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Further strengthening of roof -integration expertise

Agreement allow s Monier to tap into new distribution channels

Customers w ill continue to receive premium in -roof system in future

Luxembourg/Oberursel, 20 August 2012 – The Monier Group strengthens its position as a technology leader for the interface of PV products to the pitched roof and acquires Schott Solar’s InDaX technology for manufacture of roof-integrated photovoltaics. The contract was signed on 16 August 2012 and apart from the framing technology includes the rights to use the InDaX name as well as patents related to the product. Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed. “The acquisition is a strategic addition to our existing solar and roofing activities. We are planning to develop the InDaX system into a major part of our solar portfolio in future. We are confident that through the integration of this state-of-the-art technology we are well prepared for further growth in the promising in-roof segment along the lines of our strategic priorities”, says Pepyn Dinandt, CEO of the Monier Group. The system is an essential part of the so-called portrait roof and has already been launched in Monier markets in Germany, Italy and South Eastern Europe. Further market launches are planned for the United Kingdom and France in the course of the year. Through the acquisition Monier secures that both its own customers and customers of Schott Solar will continue to be able to be offered a premium in-roof product. “The InDaX allows Monier to tap into promising new distribution channels in the PV market. We are building on a technology that will allow us to more strongly benefit from a trend that sees solar systems becoming independent of feed-in-tariffs and being increasingly used for decentralised own consumption”, explains Jens Milnikel, Director of the Business Line Solar Roof Systems.

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Experts from the business line and the Technical Centre of the Monier Group had already closely cooperated with Schott Solar for the market launch and further development of the InDaX system bringing in their leading roofing expertise. Monier will not take over the PV laminate production but rather build on partnerships with established manufacturers purchasing their systems as it does for its other photovoltaic systems. “By building on our proven model where we focus on leveraging our roofing expertise and partnering with quality PV-laminate manufacturers we will be able to offer a premium product. Experience from the markets shows that InDaX is the leading product in this segment. We are now able to also offer former Schott Solar customers who would have been forced to look elsewhere an attractive roof-integrated photovoltaic system”, says Dr Gerrit Sames, CTPO of the Monier Group. In June this year, Schott had announced that it will cease production of crystalline photovoltaics. The equipment for framing and finishing taken over by Monier will be relocated to a company site north of Milan in Italy. About InDaX The InDaX system is an innovative roof-integrated PV solution that blends in harmoniously with the roof structure. It replaces conventional building materials while fulfilling two functions: Clean, solar electricity generation and a secure roof covering. The protective functions with regard to rain fall, wind load, snow fall as well as flying sparks and radiating heat have been confirmed in comprehensive tests. The special InDaX technology ensures optimized rear-ventilation and thus provides high energy-yields. It can be used in new buildings, roof renovations and in the upgrading of existing buildings. About Monier The Monier Group is a leading global supplier of building materials for pitched roofs with operations in 40 countries. Based on decades of experience, the company offers its customers a wide range of products including roof, chimney, ventilation and residential energy systems. We are continuously developing pioneering innovations for sustainable building such as roofintegrated solar systems. That way, the Monier Group utilises the full potential of roofs in the interest of sustainability – for the benefit of its customers as well as today’s and future generations. In 2011, 9,350 employees generated revenues of 1.392 billion euros. For more information, please visit: Contact: Nicole Pichin, Group Communications Director Tel.: +3 52-2 64 20-4 75 or +49-61 71-61 25 93 E-Mail:

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