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Name: _______________________________ Age: _______________________________ 5= Strongly Agree 4= Agree

Questions Do you agree that gay lingo words really add colors to our language? Do you agree that a man speaking gay lingo doesn’t mean he’s gay? Do you agree that Gay Languages should be a part of our culture? Do you agree in this statement; “Gay Lingo is a language not only for gays or bekimons but it is also a language for everyone?” Gay Lingo must be considered as a language here in the Philippines It’s much easier to speak Gay Lingo than to speak English Language where in grammar is important. Speaking gay lingo won’t lessen the masculinity of a man. Gay lingo is an art that everybody must learn for it is a trend that was being followed by many Filipino. It is okay if you will hear your father speaking gay lingo. Gay lingo is not a distraction to Filipino’s image but a proof that Filipinos are creative.

3= Undecided 2= Disagree


1= Strongly Disagree





Which of the following Gay Lingo words below are familiar to you? Put a check (✓) on your answers.

_ oishi

_ Bade

_ Dakota Harrison Plaza

_ ditey

_ berru

_ Debbie Gibson

_ kirara

_ borlog

_ warla

_ chimini-aa

_ carrou

_ Indiana Jones

_ bufra

_ cheese

_ Zsa Zsa Padilla

_ Tamalis

_ fiampey

_ 48 years

_ hada

_ garapata

_ antibiotic

_ hammer

_ gardini

_ bella

_ havana

_ Blusang Itim

_ chipipay

_ hipon

_ bella

_ constru

_ itich

_ bongga

_ daot

_ itich-me-how

_ Cathy Santillan

_ andalucia

_ jipamy

_ Chabelita

_ akesh


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