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The Painted Summer Rain by Melindy Wynn-Bourne I will stand beneath my red umbrella as the rain pours down upon me, drops of liquid diamonds, gifts of August. Showers come and go with the passing clouds. Gray clouds one moment, glistening sun the next. My umbrella becomes a parasol. I will use it to shade myself from the sun, and the storms when they come back again. From my red shelter I glance at the blooming trees that drink in the light and water to blossom like bouquets. Pink and white sprays set against the blue and white skies. The rain has faded all the colors; the park has become a wash of pastel. I believe I am walking in someone’s watercolor landscape. The trees may be a dashing paint technique, a color wash. A drop or two of paint becomes the rain I see before my eyes. Even I am a creation of the artist. A tiny stroke of brush and blending has placed me in this lovely scene. If I am but a figure in this lovely picture, then I shall take up my painted red umbrella, throw it to the painted wind and feel the summer diamond raindrops on my painted summer face.


believe I am walking in someone’s

watercolor landscape .”

MELINDY WYNN-BOURNE is a freelance poet and writer with an emphasis on flash fiction. Her works have appeared in the Binnacle, Gemini Magazine and Flash Frontier. When she is not writing, she enjoys reading, photography and listening to music.

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Halcyon Summer 2013  

Summer related content portrayed through poetry and images.

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