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Monica Truax: Highly-Skilled Professional As a student in both high school and college, Monica Truax has continually demonstrated a desire to achieve academic excellence. As someone currently pursuing an MBA, Monica Truax hopes to commit that same dedication and desire to the establishment of a professional career.

Monica Truax: Family Comes First Monica Truax is dedicated to a successful business career, yet she believes that family and loved ones come before anything else. Monica Truax enjoys the company of her family and fun she often has during family gatherings and events. Monica Truax works hard to achieve academic excellence, but she works twice as hard to maintain strong and healthy relationships with the members of her family. She is committed to her family and her friends.

Monica Truax: Skilled High School Athlete Though Monica Truax is currently enjoying a successful academic career at Willamette University, she often looks back fondly on her time as a high school athlete. Monica Truax was a talented varsity soccer and basketball player at Corvallis High School, as well as a proven team leader. Monica Truax exhibited strong athletic prowess and was able to enjoy both success as both an athlete and an academic at Corvallis.

Monica Truax: Career Ambition Monica Truax is full of career ambition, and is intent on establishing a long and successful career in the field of business. Currently a student at Willamette University, Monica Truax is dedicated to her studies, and is well on her way to a MBA. Monica Truax has already established a successful student career at Oregon State University, earning membership in the National Honors Society and a place in the Alpha Kappa Psi business fraternity.

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Monica Truax