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The purpose of putting yellow sticks along the construction areas where part of the soils are being dig hence it is very dangerous for the workers or anybody who are accessing the construction that they may accidentaly fall into that area.

In the second picture, bellow the concrete bricks there is a waterproof membrane. It is very important part of the construction as it acts as barrier between the concrete bricks and water from The metal stuff in the entering the structure. third picture are found to be the reinforment for the beam bottom so that it creates a stronger structure. Reinforcement beam is stronger in terms of compression.

First site: Ormond Theology Centre Reception

I was explained that the columns in this site are in situ which means that these columns are made in the site. This is so probably because there was no enough space for the crane to carry the large columns into the site.

The roof of the building cantilevered which means that it is hanging out from the building the picture on the left. It was designed to flow the water not any other way but down towards the ground.

There is a box gutter in this building which I’m not really sure how exactly it looks like but in my imagination, it looks like the picture that I drew and it might be located in the middle of the building’s roof where it collects all water falling to the roof and the water will flow down to the ground through the pipe.

The soffit of the roof in this building is found to have a drip that force the water from penetrating into the roof so that it will not leave any stain.

There were different beams found in the building in terms of their sizes. The bigger ones which are located outside the glass which act as the stronger support of the structure, while the small ones are pretty much located inside the Centre.

Second Site: MSLE Building (Link Between Buildings) There are few things to consider even before building this building. As it is located in the middle of two buildings which I am not wrong between the MSLE student centre and a Chemistry Laboratorium. While building, there is a need to be really careful not to make too much pressure to both buildings because it may create crack or other consequences.

The interesting part I found on this building is that the wall outside beside the glass automatic door is actually made of material which is usually use in roof. Other than that, inside this building, there are huge pipes coming out from the wall on the right which was explained that those pipies are designed for the air flow because the right building is a chemistry lab.

Box gutter was found to be in this particular building too and there is also a visible pipe along the site of the building.


Third Site: Queens College Extention

Round gutter or flat gutter is found on this building. I am really unsure about the name of this type of gutter but the sketch that I made shows the gutter to catch water and it will direct the water to flow through the pipe just like the box gutter.

This building has a timber frame structure. It may not be very clear from the first picture but I think it looks something like the sketch I made. Framing acts as the basic structure for the building where there will be concrete slab or other construction material covering the structure. Hence it creates a stable structure.

GLOSSARY WEEK 1: BUCKLING Definition: Buckling can be simply explain as the failure of a sturture member to high compression force. This might have negative consequence as it might cause the structure to collapse. But on the other hand, it might be an advantage for some of the structure because it allow flexibility for the structure.

Week 2: FOOTINGS Definition: According to the reading Building Constrction Illustrated by Ching, footings are the lowest foundation structure that allow the load which applied to them to be distributed over an area of soil.

WEEK 3: WATERPROOF MEMBRANE Definition: It acts as a coating or covering for the structure to stop water from entering the structure of the building.

All the images on the right are from GOOGLE.

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