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WORKING EXPERIENCE Complex production, services and trade, Februar – May 2012 (complex production, services and trade in the newly constructed city ring road of Znojmo, projected study of this area) ●

Znojmo Music Festival, June to July 2009; July 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005 (team organization and design of the decoration of the hall for opera, construction and decoration of theater scenery for opera, help with wine tastings and concerts of classical music) ●

PERSONAL DETAILS Name: Monika Marková Telephone: + 420 775 410 369 ● E-mail:

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EDUCATION Brno University of Technology (VUT), Faculty of architecture : 2009 – today ●

Secondary school of Applied Art, Uherské Hradiště: 2005 – 2009 (Discipline: Shaping industrial products, industrial design) ●

worshops: within the Faculty of Architecture, Brno University of Technology: The brewery in town, a city in the brewery Znojmo 5 / 2010 ●

LANGUAGE SKILLS English: intermediate (B1), graduation exam German: beginner Czech: native

OTHER SKILLS Technical skills: reading and drawing documentation for the construction project ●

Art knowledge and skills in graphic activities: Design and implementation of design products, creation of models for designed products or buildings, design and implementation of scenery for theatrical performances, etc., decoration and interior design, painting, drawing, graphic design for billboards ●

Computers: MS WINDOWS, Graphisoft ArchiCAD, Autodesk AutoCAD, Rhinoceros, OpenOffice, MS Office, MS Office SharePoint Designer, Corel DRAW, Photoshop ●

Driving licence: Category B ●

Organizational skills: Organizing of student groups in the decoration of the hall for opera, organizing of exhibitions ●

Exhibitions: 2005 exhibition of my creation and cooperation on the presentation of the elementary school in Znojmo Republic Square ●

2008 "Time, space and thought" - an exhibition of my creation, St. Wenceslas Chapel in Znojmo 2009 "Blending" - an exhibition of my creation and my colleagues´ creation in Znojmo Competition: 2007 participation in the competition "The young Package 2007" ●

2008 participation in the competition "The young Package 2008" 2012 Villahouse in the urban village „POROTHERM 2012“

The floor plan of the building is shaped like the letter S because of the variability of the building and because of the possibility of placing the building in different situational conditions and to be able to comply the insolation as well. Furthermore, the advantage is to divide the garden into two parts – the part of the rest and the street part. The part of the rest has an opaque fence and the street part has a trasparent fence. The feeling of privacy in the garden is not so disturbed from the perspective of pedestrian who is going down the street, the object is not only surrounded by a wall, thereby a walker does not feel unease and isolation. From an architectural point of view it seems to be an interesting element to use a traditional shielding system in the form of a sliding exterior wooden shutters that creates a dynamic facade.

The projected villahouse is situated in the greenery on a hill above the town of Brno with beautiful views of the skyline. This is a luxury building in a very lucrative location Brno - Yellow Hill. The access road leads from the north side of the building. There are four large garages on this side. The south facade of the building is equipped with large glass surfaces due to profit of solar energy. To the north the windows are smaller. The villahouse has four apartments - two duplex apartments and two apartments on the second floor with a spacious terrace. The first floor has a partial cellar. There are designed rest rooms with direct access to the garden and a common indoor swimming pool with the changing room on this floor.

-1st FLOOR



It is a building complex of production, services and trade in the newly constructed city ring road of Znojmo. The requirement was to design an area with very well resolved transport infrastructure and excellent transport connection to the city ring road, which is already emerging. I took into account the variability of the projected buildings and the possibility to change the function of the building in the future if it is needed. In the future it is possible that all the area will be built-up, so when I was designing it, I had to keep this fact in my mind and I projected this transport infrastructure with the idea of a potential growth of the area in the future. An investor´s required function of the buildings was fully accepted. The investor required: the petrol station, fast-food, self-service restaurants, farmers' markets, a hotel with a fine restaurant, variable hall and rooms for truck transport, which will be central to this complex.







traffic roads static traffic greenery pedestrian communication hotel, restaurant, multifunctional hall farmers' markets, self-service restaurant service station Fast food, Facilities for truck transport restaurant kitchen (below terrain) pond proposal for cycle path protection zone boundaries the territory in question


The Brewery Street in Vyskov town was a big challenge for me. The effort to improve the quality and accessibility of this part of town led me to the idea of restoring some original gothic passages. Due to this idea the network of streets was designed. These streets give people the opportunity to sit in the mysterious recesses of the bench or to pass through the city like in the old French streets. This is related to design of some small shops in parterres of houses which is place for small retailers and services. Primarily it should be the areas with small-scale production and sales of own products or products produced mainly in the area of Czech Republic. Furthermore, traffic was streamlined with traffic obstruction with greenery, walkable and relaxing areas. There is designed parking area under the elevated terrain in the original yards of apartment houses.

houses inappropriate building

grassy area

hard surface of yards trees/ shrubs

hard surface of street

houses new building

grassy area

pedestrian zone

hard surface of street

traffic obstruction

roofed garages

A house suitable for reconstruction is in a very bad state, it is inhabited and it needs a complete rebuild. At the moment when I made a contract, I knew it was an interesting task, though it was difficult. It was necessary to design a waste sewers, water supply, evaluate the rooms and I had to design better use of that rooms with respect to the location of the cardinal points and the possible access to the yard. The building was originally used as one housing unit. The design takes account of the possibility of living more generations thanks to the design of the second housing unit with its own entrance.

before reconstruction

proposal for reconstruction

It is my final bachelor project on Gallery of Architecture, Design and Modern Art in Brno, which I am working now. It is corner building, therefore its corner is dominant. I wanted to design buiding, that is functional and has interesting architectural details and elements. There are gallery space; interactive space; lecture and conference hall; architectural, design and other creative atelier; shops; information center, parking and other.

It is a series of elements that were created on the basis of a task in the form of names (Romeo and Juliet, 6x6x6x6) and own vision about them in relation to the possibility of being theoretically innovative tool in the creation of architectural space.

6X6X6X6 6X6X6X6 6X6X6X6 6X6X6X6




My hobby is to create and design industrial products. Due to the fact that I graduated from the Secondary School of Applied Arts in Uherské Hradiště - discipline Industrial Design, I gained a lot of experience with different types of materials, I developed the shape and spatial imagination and knowledge of the design process. One of my countless design is a chair that serves as seat for individuals. If we connect several chairs together with flexible clip they could serve larger number of people as well. It can be used in the households and in public spaces. Structure is bent steel profile with yarn weaving.

I like to draw and paint. It does not matter whether the object of my drawing or painting is in nature, architecture and its elements, or the objects are various objects, or it is figurative drawing and portraits which I like the best. I don´t draw the only form of matter but I am more interested in the feelings and character of the person who I draw because I think this could be the right thing that should be expressed in a drawing or painting very well.

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MARKOVA portfolio 2013 EN  

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