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Session 31: Best Practices in Instructional Technology Things to Keep In Mind: *Focus on Student Learning……not on Technology *Focus on Instruction, not on IT *Plan……but be flexible *Technology is changing…are you? *Teach Concepts, not Skills * Teach Technology across all grades and subjects * Balance Security with Flexibility Source:

Session 133: Top 10 Teacher Websites (searches blogs and newsfeed by topics)  Delicious (social bookmarking) (quick graph sketching tool that can be shared them with others-elementary geared) (transforms media into collaborative spaces with video, voice, and text commenting) (free online response system by using text messaging with 30 or less responders ) (make photos talk)

Session 124: Celestia: Exploring the Solar System without Leaving the Classroom  A space exploration simulator that is free from:  Can be used by the instructor or each student  Easy to update with add on modules for new discoveries and spacecraft  My plan for Celestia:  Create an earth science lesson to be taught prior to the CRCT in which students research the planets using nonfiction books from the media center

SESSION 241: Tammy's Favorite Tech Tips, Tricks, and Tools  Text to audio (can be saved as mp3)  (create word clouds, various uses)  Paint/Inspiration  Create your own eBook  Newspaper Clip Generator


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