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Dearest Exquisite Fusion Readers, Welcome current subscribers and new readers! As the winter months come upon us and the foliage reminds us of new beginnings and changes to come we reflect on the things that make our lives truly wonderful. This issue of Exquisite Fusion Magazine represents diversity, refreshment and moving forward in life. No matter what we go through we need to take every opportunity to advance in our daily lives, through family, friends and acquaintances there are so many things that keep the world turning round and the Exquisite Family is extremely proud to be a part in the growth of businesses, organizations and the entrepreneur who goes to work day in and day out to follow their dreams, passions and ambitions. Wishing great success to all who connect here or anywhere on this earth. Blessing to you and yours at every turn. Please keep reading because the best is yet to come! Once again thank you for your continued support. We are currently seeking writers, features, and sponsors. Please inquire by calling 210.701.0143 or email Reach the audience you need for your business to grow. Advertise with us today. Call 210.701.0143 or email for info and rates. Let’s work together!

See you inside! This issue is dedicated to the loving memory of Jenese “Neesie” Hart. Who’s light shines bright enough to make the stars envious. I love you mother always and forever!

Editors Notes Java Talk Foodie Edition – Sweet Synergy, LLC – The Cake Truffle Company Featured Article – Thomas pink Women in the work place Are they being treated fairly? Advice 101 – From the editorial team

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By L Simone Hart Are they being treated fairly? Time and time again great ideas are a born with a flare so bright it seemingly instantaneously takes off in a direction headed straight towards success. How many times have you seen an infomercial and thought to yourself ‘Why didn’t I think of that?” Ideas and concepts don’t just appear out of thin air, someone with sharp keen insight and knowledge used his/her brain power to come up with a clever resolution for a concept to be born or improve. In this fast paced world information travels at the speed of sound, but who is listening? Whether you’re working in a small mom and pop shop or a major corporation women are usually present, greeting, organizing, managing and multitasking the day away. To most women the details are never overlooked, especially when it comes to places of employment and it doesn’t matter if they are working at home or fight through the daily rush hour traffic to make to the 9-5 that pays the bills. Women are everywhere!

So with this much dedication do most women feel appreciated in their current positions? For example let’s say a woman works the same amount of hours as a man, does the exact same job description as he does but will often times be overlooked for the promotion they deserve or just plain and simply abused. Sure she may have brilliant ideas that will make the daily operations run smoothly, help the customers, clientele and staff feel at ease, but she won’t get the credit unless she fights really hard to make it work for herself. Now this is not to say that men don’t work hard to get what they deserve. In some industries you have to work round the clock to make even a chip in an iceberg.

Sure she may have brilliant ideas that will make the daily operations run smoothly, makes the customers, clientele and staff feel at ease, but she won’t get the credit unless she fights really hard to make it work for herself. This may or may not be the case for every woman but it happens more often then realized, especially in Corporate America. Now this is not to say that men don’t work hard to get what they deserve. In some industries you have to work round the clock to make even a chip in an iceberg. You may be asking yourself, what should I do because I am in a similar situation? Here are a few things that our Exquisite Fusion readers may want to hear on the subject. •Gathering a “Prep Squad” of co-workers who are often on the ground level, witnessing your greatness, and perhaps have them rally for you at the next employee of the month picking. •Bring up valuable points to your manager about how you have noticed improvements in areas you have suggested strategies and policies about. •If you work in customer service, start a mini petition by having frequent patrons give their opinion of you as a worker and how your service makes their experience better. The bottom line is that no one should go unrewarded for a job they do exceptionally well in. If you feel as though no is recognizing you for your efforts, whether you are male or female you should speak up for yourself in a professional, articulate way your current management staff will embrace and understand clearly. Every situation and company policy is different so take a moment to really map out a plan to get what you want or deserve, planning ahead usually means better preparation for rebuttals that may arise during your negotiation. And sometimes others recognize your efforts as superior to their own and out of fear they will never acknowledge your skills and talents for many different reasons. So you have to take it upon yourself to be heard, it could mean the option of being successful or failure. Never give up on your dreams and goals!

Advice 101 “I can clearly see that you should be the last one talking about how this or that should be done. I’m taking my own advice and not letting my emotions of the situation get in the way… cus if they did I would really tell this person off right now. Many times in the past I would rather just throw my fireball into action… if it hits ya stop drop and roll wouldn’t be able to help put out the flames. To many people have opinions about this and opinions about that, and most of the time their opinions are quite trivial. That’s just my opinion… So I guess what I’m telling you right now is trivial? I DON”T THINK SO… I’m not some angry brown woman, but I do wear pink hair for a slight reason. It is because what I say stands out so you better not question the rational behind what I say. I will catch you talking behind my back.” (Brown Woman With Pink Hair)

Often people tend to wander off into their own universe and only a quick distraction or tickle of intuition has them peaking around the corner listening in to a conversation that they should not have heard. Being a careful listener can sometimes get a person into trouble or throw them off balance. Some people are thrown off easily and some things that may be said about them are really meant for them to hear. It really shouldn’t be a frazzling experience when this happens. Just go about your day with the same positive attitude that you had before you heard a brief negative comment.

If your going to do dirt why stand around giggling about it and allowing it to be intercepted other ears? Now get ready for a catastrophe to take place. Those ears can’t wait to hear the conversation and activate their brains to command theirs mouths to repeat the whole embarrassing fiasco to others. Aren’t people suppose to be aware of what they are doing and saying all the time? Maybe the brown woman with pink hair will just use the gossip talk against her to create more gossip talk and everyone will feel like they’ve got their just desserts.

Who can guess the amount of times that individuals have been caught in strange situations? The situations make the person realize that they must carefully analyze a tiny hint of information that they lucked up or is staring them right in the face. Take a moment to figure out what is really going on in these type of situations, so that poor judgment isn’t made. Don’t be surprised if the brown woman with pink hair suddenly gave you a real big hug and kiss when if you had something good to say about her in your conversation, but telling by her tone and eccentric mannerisms it should end with a sincere apology.

Founded 2008

Women in distress need an organization that they can call on to help them weather the storm. Counseling and adequate support must be provided to help mothers, expecting mothers, battered women, and women who have been taken advantage of find the value in being able to go on with their lives. Supporting the Ladiez of Essence Non Profit Organization means that you’re helping women put their lives back together. Ms. Ayesha Simmons, C.E.O. of the Ladiez of Essence Non Profit organization has her own personal experiences that have driven her to create a resource which provides a safe haven for women. Becoming an advocate for women that are in need of support makes up for only a portion of contributions that are needed in order to direct a socially responsible organization. It takes dedication in order to achieve an impact that can move mountains and place permanent moments of serenity back into the lives of abused women. The Digital Conglomerate Magazine Inc and Exquisite Fusion Magazine are joining the Ladiez of Essence Non Profit Organization movement to spearhead a fundraising campaign that will launch counseling centers and support stations for women on a national scale. For a donation of $50.00 donors will receive a copy of the latest print issue of either publication. The magazine will include the Ladiez of Essence Non Profit Organization advertisement along with the donor’s name, company, or organization in recognition of their support. Donors will be kept up to date with the ongoing advancements and events by way of email newsletters, advertisements within partner publications, and all other media that has vowed to support the Ladiez of Essence cause.

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