Halcyon days 2016 issue 3

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Woods By Joan McNerney The patient earth lay warm. Pine cones at her feet. My fingers drifted aimlessly through fallen needles. We stopped by mossy logs watching frogs leap. Squirrels rustling up, down ancient trees. Soft rain in air.

© Josch13| Pixabay.com

Honey-filled By Joan Canby Star jasmine its lanky lace climbing fence lattice a white tissue fluttering in the Texas breeze as frogs croak in their shallow lily pond shade as her morning fragile soprano dares to sing, smug, safe aloft as no bees in sight ahead to rob her of her honey-filled life. © butterfly-photos.org - stock.adobe.com

Joan Canby was bor n and r aised in Santa Barbara, California, received her MFA in poetry from Vermont College of Fine Arts and presently lives in Garland, Texas where she raises Scottish Terriers. (joancanby@juno.com)

Joan McNerney’s poetry has been included in numerous literary magazines such as Seven Circle Press, Halcyon Days, Blueline, Moonlight Dreamers of Yellow Haze, Poppy Road Review, Bright Hills Press Anthologies and many Kind of A Hurricane Publications. She has been nominated four times for Best of the Net. Four of her books have been published by fine literary presses and she has four e-book titles.

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