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Corduroy Afternoons

Dance They Do

By Catharine Bramkamp

By Fay L. Loomis

Those slow corduroy afternoons When the light Lasted long enough For dreams.

under forest canopy yellow-green spears shimmer in fragile light tiny Christmas trees invisibly kissed ferns quiver in delight

Catharine Bramkamp publishes both pr ose and poetry. Her poetry has been included in a dozen anthologies including And The Beats Go On and a chapbook Ammonia Sunrise (Finishing Line Press). She has written 17 novels and books on writing. She is currently working a the Chief Storytelling Officer for a wine company because Social Media can be a lot like poetry. She lives in California.

Fay L. Loomis, a nemophilist (haunter of the woods, one who loves the forest, its beauty, and its solitude), lives in upstate New York. An active member of the Stone Ridge Library Writers, her poems, flash fiction, and articles have appeared in print and online publications, including The Beacon, Soul-Lit, Pan’s Shadow, Twisted Endings, and Healing Power of the Imagination Journal.

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