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Monica O’Brien Visual Communications June 18, 2014

Natalie Phelps - NHS  Natalie

is the president of our school’s chapter of the National Honors Society. She was newly elected by the NHS members a month ago. Her role is to lead the group in our meetings, activities, and community service. These photos were taken at Natalie’s first NHS meeting as president.


Natalie is in charge of making the agendas for all of the NHS meetings. She talks to Mr.Salmonsen about what we will discuss at the meetings. She then prioritizes, types it up, and prints an agenda for all of the NHS members.

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Breakfast NHS meetings take place at 7 am. As the president, Natalie asked the officers to bring in something for breakfast. Due to her successful leadership, there was plenty of food for everyone to enjoy during the meeting! Even Natalie got to have some.

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During the meetings, Natalie takes notes on the things we talk about. It is important that she stays organized with dates and times of events, who volunteers to do what, and the decisions we make as a group.

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Other Officers Click icon to add picture Natalie consults other officers to speak on their responsibilities. Here you see the flocking coordinator, Katie McKeon speaking to the group about our flocking recruitment. Natalie is standing by with her pen to record important information that Katie provides.

Listening Click icon to add picture One important decision we had to make at this meeting was what our major fundraiser will be next year. Being successful leader, Natalie listens to the ideas of all the members.

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Natalie then talks to Mr. Salmonsen his opinions for the fundraiser. Our advisor and our members bring up good points that she may not have thought about.

Voting Click icon to add picture After we have narrowed it down to two ideas, we vote. Everyone puts their heads down so that the voting is anonymous. Natalie counts these votes along with hers.

The Verdict Click icon to add picture Natalie records the winning idea on the board for all the members to see when they lift their heads. The winning fundraiser: a Mr. Webo pageant!


Next up on Natalie’s agenda: T-shirts. The T-shirt displayed on the right is our old NHS T-shirt. Natalie facilitates the discussion as everyone voices their opinion on T-shirts. People have conflicting ideas on style, color, and design; however, Natalie is able to guide the group successfully.

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More voting Click icon to add picture Natalie then conducts a more casual vote. This way, everyone sees that it was done in a fair way. And a decision is made in a timely manor.

Natalie Phelps – Student Council  Natalie

is also the vice president of the West Boylston High School Student Council. As VP, Natalie assists the president and is in charge of taking attendance at all meetings and events. She is also part of the Executive Board along with all the other officers and the class presidents. These photos were taken at the interviews for next year’s student council delegates.

Mail Boxes Click icon to add picture Before each meeting, Natalie checks her mail box for any important paperwork or notices. Today, she found the interview questions where should would be taking notes on each candidate. The attendance book is also stored in her mailbox.

Attendance Click icon to add picture Natalie is taking attendance for this mandatory interview process. It is important that she keeps track of who shows up to meetings and events to ensure full participation from all members of the council. If a member misses too many things, Natalie issues them a warning.

Natalie is asking a potential delegate one of her prepared questions. The answers to these questions help decide if the interviewees are going to be a good addition to student council.

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Diligence Click icon to add picture Finally, before she leaves, Natalie checks the student council calendar, so she can keep up with current events. Here, she is noticing that the first day of school is August 27th next year.

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Photographer: Monica O'Brien Subject: Natalie Phelps

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