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Composed By L. Simone Hart & Garland L. McLaughlin

With all the busy noises outside it is great to find some relief in the quite solace of the JAVA TALK environment. Being able to concentrate on finishing a complicated project while enjoying the hot beverage of the day quiets the nerves and takes relaxation to a whole other level. Some folks tend to be engaged in their own conversations while others are enjoying the atmosphere. The attentive barista of the establishment is calmly taking orders and paying attention to regular and first time customers. Looking for the obvious coffee drinker is sometimes hard to spot. Some pseudo coffee drinkers like to pretend that they below, while others just go with the flow and enjoy chatting on their web devices keeping track of the day through constant communications that their devices have to offer. For the not so up to speed coffee drinker it is ok that they are merely performing an act. Java talkers come in all shapes and sizes and it is an honor to feel that they want to be accepted by the group. This is an example where

group think is actually a good thing, no one passes judgment on them at the coffee shop. For outsiders it is often hard to relate to the hard core JAVA TALK mentality. Some people wonder why these coffee drinkers so adamant on where they get their coffee refills, or why they prefer going to one location over another? The down home feeling is very important when one is looking to establish their interest in one coffee shop or another. Just like anything in our lives the comforting factors of selecting an establishment are very important. No one returns to an establishment if they are not treated well and treated as a valued customer. Being able to spot trends is very important for the guest of the establishment as well. Participating in JAVA TALK when a venue is busy can be good for some people and not so good for others. Some like to experience a busy venue that is alive and running with excitement, while others like the calm still feeling with soft classical or jazz music playing in the background. And of course some people just like an even blend of both types of settings. In the end everyone knows that the barista performing quality services will rush those correct orders to customers right away and always make the customer feel appreciated for their tips and gratuities.

Dj Keyuni By Garland L. McLaughlin DJ Keyuni is an extraordinary individual who doesn’t mind taking on a little hard work to achieve her goals. Her love for music and people is genuine and she is the first DJ that I have ever heard of that is actually earning her PHD in Public Administration rather than being an honorary doctorate recipient. I had a chance to listen to how DJ Keyuni understands how she can effectively fuse together her careers as a public servant and DJ. “Public Administration looks at the internal workings of businesses politics along with the best interest of the community and stakeholders within the community. To incorporate the two together (DJing and Business Politics) from a business perspective, gives me the opportunity to fully understand what is in the best interest of the client/artist while ensuring that the goals and objective of the business is being met.” From this statement made by DJ Keyuni it is clear that she has a firm grasp on both the business side of music industry as well as the public and community sector. Tying both concepts together to unite communities will not be an easy task, but I’m sure DJ Keyuni will make it look easy.

DJ Keyuni has always had a love for music, her thorough statement says it all. “Yes, I have always had a love for music. My mother and father had a band and a singing group when I was a child, I think the band was called The Lighter Shades of Blackness. I use to sit and watch them rehearse and listen to my mother and the other band members sing. So I know that their love for music was passed on to me. As far as the type of music that I prefer, I really don't have a preference because I like all types of music, I spin R&B, Steppers, and hip hop. I basically play to my targeted audience despite my favorite genre which is house. I am definitely a house head.” As I continued with the interview I asked her how long has it taken her to perfect her craft as a DJ? DJ Keyuni answered, “I would not say that my craft is perfected because nothing is perfect because of the changes within technology, we have to adapt to those changes, therefore, I am learning on a consistent basis new and innovative ways to incorporate these technologies within my craft and still keeping my own style.” In many cases it is very interesting to find out how people have got their start at doing something. The next question I asked DJ Keyuni was what made her first get started in choosing a career to be a DJ? DJ Keyuni answered, “My oldest brother Master D is a DJ and has been for over 30 years. He is the one who got me started as being a DJ. He use to tell me when were younger that I had an ear for music because I use to make beats as a hobby and give them to him. One day he called me and asked me would I be a DJ for his internet radio station, I thought about it and decided to go for it then next thing I know he asked me for an audition mix. I did it and gave it to him and I have been DJing every since.” What makes the profession enjoyable to you? DJ Keyuni stated, “One of the things that I enjoy is the people whom I have crossed paths with. I have met quite a number of celebrities and I have DJ'd a number of parties and comedy shows that my brother has produced. The other thing is watching people who come out to relieve the stress of their day to party, smile and enjoy themselves. That's the biggest thing with me is watching people who are smiling, laughing and having a good time and for those few hours that they are there all of the stress that they have within their personal lives are gone and they are just enjoying themselves in that moment.”

It is obvious DJ Keyuni has a creative side as well as an analytical side, she explains how she makes them work together. “My background comes from being a mental health therapist and working in law enforcement. So I would say that my personality is both creative and analytical, The creative side of me is the central source for any human being, meaning that for me, I use my artistic expression in music, poetry and even my singing to express who I am as a person. Whereas, the analytical side of me likes to get to the bottom of things through problem solving and looking at the big picture by providing suggestions and/or solutions to make it one's reality to make a change or a difference not only within myself but in others that come into my life as well.”

With all of this positive influence I next asked her who is the leading inspirational person in her life that motivates her? DJ Keyuni answered, “The person that inspired me the most was my grandmother who passed in 1991, she was always that person who would tell me that regardless of what life throws your way as long as you believe that you can do it, you can. When I make decisions in my life I can hear her voice saying to me “baby girl, you can do whatever you put your mind to and do not let obstacles and other individuals stop you from achieving your goals in life.” Those words from her have lived with me since her passing. So when people tell me that I am not going to be able to do things, I have a tendency to prove them wrong, I take the negativity of others and turn it into something positive to show them that you can do anything in life and the only thing that holds you back is yourself. We live in a world where people have the mindset of " I can't", " I won't" and " I don't know how" and people do not believe in trying to do things differently because of those negative connotations. Set small goals for yourself and one ultimate goal and as you reach one mark it off and move on to the next goal, one would be surprised how easy it is to reach that ultimate goal that they have set for themselves. I do it all the time and that is how I live my life starting with those short term goals to reach that one ultimate goal.”

This extraordinary female DJ stays pretty busy and active as a professional DJ. “My brother owns his internet radio station with live365 I am on there daily. As far as preparing for the show it really depends on which show I want to do I have several. My shows are called Sensuality, Funk, Fun with Swagga, Old School Soul and Kicking it with Keyuni. Sensuality is R&B and Steppers and Jazz, Funk, Fun, with Swagga is Disco, House and Funk. Old School Soul is the oldies that I grew up on and Kicking it with Keyuni is the show when I combine everything together and do a mix in preparation of my show, I have a habit of playing music for about an hour before my show starts to get myself in the mood, that determines which show I am going to do and when my show starts because I am already in that mode, I have a tendency to zone out and it's all about the music.” Do you have plans on networking with like minded DJs and music professionals? Why or Why not? “I network with DJ's all over the country now and we discuss our craft and things that we believe that we need to perfect and also give each other feedback and constructive criticism on each others mixes and/or shows. We also exchange music and ideas.” Finishing up the interview I with DJ Keyuni I asked her where do you see yourself headed in your profession in the next 5 years? “My plan is to be an adjunct professor on the University level and hopefully having that special person in my life to settle down with and enjoy my grandson and/or future grandchildren that may be present in 5 years. I think I just told my age...LOL.” Maybe, but she is very energetic, determined, and of course youthfully spirited.

By L. Simone Hart

Most of us only dream of becoming what we think others want us to be when we are children. Always seeking positive attention from our peers, elders and educators; as signs we are on the ‘right track’ in life. When asked what do you want to be when you grow up? We answered, a doctor, lawyer, nurse or fireman, because these people are viewed as caretakers, intelligent, unyielding and heroes. Then we have those of us who tap into a greater element unknown of what we are capable of. Some of us walk a path which takes us beyond being on an actual physical clock, but rather creating our own time slots and following ambitious paths of destiny. Well, there are many upsides to growing up and being able to fulfill our own passions, desires, and needs to make a mark on this small world we live in. Having the opportunity to come in contact with a young woman who has fully embraced her fierceness head on with no chaser Fashion/Wardrobe Stylist Ms. Fallon Seaborn is a true delight and a genuine heroine of fashion and styling. She gives me a clear insight on the trials that come with getting your recognition and chance to shine in the fashion world…” I've paid a lot of dues in this fashion game. I've had my work stolen, artist not try to give credit on my work, completely snatch my style and try to claim it as their own. I've had to fight my way through this business for sure. This industry can be challenging at times, but with anything in life you should allow situations to make you better and not bitter! I've learned so much from my mistakes and that in itself has made me a even greater fashion stylist!”


Fallon Seaborn Buyer for: The Shoe Box Location: 5426 Highway 280 Ste. 7 Hoover, AL 35242 Grand Opening: May 25, 2013 Instagram: @fallon6 Twitter: @iamfallon Instagram for THE SHOE BOX: @theshoebox2013 Twitter for THE SHOE BOX: @theshoebox2013

Her refreshing and colorful approach to her work is compelling and true to whomever she is creating styles for. Ms. Fallon’s clients are always her number one priority, making sure they are comfortable, but ultra fab is a major focus of hers. This is what she had to say on that. “The style that I love to see on my clients the most is anything that is authentic! I love seeing people feeling free and comfortable. When you look good and feel good at the same time that to me is the epitome of TRUE STYLE!” And she couldn’t be more correct about it! A great stylist always…always…always listens to what their client is into, because as the saying goes forced fashion never works. So, I was a little more curious about how Ms. Fallon finds her inspiration to keep up with trends and staying so creative. She answered, “To be completely honest I get the question of finding inspiration all the time! My biggest inspiration comes from people! I love people and I love what I do! Each individual person inspires me in the direction I want to take them as far as style and fashion is concerned.”

Ok so it’s so obvious that when you are the best at what you do, the right people tend to take notice. Fallon shares with me a little taste of who she has worked with on past projects… “I've worked with race car driver and Speed net work star Nicole Lyons, r&b singer Dwele, boxer Tommy Hearns, comedian Katt Williams, comedian Leslie Jones, VH1 TV personality Deelishis and Karlie Redd, pop artist Frankie Finch, pop artist EZ to name a few,” but she’s not stopping there, so haters don’t get comfortable oh no, straight to the top she exclaims. “I WANT TO WORK FOR BEYONCE!!! Anyone who knows me knows that's my dream! I love her!!!” In a business that is at times very challenging Ms. Fallon continues to challenge herself… she explains just how she strives to be the best at what she does. “One way I challenge myself to excel is writing my goals down and keeping them visible daily! Once I accomplish something, I move on to the next project! When I don't accomplish a goal at the set time, I look at one of my Beyonce posters and say, "what would she do!" Then I get back to work!....LOL (But true)”

Ms. Fallon draws from a long line of inspirational figures. It was interesting to learn who these individuals are. “I have so many influential people that inspire and encourage me to continually pursue my career. One of my biggest influences was fashion stylist Brea Stinson! I love Brea! She's from my hometown Detroit Michigan. I saw a magazine article about her being a fashion stylist in New York! I read her article when I was running a men’s boutique in Michigan! I was so inspired! I remember buying the magazine and looking at it all the time! I told myself from that day I wanted to move out of the state and pursue my career. Another fashion stylist that I love is June Ambrose, Rachel Zoe, Patricia Fields, Keyshia Dior and this stylist from Miami called Malik. I love their movement in the industry and all of their styles are crazy DOPE!” Her influential guidance started from the beginning of her career and has shaped her interests in style and fashion right from the start. “I started in the business of fashion styling when I was a young teenager. I started working for one of the biggest boutiques in Michigan at the age of 16 a store called the Broadway. I worked under some of the best stylists in the business. They taught me so much about perfecting my craft in styling both men and women. One gentleman by the name of Dennis Greene really took me under his wing and helped mold me. He taught me about being fearless when it came to style and always be true to what I felt as an artist. When I turned 24 I decided to move to Los Angeles and start my own fashion company. I moved with $400.00 dollars in my pocket and told myself, God has you so just go!" Ms. Fallon also has plans to launch her own fashion line… in the mean time she is overcoming some obstacles that have temporarily put those plans on hold. “The only obstacle I would say on launching my own line was having the right team that was all on the same page! I don't draw or sew. I needed people that really understood my vision. My new team that I have is amazing and a lot of goodies will be released soon!” So where do you see yourself in 5 years? “5 years from now I will have my products out in the market that I'm working on with my team. I won't spill the beans yet because all my contracts aren't signed as of yet! My hard core followers know what my products will be though;) One thing I will say is, my products will help both women and men! My clothing line will be out for women and my style game is going to be on another galaxy! By this summer I will be dropping so many gems for my supporters they are going to be in for a true treat,” Ms. Fallon answered.

Fresh From The Cover: Fallon Seaborn -Fashion Stylist

Punky Clean Your Room - Book Review By Garland L. McLaughlin This is a very interesting children’s book that instills life lessons and values to live by. Learning these values starts at a very young ages, the author as well as the illustrator show exactly how to approach teaching children how to be responsible. It is not easy these days to share with children exactly how much responsibility will play a role in their lives. With all of the distractions that surround us in the world kids often times just want to focus on being kids and put important things in their life on hold. When a child learns that it is the responsible thing to do by making sure they are tidy and ready for the next thing to do they are practicing good hygiene and time management skills. Sure a lot of us may come up with the old saying “back in my day this is how things were done”… but we all got a little off task sometimes and had to adjust to being responsible children. For me punishment was the answer and often kept me fully aware of the consequences of not having my room cleaned and in order by certain days of the week. I am very grateful for these lessons which I have been able to carry with me throughout my life. Without them my house and more importantly my life would be a total mess. The colorful illustrations and storyline is classic and is recommended for households of all races and creeds. It shows us all that there are many types of children in the world, but like most children they all behave in the same manner. The bottom line and moral behind this colorful adventure is that children need to do what they are supposed to do before they consider having fun. It is ok to have fun, but make sure it is done in the appropriate manner and during the appropriate time. It is also highly recommend that readers pick up a copy of the book on or any other online platform that caters to independent publishers. It will instill values that children can grow into.

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Taste, service, atmosphere and comfort are all key components in an enjoyable evening out on the town, lunch, brunch or business meetings food often times plays a major role in these events. Exquisite Cuisine has conducted reviews on a know restaurant and maybe one you’ve never heard of. All in all we want to keep you in the loop of what’s hot, fresh and a cookin’ up a sumthin’ nice!

This establishment known as the “Cook Out” seems to be a North Carolina favorite among fast food restaurant chains. With their right off the grill style and combination menu it sure seems like a real down home cook out that you can just drive up to. The menu variety will have customers who are not so familiar with this fast food chain in awe with the number of choices that they actually have. The pricing is reasonable and portions are very filling leaving you full for hours.

Sonny’s is one of those types of restaurant that you just can’t get enough of. With their all you can eat daily dinner specials families can find themselves in this establishment for another of hours not realizing that they have eating a number of plates of food. The pricing resembles that of a restaurant buffet style, but the only difference is the food is directly delivered to the customers table. The service is excellent and it is worth the price that customers pay, they even let you have a take out box for your last plate of food that you have delivered to your table.

Giving a gratuity was easy, as stated before the service was excellent and the food selection was excellent. The atmosphere is a real down home kind of feeling where everyone is just enjoying themselves and having a great time being there.

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We as women have faced many challenges in order to receive equality, justice and recognition for our accomplishments. Exquisite Fusion Magazine is always a beacon of light for women related issues and topics. Here at our newest section of the magazine Ladies Rock Session we want to encourage women of all types to share their stories of Ladyrockness! Stay connected with our ladies on their journeys and stories or triumph, trials and successes stories. You never know it could be you we are talking with next!

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Exquisite Fusion Magazine - May - June 2013 Issue  
Exquisite Fusion Magazine - May - June 2013 Issue  

This issue features fashion stylist Fallon Seaborn... Dj Keyuni ... The Foodie Edition & More!