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Monika Kita       Editorial  work  

Warhorse Theatreworks  company  booklet  

Picture published  in  the  London  Independent  Photography  magazine    

Andy Knox  record  album  

Urashima Taro  official  poster  

8 5 $ 6 + , 0 $

7 $ 5 2

Writer Sinem  Ersever  book  cover  

Catalogue of  Monika  Kita’s  work  

City of  London  Police  annual  Christmas  card  

PC Ian Jefferies and Commissioner Mike Bowron on patrol in the City riding Temple and James Photo: Monika Kita

Examples of  pictures  used  on  the  City  of  London  Police  website     as  well  as  for  the  in-­‐force  magazine  

Cellist Ayanna  concert  flyer  

InternaJonal theatre  magazine  Curtain  Rising    


Editorial work of Monika Kita