Halcyon days 2016 issue 3

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Awakening By Jo Garceau


ou turn the glass knob on the curtained French door and step onto the sunny porch. Wind chimes tinkle. The sound is in your body.

“Hello,” you speak to the Universe. “Thank you! That’s utterly beautiful.” Your cells reverberate, a soft tremoring. You descend to a small landing next to a curved stucco wall. You stop where the stairs make a quarter turn. Below, at the edge of the patio, a black and yellow butterfly flutters from green plant to green plant. It lands on a low cactus that pulses in the sunlight. The chimes sing, a symphony of lilting bells. An omnipresent throbbing sound rises out of the desert silence. In the distance, heat waves rise. The vista shimmers. Ocotillos in crimson bloom scatter across the desert and here and there a columnar Saguaro stands. The land runs to the mountain top and stretches up, up, up to meet the cloudless sky. You continue down the steps. Buddy, the owner’s old dog, bounds up. He emanates pulsing energy. His bushy tail swishes back and forth and he lifts his head. You pat the side of his neck and feels his stiff, wiry hair falling in compact waves over live flesh. “Hello, old man,” you say. On the turquoise wall beneath the house eave, a brass Om sign, the Indian symbol for the Eternal vibration, the creative source of the world, blazes in the sun. Alive and transcendent, the image radiates light. You stand motionless. Heat rises beneath your feet. You take a deep breath and exhale. The dry, dusty smell of desert sand permeates the crystalline air. Once more. You can’t shake the feeling. Something unique is happening. Every cell in your body buzzes with tiny electric charges. You and every object around you pulse, a synchrony of movement. Buddy escorts you to the kitchen door. You enter the cool interior of the house. No one is about, but the makings for breakfast are at hand. You scoop granola from a large orange bowl into a golden sauce dish, slice a ripe peach, spoon in yogurt. You fill an oversized cup with fresh coffee, spill in a liberal amount of cream, and go out the front door to a lounge chair on the expansive patio. As you sip coffee, tiny gnatcatchers dart among the flower pots and moist greenery surrounding the front entry. You remember when you were a child, playing in the woods near the sunlit meadow. You’ve always been at home in nature. You’ve hugged trees, and admired the changing seasons. For most of your life, you’ve been a kind of mystic… you’ve imagined there might be more…but….For a little while, you sit and ponder, W hat just happened? You savor the bold aroma of your drink, and then you gather yourself together....Time to go…. You grab your backpack, leave the solitude of the quiet house and hike up the road. You drink in the hum of oneness in your body, the land, the animals, and the plants. You are mystified, but you want this throbbing, vibrating, moving energy, to last forever.

You step off the paved road, climb a little slope to reach a shrub taller than yourself and finger the tiny, olive green leaves that jut out from the branch. You think, How interchangeable are my skin and its surface!


hen you return home, you begin a search that will explain what happened that morning in the desert south of Tucson. You don’t think you are unusual. Someone must have had the same experience and written about it.

As you explore, the energy/chi increases and deepens, but not only in yourself. Many of your friends are experiencing a spiritual acceleration. Even your first memory takes on new meaning.

Jo Garceau, Soul Coach and Spir itual Counselor , is a Cer tified Shamanic Astr ologer . A r ecipient of the Walden Writing Fellowship, she is author of Knowing Woman, Nurturing the Feminine Soul. She has taught numerous classes on writing spiritual memoir in the Vancouver/Portland area and is currently working on a second book, Awake in the Dream: Embodying Spirit. The first woman to serve as General Government Cabinet Director in the State of Washington, Jo later became a campus minister at The Evergreen State College and assistant minister at Ananda Spiritual Community. She holds a Master in Human Values from San Anselmo Theological Seminary. Halcyon Days - 2016 Issue 3

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