Halcyon days 2016 issue 3

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Imagine a World By Patricia A. Nugent Imagine a world that can heal. Imagine clean rivers and pure air. Imagine scorched earth becoming luscious. Imagine plentiful and healthful food. Imagine health conquering disease. Imagine hope transcending fear. Imagine generosity overcoming greed. Imagine compassion replacing hatred. Imagine hearts not having to break because of senseless violence. Imagine peace defeating war. As naturally as skin heals its wounds, we can heal this world by visioning a different future. Each of us has the ability to tap into universal healing energy. Believe and bear witness to the divine transformative power of each sentient being and of our collective consciousness. Imagine a world that can heal. Because it still can if we do. Š Banana Republic - stock.adobe.com

Patricia A. Nugent is the author of " They Live On: Saying Goodbye to Mom and Dad," a compilation of poems and vignettes about caregiving and saying goodbye to a loved one. She has received literary awards for her creative nonfiction work, including one bestowed by Susan Sontag. She periodically blogs for "Ms. Magazine" and "Vox Populi." She lives in Saratoga Springs, NY where she volunteers to teach creative writing to adult learners and plugs away at her manuscript about her golden retriever’s spirituality. Follow her blog at www.journalartspress.com or on twitter @nugentjournal. Halcyon Days - 2016 Issue 3 | 4