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Genesis Fertility Research Centre GFRC is a Genesis IVF Research Center and extremely distinguished medical centre for Infertility with all facilities under one roof. It has come a long way since its inception as a pioneering institute in ERODE, Tamil Nadu since 1996. It has taken more steps to become a center of excellence in all facets of infertility and IVF treatment, which are offered at affordable cost for public. This center has been a leader in Blastocyst Culture, an Extended embryo Culture Technology and other novel Male Infertility treatment modalities like Surgical Sperm Retrievals – TESA, MESA, PESA, TESE, etc., with ICSI facility and genetic studies too. This research center is a unit of Maaruthi Medical Center and Hospitals, which is a well known 300 bed corporate hospital situated in the centre of Erode city. The world level recognition for this center, came largely when 64 year old Mrs. Pappathi Subramaniam gave birth to a healthy baby which was flashed in all media worldwide. This news is occupying a page in BBC web site till today. This enduring success has a strong base of stupendous extended embryo culture technology which conquered all obstacles of implantation in this old woman.

IMSI Treatment- IVF Genesis IMSI – Intracytoplasmic Morphologically-selected Sperm Injection is a male infertility treatment developed by Benjamin Baartov, Bar Ilan University in 2004, Israel. IMSI is a variation on the ICSI procedure and is an acronym for Intracytoplasmic Morphologically Selected Sperm Injection. This technique is similar to the ICSI procedure, the only difference being the way the sperm are chosen. A very high powered lens is used to see the sperm in greater detail during the selection process, the aim of this is to improve the chance of pregnancy. ICSI treatment has allowed couples where there is a significant male factor problem to achieve treatment success similar to those with other causes of subfertility Prior to its introduction in 1992, these couples would have not achieved fertilization or very low fertilization rates using standard IVF techniques.

The technique involves choosing morphologically, the simplest quality sperms from husband’s bodily fluid sample, and injecting them directly into the eggs, retrieved from the feminine partner, thereby increasing the likelihood of those sperm cell cells to fertilize the eggs. Within the ICSI technique, the sperm cell is enlarged two hundred times whereas within the IMSI technique the sperm cell is enlarged 7000 times. At such magnification the sperm cell morphological defects specifically the refined intranuclear sperm cell defects and therefore the chromatin granule compaction defects get simply detected whereas typical ICSI fails to spot a similar. This ends up in higher fertilization rates, higher implantation rates, and ultimately higher ‘take home baby’ rates. IMSI technique is vastly helpful for patients with over 2 ICSI failures, patients wherever there's severe male issue abnormality. IMSI and ICSI don't have faith in the spermatozoon cells’ ability to try and do this – and morphologically best sperms area unit chosen by the embryologists victimization higher magnification and manually injected into the protoplasm of the eggs. With this magnifier, Biologists will see the interior morphology of spermatozoon and discard those with abnormalities. Having the ability to pick out spermatozoon while not morphological alterations area unit believed to extend the probabilities of nohit implantation of embryo and reduce the chance of miscarriage. A 2008 study conducted in European nation rumored that men World Health Organization have tried and did not become fathers through a minimum of 2 previous IVF – ICSI makes an attempt were doubly additional probably to succeed through IMSI than through another spherical of standard fertility treatment. The IMSI could improve the probabilities of fertilization in vitro and may use it if you have got performed many In Vitro Fertilization, IVF, ICSI while not success.

IMSI treatment in Chennai- IVF Genesis  
IMSI treatment in Chennai- IVF Genesis  

Genesis Fertility Research Center is the Best IVF Centre in Erode - Tamil Nadu - India. We provide low-cost IVF, IUI, ICSI treatments with h...