security ensures your mobile services are delivered with complete confidence to any device; from a basic phone to the latest smartphone, tablet and beyond.

Partnering with Monitise opens up a world of new possibilities. Through a single connection to our Enterprise Platform, our unique Network Approach allows customers to leverage 3rd party organisations to create new, integrated mbanking, mpayment and mcommerce solutions. Looking to the future, it offers all our partners the exciting possibility of being part of a network of networks that spans the globe.

At the heart of our Enterprise Platform is a comprehensive product set. Customers can combine different Monitise products to develop new and innovative mobile solutions. The platform products are grouped into three clusters: • Core Products • Information & Account Products • Commerce & Payment Products A summary of these products can be found below and opposite.


Consumer Lifecycle


Admin & Reporting

Flexible and comprehensive management of your customers’ Mobile Money lifecycle, from acquisition and retention to cross and up-selling.

Service management functions for all aspects of your Mobile Money service, supporting efficient operation and covering all reporting requirements.

Consumer Channels


Support for all today and tomorrow’s Mobile Money channels, from basic phones to smartphones, tablets and beyond, through all user interfaces.

Bank grade security optimised for your Mobile Money services, ensuring all your data and transactions remain safeguarded at all times.

Network Effect Enablement 03

Robust, technology-agnostic integration, providing flexible connectivity to any system and facilitating interconnectivity between our partners.

Consumer Channels

Account Servicing

Admin & Reporting


Network Effect Enablement


Consumer Lifecycle

Optionally deploye

Always deployed

The essential building blocks for delivering secure Mobile Money services and providing the right experience to your customers on any device and any network.


Optionally deploye

Payment Transaction



Information and Account products include a range of mbanking services such as account balance, statements and alerts appropriate to enrich your Mobile Money service.

Commerce and Payment products are the building blocks required to ensure our customers are able to offer a diverse range of mcommerce and mpayment services to their end consumers.

Account Servicing

Payment Transactions

Basic Mobile Money services such as account balance, transaction history, transfers and self-service account management.

Account-to-account payment and support services such as bill presentment, remote deposit capture, prepaid reload and cardless ATM withdrawal.

Alerts & Messaging


Management, generation and delivery of account push and pull alerts to match your preferences, using integrated or external data feeds.

Payments between your consumers and their social network, using social identifiers e.g. mobile number, email, facebook ID.

Stored Value Account

Instant Mobile Checkout

Support for issuing and administering mobile-centric full feature stored value accounts, typically for unbanked or underbanked customers.

Enabling your consumers to capture products using image recognition, QR and product codes in a mobile optimised basket and checkout using stored payment details.

Location Service The provision of location-related information and integration of location mapping.

NFC Payment Enabling contactless payment transactions from your consumers mobile device, supporting latest industry standards, NFC technologies and payment apps.

Mobile Commerce Presentation of merchant goods and services, checkout and payment using pre-registered details and digital fulfilment eg. prepaid mobile top-ups and cinema tickets.



Offers & Loyalty Alerts & Messaging

Stored Value Account

Delivery and redemption of merchant offers and self-service management for loyalty programmes.

Location Services

Business & Corporate Support for business accounts alongside personal accounts, also specific business services such as m-invoicing and m-POS payments.


ed, may have dependencies on other products



Instant Mobile Checkout

NFC Payment

Mobile Commerce

Offer & Loyalty

Business & Corporate


our best in class Enterprise Platform Managing Complexity

Best in Class Today

New devices, technologies, services and consumer expectations both enrich and complicate the Mobile Money ecosystem. Our platform optimally manages this complexity, combining the stability to deliver mass market solutions with the capacity to embrace each new demand.

Monitise Enterprise Platform provides best in class information, account servicing, commerce and payments products for over 300 financial institutions and partners. It provides immediate value and increased market presence by enabling each to deliver pragmatic yet optimised Mobile Money services.

Delivering your Vision Our platform facilitates the ideal Mobile Money vision for your consumers. It does this by delivering the key services on a solid foundation of robust connectivity and security, operational efficiency, a frictionless lifecycle and support for the appropriate mobile channels.

Proven Innovation Tool Alongside standard and cross platform formats, our platform can rapidly deliver prototypes, consumer pilots and live services. This drives consumer focused innovation and gives you the freedom to continually refine and optimise your Mobile Money approach.

Trusted Security Our platform was developed in some of the most heavily regulated financial services environments in the world and is trusted by many of the world’s leading businesses. It ensures data and transactions are both safeguarded and as transparent as possible to consumers.


Roadmap to the Future We maintain a clear line of sight to the future with a continuous programme of improvement. Our partnership driven roadmap embeds enabling technology into each future platform edition and embraces the next generation of mobile solutions as a matter of course.

Expanding the Network Our platform incorporates sophisticated technologies that enable robust connectivity to any business system. It is designed to be both open and responsive to demand for wider integration and offers the potential to develop new propositions through an expanding network of partners.

our comprehensive services set Monitise has over 600 people dedicated to Mobile Money solutions. In addition to our best in class Enterprise Platform and Network Approach we also have a world class services team providing implementation, design & development, adoption, support and a fully managed service.

Team Ethos We have over 600 people dedicated to Mobile Money solutions. Our industry leading services teams provide the perfect counterpart to your internal resources, delivering the appropriate mix of implementation, design & development, adoption, support or fully managed services to each of our partners.

Implementation We implement Mobile Money services for many of the world’s leading businesses. Meeting your requirements is our number one priority and our teams have the inherent flexibility to work as part of a joint project team or manage your entire programme.

Design & Development Whether customising a standard product or developing a bespoke service, our teams focus on tailored solutions. Their expertise includes requirements analysis, vision, design, build, test and deployment.

Support Our dedicated Support teams are appropriately briefed and organised to efficiently address and resolve issues, so that your service expectations are not simply met, but exceeded, 24 hours a day.

Adoption Our teams combine our experience of marketing Mobile Money services with best practice at every step of the process. We look to maximise consumer adoption and usage, increase retention and minimise servicing costs.

Managed Services Our platform can be implemented in your own data centre or as a fully managed service, delivering secure, scalable Mobile Money services anywhere in the world. Our flexible operation capabilities include managed hosting and technical management, application management, IT operations management and service support.


Monitise has a dynamic global vision. To make money totally mobile across the world. In partnership with many of the world’s leading businesses we’re working towards it. If you would like to find out more about how we can realise your Mobile Money plans, please get in touch. +44 (0)20 7947 4300 Follow us @MonitiseGroup 09

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