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The Boy in the Blue Canoe

Sunday on the Bay By June Dowis

By Caroline Misner The hull, a robin’s egg blue, It’s so rare to see a sail out here; usually

glides through the expanse

the bay is inhabited by canoes,

of diamonds, liquid facets

rocking like cradles in the rippled lake

capturing the sun.

and giving new meaning to the colour blue— bluer than the blue of water

The harbor beckons, all the

or the sky

while fading to a distant

or the boy in the blue canoe

memory, as the sailboat

that goes paddling by.

puffs out its billowed chest venturing toward the horizon.

CAROLINE MISNER is a graduate of Sheridan College of Applied Arts & Technology with a diploma in Media Arts Writing. Her poetry, fiction and non-fiction have appeared in several journals throughout the USA, Canada and the UK, too numerous to mention here. She’s also had work published in several anthologies and webzines. Caroline writes erotica under the pseudonym Cynthia Lucas and her stories have appeared in several publications and anthologies. Her YA novel, 'The Daughters of Eldox, Book 1: The Alicorn' (Whiskey Creek Press) will be released September 2013. Contact Caroline at or visit her website

JUNE’S love of nature, a heart for the underdog, and prematurely “old soul” are constantly finding their way into her writing. Her publications have covered the spectrum from acrostics to essays to a billboard haiku, and like many literary artists, I do have a novel I hope to one day see in print. June’s true passion however, is poetry, primarily contemporary works and haiku. It is her hope that when someone reads her work, they will feel less alone in the world, or say to themselves, “I’ve been there too.” Writing, poetry in particular, does no good collecting dust in a drawer; it is meant to be shared and experienced and if I’m so blessed, to touch a heart. This is June’s ultimate goal.

Halcyon - Summer 2013

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Halcyon Summer 2013  

Summer related content portrayed through poetry and images.

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