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Our school

Primary school in Wysoka GĹ‚ogowska opened in 1965. In this school there are 6 classrooms to learn. There are 139 students.

Grammar school opened on 2nd September 2002. In this school there is a basement, ground floor, first floor and attic. There are 7 rooms to learn and 20 other rooms. There are 77 students and 27 teachers. In our opinion this school is good, because it teaches everything. Classroom number 2 is for learning chemistry and physics. This

classroom is smelly. In that place we learn funny things about chemistry and physics.

Class number 22 is for learning computer science. In that place there is an interactive whiteboard, many computers and some chairs and desks.

Class number 7 is for learning English and German language. In this place there are headphones, German flag and decoration for Halloween.

This is the hall.