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The Housing Authority of the City of Austin

Looking Toward the Future Building on the Past 2009-2010 200 2 00 09 09-20 9-2 20 01 0 10 0 An A Annual Report

Disaster Housing Assistance

Helping Seniors Thrive

Quality, Affordable Housing

Employee Recognition

Safe Playgrounds

Experienced Consultants Giving Back to the Community

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3/7/2012 3:43:31 PM

mission to:

Charles Bailey, Esq.

(2nd Row l to r) Carl Richie, Jr., Esq.,

Thelma Pannell, Dr. Tyra Duncan Hall

Pictured are (1st Row l to r) Henry Flores,

of Commissioners charts the direction of the agency, advocates for local assisted housing programs, ensures fiscal management, and adopts policies to govern the Housing Authority. The HACA staff

development center that fosters the creation of small businesses and provides the tools and services for

their success.

AR_2010_final.indd 2-3

for making 2009-2010 an exceptional year.

NAHRO Fellow

President & CEO

James L. Hargrove, PHM


made from the past. We thank the Board of Commissioners, staff, volunteers, and community partners

Thelma Pannell, President of HACA’s Citywide Advisory Board

Charles C. Bailey, Esq., Law Offices of Charles C. Bailey

Dr. Tyra Duncan-Hall, Former Austin Community College Provost

Carl S. Richie, Jr., Esq., Vice President of Government Affairs, TXU

Henry Flores, President of Madhouse Development Services

of self sufficiency for our residents.

3/7/2012 3:44:40 PM

follows the lead of the Board of Commissioners and works closely with the board to provide vehicles

being of our community. They are appointed by the mayor to serve without compensation. The Board

considered for an Award of Excellence for our success in establishing Emerging Enterprises, a

As we share this year with you, we are anticipating an exciting future ahead, built on the strong foundation

These five dedicated individuals volunteer their time and extensive knowledge on behalf of the well

The Housing Authority of the City of Austin will pursue entrepreneurial opportunities to address emerging trends and respond to the challenges of the future.

• Efficiently and effectively meet federal, state, and local mandates; and

• Create meaningful partnerships to maximize available community resources for our residents,

• Break the poverty cycle by serving as a catalyst for our residents to become economically self-sufficient,

programs and extensive resources. In 2009, HACA was awarded the NAHRO Award of Merit and

to say that each department excels in the ability to touch the lives of the participants through quality

Assessment Program (SEMAP) and Public Housing Assessment System (PHAS) scores. I am proud

HACA remains a high-performing agency with exceptional ratings in the Section Eight Management

will see an apartment community receive a new and improved look.

about the new initiatives we provide to our senior citizens to thrive in a safe and affordable home. You

gangs and to continue their education through HACA’s Resident Scholarship Program. You will learn

become an established homeowner. You will read about our young students who are taught to resist

of rebuilding, progress, and hope. You will meet a brave man who beats the odds of homelessness to

“Looking Toward the Future, Building on the Past,” tells stories

much more in transforming the lives of our participants. Our theme

as a leader in affordable housing in Austin; delightedly, we do

• Ensure that safe, quality affordable housing opportunities exist for families of low income,

ensures the Housing Authority fulfills its

my pleasure to present the 2009-2010 Annual Report.

Many know the Housing Authority of the City of Austin (HACA)

O The HACA Board of Commissioners

Board of Commissioners, staff, and participants, it is

Our MISSION supported by the Board of Commissioners

n behalf of the Housing Authority of the City of Austin’s

A MESSAGE from the President and CEO

supply land as a permanent affordable housing location.

CLT, a community land trust, is currently in development to

Time Village Apartments, and Park at Summers Grove. Equity

Sterling Village Apartments, Sweetwater Apartments, Leisure

AR_2010_final.indd 4-5

area schools surrounding Eastland Plaza. Every year AAHC awards over $15,000 to five area schools.

year. One important philanthropic activity AAHC sponsors is the distribution of school donations to

holds a Back-to-School Bash to give the community students backpacks and supplies for the school

with train rides and games. Santa brings his holiday cheer and poses for pictures. Additionally, AAHC

Every holiday season, a big Christmas celebration is hosted by AAHC in the Eastland Plaza parking lot

Student receives a new backpack at AAHC’s Back-to-School Bash

residential real-estate properties: Bent Tree Apartments,

Hut, Shoe Show, and Citi-Trends. AAHC also manages five

traded corporations which include Walgreens, Subway, Pizza

The occupants of Eastland Plaza are mostly large, publicly

owns and operates Eastland Plaza, a retail shopping center.

Homeownership Program, the Six-Star Resident Program, and

in the city. AAHC oversees the Down Payment Assistance/

opportunities and continues to pursue entrepreneurial endeavors

subsidiary of HACA, develops quality, affordable housing

Austin Affordable Housing Corporation (AAHC), a non-profit

AUSTIN AFFORDABLE Housing Corporation

3/7/2012 3:45:00 PM

homes built by Habitat for Humanity.

Nine homeowners worked to have their

homeowners with an additional $10,000.

Community Aairs has assisted nine

The Texas Department of Housing and

inception of the program.

There have been 57 homeowners since the

daughters as an established homeowner.

Nestor stands proud with his four

Authority’s 2009 Family Self-Sufficiency/Homeownership Banquet.

happy. I did this for my family.” Nestor was honored for reaching the five year goal at the Housing

In an interview with the Austin American Statesman, Nestor says, “This is my dream. I am very

housing before he had the opportunity to buy a home large enough for six.

moved to the United States, he and his family lived in homeless shelters, with relatives, and in public

school after second grade, to work on a ranch in Dolores Hidalgo in Guanajuato, Mexico. When he

Nestor, 41, is married, has four daughters and works at South Austin Hospital. He dropped out of

to have his loan forgiven, Nestor Rosas.

the homeowner is not required to pay back the loan amount. HACA celebrated its first homeowner

$10,000 to residents qualified for homeownership. After five years of good standing in their home,

Through the Down Payment Assistance/Homeownership Program, HACA provides a loan of


with the remaining rent balance being paid by VASH grant funds.

homeless veterans. The veterans pay 30% of their income towards rent,

in the Austin community. The program will assist approximately 70

connect veterans and their families with the necessary services to thrive

homeless veterans to the Housing Authority. VASH Case Managers

assistance. The Veterans Administration facility refers all eligible

and provide the homeless veterans with housing and case management

Program. The grant, in the amount of $583,843, was awarded to stabilize

Austin Area through the Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing (VASH)

veterans and their families in obtaining affordable housing in the

In the fall of 2009, the Housing Authority began assisting homeless

Community Innovations in Aging in Place (CIAIP) Grant. The three year grant of

and compliance experience.

AR_2010_final.indd 6-7

however, are able to hire SHCC Consulting for part-time assistance or for specific projects.

be a resource for other housing agencies who cannot afford to hire experts on a full-time basis;

well as multifamily properties, private landlords, and non-profit housing groups. The hope is to

The consulting agency will serve other public housing agencies around the country, as

management solutions from our own agency.

reviews across the states of Texas and Arkansas. SHCC Consulting’s advice is based on proven

practitioner; they have hands-on experience in conducting annually over 800 management

assistance based on rules, theory, and past experiences. However, SHCC Consulting is a current

socialization, recreation, volunteerism, leadership, health, and wellness.

3/7/2012 3:45:28 PM

and interests of the residents. These programs will include classes and activities that promote learning,

Loop apartment properties. The coordinators provide support and organize programs based on the needs

Coordinators (employed by Family Eldercare) are assigned to Lakeside, Salina, Gaston Place, and North

are active, healthy, and engaged, thereby greatly reducing the need for institutional nursing care. Service

agencies serving older adults. The goal of the project is to promote a community in which older adults

the Housing Authority of the City of Austin, the Area Agency on Aging, and five other community-based

is a collaboration between Family Eldercare,

fourteen grants awarded in the nation. CIAIP

approximately $1.3 million, is one of only

HACA, was competitively awarded the

the states of Texas and Arkansas, SHCC Consulting has a great deal of property management

SHCC Consulting is unique from other consultants. Most consultants provide advice and

Family Eldercare, in partnership with

agency or property status. As a subsidiary of HACA and the contract administrator for HUD in

1st Annual 60 Plus Luncheon.

smiles with a HACA resident at the

A Family Eldercare Service Coordinator


have homes through the VASH Program.

52 previously homeless veteran families now

VETERANS AFFAIRS Supportive Housing

exists to assist housing authorities and affordable housing providers to achieve high performing

SHCC Consulting is a division of Southwest Housing Compliance Corporation (SHCC) and

agency in Austin. In the process, HACA established a knowledgeable consulting business.

The Housing Authority of the City of Austin set out to lend a helping hand to a sister

Vendor display used at conventions and conferences.

~SHCC Consulting Motto


SHCC Consulting

AR_2010_final.indd 8-9

Club, opened clubs at Chalmers Courts and Thurmond Heights apartment communities in 2009. Their mission is to inspire and to enable all young people, especially those from disadvantaged circumstances, to realize their full potential as productive, responsible, and caring citizens.

the most scholarship dollars and the highest number of

residents ever awarded. The amount totaled to $112,500

and was awarded to 62 residents. The HACA Resident

Scholarship Program is designed to inspire these individuals

self-sufficient members of the community.

3/7/2012 3:45:54 PM

One of the nation’s largest non-profit organizations, Boys and Girls

an institution of higher education. The year 2009 marked

to work toward becoming independent and economically

Boys and Girls Club of the Austin Area

watch their children play at the community parks.

playtime. Parents are able to socialize with one another as they

multi-family sites to increase safe and environmentally friendly

continually rebuilds and improves existing playgrounds at their

celebrate the installment of their new playground. HACA

like Christianique Sistrunk, pictured left, broke ground to

beneficial exercise. With hard hats and shovels in tow, children

new playground; a safe place to run off energy and receive

The children at Georgian Manor Apartments received a shiny,

Safe Playgrounds

and Housing Choice Voucher participants who plan to attend

and to be attentive in school.

against drug abuse, gangs, and crime, to listen to their parents,

The six-week G.R.E.A.T. Program teaches students to stand

is twelve years old and a Fulmore Middle School Student.

about things I should and should not do at school.” Da’Clayvin

program helps me succeed in school and in life because I learn

Education And Training (G.R.E.A.T.) says, “The G.R.E.A.T.

Fund in 2001 for the benefit of all HACA Public Housing

Commissioners established the HACA Resident Scholarship

The Housing Authority of the City of Austin’s Board of

the scholarship recipients and their many achievements.

Annually, HACA hosts a Scholarship Ceremony to recognize

students attend Austin Community College.

and University of Texas at San Antonio. Over half of the

University, Texas A&M University, St. Edward’s University,

such as the University of Texas at Austin, Texas State

Scholarship recipients attend various Central Texas schools

and adults attending college for the first time.

graduated high school students, to students currently enrolled in post-secondary education,

financial means to accomplish this goal. The scholarship recipients range from newly

hope to those individuals who have a desire to further their education, but lack the adequate

Conquer. Achieve. Succeed. The HACA Resident Scholarship Program serves as a vehicle of

HACA Resident Scholarship Program

YOUTH EDUCATIONAL Success Gang Resistance Education And Training Da’Clayvin Joiner, participant in the Gang Resistance

more functional and up to date.”

through the Section 3 Program, which provides

AR_2010_final.indd 10-11


HACA to help create and maintain jobs under the


S. Cook Construction, LP.

the contractors working on the project thus far, allowing

economic stimulus act.

Pictured are (l to r) Dr. Tyra Duncan Hall, Sylvia Blanco, Thelma Pannell, James Hargrove, James Teasdale, and Dan and Sherry Cook of

neighborhoods. Seventy persons have been employed by

connection with projects and activities in their

3/7/2012 3:46:26 PM

“The grant will bring more jobs and lower utility bills.”

Urban Development Representative Lloyd Doggett, says,

pumps, and motors. The U.S. Department of Housing and

systems, and the replacement of existing chillers, boilers and

photovoltaic (solar power) systems, thermal water heating

Place Apartments. The renovations will include new roofing,

grant for energy improvements for North Loop and Gaston

In November of 2009, HACA was awarded the “green”

Green Communities Grant

in our four bedroom home. Our home is

public housing residents have been employed

employment opportunities to residents in

room which helps to circulate the air

saving lighting were added in each

bills. Ceiling fans and energy

noticed a big dierence in our utility

and Mirella Garza, say, “We have

Booker T. Washington residents Frank

hired to complete the renovations. To date, six

Three construction companies were

within four to five years.

originally scheduled in phases to be completed

work in approximately two years, which was

from ARRA will allow HACA to complete the

repairs, and a fresh coat of paint. The funding

work, new tile floors, ceiling fans, foundation

tubs and showers, new kitchen and bath cabinet

204 units in the renovation are receiving new

Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). The

currently in progress, is funded in part by the American

Apartments have drastically changed. The remodel,

The interiors of the Booker T. Washington Terraces

A MONUMENTAL MAKEOVER for the city’s largest public housing complex

The Greater Austin Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (GAHCC) honored

develop and operate their own businesses. HACA’s Director of Quality Control, Pilar Sanchez, was presented the “Chair Award” for her service on the GAHCC Board of

was honored as a NAHRO Fellow.

AR_2010_final.indd 12-13

reached a level of self-sufficiency that did not require further assistance.

had either been placed in other housing programs (Housing Choice Voucher or Public Housing) or

of these families. At the program’s end, through extensive case management, nearly all of the families

Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. HACA was assigned 432 families and provided rental assistance to 360

From October 2007 through October 31, 2009, HACA’s DHAP staff assisted families displaced by

HACA for successfully completing the Katrina-Rita Disaster Housing Assistance Program (DHAP).

December 18, 2009, U.S. Housing and Urban Development Secretary, Shaun Donovan, recognized

Indian Housing

HUD Assistant Secretary for Public and

Sandra B. Henriquez,

Lisa Garcia, VP of Assisted Housing

Diane Falcon, Director of Assisted Housing

Shaun Donovan, Secretary of HUD

Pictured l-r:

and non-profit ventures that have opened more than 700 additional doors of affordable housing.

In his recommendation letter, Hargrove was praised for his “unrivaled entrepreneurial partnerships”

Public Housing and Housing Choice Voucher Programs.

agency into a high performing agency and has continued to receive that recognition annually in both

James Hargrove was selected as a NAHRO Fellow for his tenacity in turning a troubled housing

wisdom and mastery as seen by their achievements and their actions within their own communities.

Governors established the NAHRO Fellows Program to honor NAHRO members for their accumulated

Two years ago, the National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials (NAHRO) Board of

The business incubator provides Austin residents with an unparalleled opportunity to

Authority of the City of Austin

NAHRO Award of Excellence.

Merit and a nomination for the

yielded the agency a NAHRO Award of

Business Development Resource Center

The success of the Emerging Enterprises

Government Partner of the Year

Chamber of Commerce

Greater Austin Hispanic

Directors for 3 years.

HACA established Emerging Enterprises Business Development Resource Center.

President & CEO of the Housing

member of 10 years. GAHCC’s Hispanic Technology Institute of Austin (HTIA) and

Year. HACA has maintained continuous involvement with GAHCC as a long standing

“Building Paths to Prosperity.” HACA was honored as the Government Partner of the

outstanding community leaders at its 36th Annual Awards and Installation Banquet,

James Hargrove (middle),

Notable Achievements

3/7/2012 3:48:31 PM

AR_2010_final.indd 14-15

• • • • •

Blood Drive Habitat for Humanity Summer Picnic Thanksgiving Luncheon Holiday Party

The following are the annual ERC events:

• • • • •

Care Packages for Troops Toys for Tots Food Drive Race for the Cure Employee of the Quarter/Year

employee morale and give the employees a chance to get to know other staff members!

The ERC coordinates many fun events throughout the year. These events boost

Commissioners for their well-deserved award.

staff votes for a nominee of their choice and the recipient is recognized by the Board of

ethic through the Employee of the Quarter and Employee of the Year Awards. The entire

The Employee Recognition Committee (ERC) recognizes employees of exemplary work

Ursula Godfrey Employee of the 4th Quarter

Employee of the Year

Employee of the 2nd Quarter

Joseph Robredo

Employee of the 3rd Quarter

Tammy Fotinos

Employee of the 1st Quarter

Marcy Calhoun


Through “HACA Builds HOPE,” the staff volunteers to construct homes with the Habitat for Humanity

Capital Area Food Bank.

Race for the Cure

Blood Drive

Toys for Tots

Habitat for Humanity

3/7/2012 3:52:02 PM

meal. The ERC sponsors a Food Drive which allows the employees to donate dry food and goods to the

During the holiday season, many people are less fortunate and are not able to purchase food for a family

on-site makes donating blood convenient for the employees.

Twice a year, the ERC hosts a Blood Drive at the Central Administration Building. Having the blood drive

Grant’s military troop in Afghanistan.

serve in Afghanistan. HACA employees donated magazines, DVD’s, toiletries, and dry goods to ship to

entertaining items and familiar food from back home. In 2009, HACA’s own, Grant Reid, was called to

The Entertainment Drive for the Troops treats those individuals serving this country overseas with

children of all ages to be distributed to families at Christmas.

The ERC partners with the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots Program. Employees donate gifts for

row, the HACA team has been one of the top 100 fund-raising teams, accumulating over $5,000 in donations.

The ERC organizes a team to run or walk in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. For the third year in a

spend a day building hope for families.

organization. An average of twelve staff members volunteer their time on Saturdays throughout the year to

1073 672 14 24

2492 1731 53 908 2070 12,511.00





AR_2010_final.indd 16-17

1488 4068

777 1006



259 3228 7571

9291 5231

2358 3108 51 39

5556 14522

Housing Choice Voucher


Public Housing

Who We Serve


312 4136 9641

11783 6962

3431 3780 65 63

2265 5074

7339 18745


Development District I

hope for the future.

3/7/2012 3:53:12 PM

economic growth, human dignity, and

that promote individual responsibility,

and sustaining healthy communities

of Austin, dedicate ourselves to creating

We, the Housing Authority of the City


& Community Development District II

& Community

Compliance Corporation

VP of Housing

Veronica Macon

Housing Corporation

VP of Housing

Michael Cummings

Ron Kowal VP of Austin Aordable

VP of Southwest Housing

Sylvia Blanco

VP and Chief Financial Ocer

Lisa Garcia VP of Assisted Housing

Thomas Cherian, CPA

NAHRO Fellow

President & CEO

James Hargrove, PHM

Who We Are

34,014,264 7,282,418 18,894,751 60,191,433 84,299,068

NET ASSETS Invested in capital assets, net of related debt Restricted net assets Unrestricted net assets Total Equity/Net assets

Total Liabilities and Equity/Net assets

AR_2010_final.indd 18-19

16,864,689 514,312 583,279 17,962,280 24,107,635

1,427,162 1,007,908 224,749 509,897 459,807 2,298,446 217,386 6,145,355

10,293,045 133,335,760 5,001,881 (95,453,287) 53,177,399 1,846,244 55,023,643 84,299,068

Noncurrent assets Capital assets: Land Building, equipment and infrastructure Construction in progress Less accumulated depreciation Capital assets, net Investment in Joint Venture Total noncurrent assets Total assets

LIABILITIES Current liabilities Accounts payable Accrued liabilities Intergovernmental payables Tenant security deposits Deferred revenue Bonds, notes, and loans payable Other current liabilities Total current liabilities Noncurrent liabilities Bonds, notes, and loans payable Accrued compensated absences non-current Noncurrent liabilities - other Total noncurrent liabilities Total liabilities

15,582,885 7,940,787 5,072,213 148,077 531,463 29,275,425

ASSETS Current assets Cash and cash equivalents- unrestricted Restricted cash and cash equivalents Receivables, net Inventories, net Prepaid expenses and other assets Total current assets

Housing Authority of the City of Austin Combined Statement of Net Assets as of March 31, 2010

Financial Report

3/7/2012 3:53:30 PM

(275,371) 2,664,136 57,527,297 60,191,433

18,951,174 2,795,974 3,450,108 5,038,753 1,027,167 2,033,039 1,084,623 43,436,709 4,775,387 82,592,934 2,939,507

EXPENSES Administrative Tenant services Utilities Maintenance Protective services General Interest expense and amortization cost Housing assistance payment Depreciation Total expenses Excess of revenue over expenses Prior period adjustments Change in equity/net assets Total equity/net assets - beginning Total equity/net assets - ending

7,283,651 75,248,415 3,000,375 85,532,441

REVENUES Tenant revenue Government operating grants Other revenue Total operating revenues

Housing Authority of the City of Austin Combined Statement of Revenues, Expenses, and Changes in Fund Net Assets as of March 31, 2010

Our Annual Report was printed using Forest Stewardship Council certified recycled paper. Taxpayer dollars were not used towards the production of this report.

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3/7/2012 3:53:43 PM

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