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Chickenpox is a contagious disease caused by the varicella zoster virus, a virus of the herpesvirus family. It is one of the classic diseases of childhood, than in children is usually mild but in adolescents and adults at increased risk for complications. The illness lasts about a week.


Chickenpox can vers at any time of year, although it is more frecuenente in winter and spring in paise where distinct seasons but is very common throughout the year, mainly in the temperate and cold in the Middle countries where there are no seasons fully differentiated.


In healthy children is usually enough with a series of drugs to alleviate symptoms, it is advisable to give children with chickenpox, since ibuprofen can cause infections.

It is important to isolate the patient during the contagious phase of those people who have not had the disease, especially those at greatest risk as the elderly, pregnant women and even teenagers.


Varicella vaccine (active immunization) It is a very effective vaccine, especially against the most severe forms of chickenpox. Immunoglobulin (passive immunization) It is used to prevent the disease in high-risk groups who have had contact with chickenpox and can not be vaccinated, such as pregnant women, immunosuppressed or newborns whose mothers have not had chickenpox.



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