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NHL season begins with craze of wallpapers and colouring posters Ice hockey is one of the most favourite sports of the Americans and the Canadians. Ever since the early 1900s, the National Hockey League has ruled the minds of these hockey lovers. Such is their love for the game and the league that they enthusiastically decorate their rooms with The craze for these wallpapers goes up right before the NHL starts in winter. In fact, for many of the true devotees of ice hockey, the NHL season begins with redecoration of their rooms with wallpapers that is appropriate for the particular season of NHL. Wallpapers, which are an easy way to decorate and redecorate the interiors of a house, give the perfect opportunity to put up what’s hot, and strip down what’s not. Although the hockey lovers do not believe that there can be a time to bring home their favourite players and sport, the highest purchase of NHL wallpapers are reported right before the league. This is to accommodate, as an attempt to cheer, and a sign of respect for the favourite team’s hottest scorers. Those who manage to stay on top of the score-board for most of the year find a way to the walls of the hockey lovers., too, become very popular before the beginning of the NHL season. This is particularly applicable in case of children as they are usually blessed with the time and enthusiasm to sit and religiously colour the posters of their choice to put up on their walls. Logo of the favourite teams and jersey numbers of the highest scorer or favourite players are the most common favourites with kids. The sale of print colouring pages goes up before the NHL season, and right after it as well, based on the performance of the teams and their players. These are popular with kids because, the kids get the chance to put a personal touch to the expression of love and support for the sport, something that cannot be done with the store-bought posters. The children also feel more included in the decorations of their room, which gives them enough reason to make sure it’s clean and taken care of, or look forward to participate in the next time. The print colouring pages are also popularly given as gifts. These are pasted on the walls or hung inside of cupboards & lockers. They beautifully lend a look that complements the taste of the kid, ready to be stripped off the wall the next year before the new NHL season.

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