Halcyon days 2016 issue 3

Page 12

Oktoberfest By Christine Jackson Under a humbling sky, ringing sounds rock the festival grounds, with the joy of coming home. An empty tent charges no rent, sings a joy of arriving home. Through the trees, a rose sky gleams, a soft breeze flows from the west; branches dressed in russet leaves shimmer with gentle protest, dance in a cardinal’s new nest, hum with the singer’s word quest, about the joy of flying home. Workers joke, in grease and smoke, taste the flesh of the land. Flame the grill, gulp the chill, sing the falafel stand. Raise a cup of raspberry truth churned by the man at the smoothie booth. A trio of chairs bent low to the ground winds up in the lost and found; An empty tent now charges rent, lay that blanket down. Jangling strings melt frozen hearts, swaying singers strum; before reverent eyes they concertize about longing to come home. In the end a full moon sends us the joy of coming home.

© andreas160578 | Pixabay.com

Christine Jackson teaches liter atur e and cr eative wr iting at a South Flor ida univer sity. Her poetr y has been published in print and online publications, including The Sandy River Review, Shot Glass Journal, Autumn Sky Poetry Daily, Stay Weird and Keep Writing, A Quiet Courage, and Verse-Virtual. Halcyon Days - 2016 Issue 3 | 12