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Location: Heckscher Park, Huntington The largest festival of its kind in the Northeast, the t Long Island Fall Festival at Huntington’s Heckscher Park has become the premiere event for family fun. Brought to you by the Huntington Township Chamber of Commerce and the Town of Huntington, this event is held annually and a attracts tens of thousands of families from all over the Tri-state area. Attractions include: four stages of entertainment, a world-class carnival, hundreds of vvendors, international food courts, beer and wine tent, and nnumerous activities designed especially for young children. Underwritten completely through corporate sponsorships, admission to the public is FREE.


prouD to Volunteer for the huntinGton liGhthouse

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Researching our Lighthouse and It’s Keepers As the Historian for the Huntington Lighthouse, my research takes me down all sorts of interesting pathways. The fun part is that you never know what strange or interesting facts you will uncover Our very first keeper of the Lloyd Harbor lighthouse, Abiathar Johnson was found listed in the 1850 census. His occupation is listed as ‘Coaster’ a term used for seamen who plied the local waters. In the 1870 census he’s an ‘Oyster and clam man’. He must have been successful in this pursuit because his name appears in the ‘ Long Islander’ newspaper as part of the board of directors of a ferry company transporting passengers from the Northport dock to Manhattan. We’ve also found a note in the ‘long Islander’ of November 28, 1884,that Neale Ward of Staten Island, went on duty at the Lloyd Neck Lighthouse. Less than a year later, Oct. 9, 1885 he was transferred to the Norwalk Lighthouse.. He remains a bit of a mystery, as we know nothing about him except for his name. Mr. Ward, in turn, was replaced by Robert McGlone. Mr. McGlone was born in Brooklyn in 1856 His obituary states that he was stationed at Easton’s Neck Lighthouse before coming to the Lloyd Neck Lighthouse. . He was appointed as acting light keeper for the Lloyd Harbor Lighthouse on September 26, 1885. On July 9, 1886 he receives his permanent appointment to this position. He serves at the old lighthouse and then continues at the new lighthouse until Jan 31, 1919. He, his wife and their five children lived in the original lighthouse. Although he is mentioned numerous times in the newspapers of the day, he seems well hidden in census records. He is not listed in 1890 or 1900 By the 1910 census, his family has split up, with only two children living with him. Much to my surprise, his name is listed as ‘Archie’ McGlone. in this document. Why Archie? Was that his middle name, and why did he suddenly use it? He died in mid February of 1919, just two weeks after his retirement.. We cannot talk about the history of our lighthouse without giving special mention to Augusta ‘Gussie’ Harrigan. In 1900 when Robert

McGlone’s wife died, Gussie came into his life as his housekeeper. While Robert McGlone worked in the lighthouse, Gussie took care of his children and did housekeeping chores. When Robert McGlone died in 1919, Gussie was allowed to live in the old lighthouse as a caretaker. She remained there until 1925 when she moved into ‘town.’ By this time all the McGlone children were grown and had left the ‘lighthouse.’ Did you know …. Lighthouse keepers were required to keep a ‘log’, a list of daily events. Each keeper had his own style. On the left side of this log was a day by day listing of the weather. On the right side, the keeper could write any ‘interesting’ happenings. It is here that we learn about visits by the supply boat and by inspectors, Some keepers recorded their daily maintenance routine which usually included some form of painting of the lighthouse. We are lucky to have a copy of the Keepers Log for the years 1874 to 1891. If you visit us, please ask to see a portion of it. Here are a few samples from 1889: Jan 31: Painted steps to lantern, Feb. 7 Harbor Frozen over Feb. 12 Whitewashed Kitchen (walls) Feb. 25 Painted kitchen floor. March 11 Lighthouse tender ‘John Rogers’ arrives with the inspector. Station inspected 5 PM. September 1895… “Application has been made for the digging of a deep channel through the western portion of Lloyd’s Harbor and the digging of a canal across the narrow neck of land that separates that body of water from Cold Spring Harbor.” July 19, 1902…. Robert McGlone, keeper of the Lloyd Harbor Lighthouse caught a shark, more than five feet long in his gill net that was set off the lighthouse? The pay for a light house keeper in 1901 was $600. (that works out to $11.60 a week) The original lighthouse of 1857 had only its light to warn boats of the dangerous low water and rocks in the area. It was not until the new lighthouse was built that a fog bell was added. The fog horn was not added until the 1940’s.

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In 1857, a lighthouse was built on the tip of Lloyd Neck to assist ships in finding shelter in Lloyd Harbor. This first lighthouse, the Lloyd Harbor Light, did little to assist ships entering the adjoining Huntington Harbor. In 1912, a new lighthouse was constructed to serve both harbors. The Huntington Lighthouse, built in a unique Beaux Arts style, resembled a small castle and was the first poured reinforced concrete lighthouse built on the East Coast. The Huntington Lighthouse was manned by the U.S. Lighthouse Service from 1912-1939. It was then left vacant, but was supervised by U.S. Coast Guard. It was fully automated in 1949. The Huntington Lighthouse gradually began to deteriorate, and, in 1984 the Coast Guard, deciding it was too expensive to repair, considered demolishing it and replacing it with a steel tower. In 1985, local resident Janis Harrington founded Save Huntington’s Lighthouse, Inc. to preserve the lighthouse from demolition. The group is the first in the country to successfully take over and restore an offshore lighthouse. In 2003, The Huntington Lighthouse Preservation Society began offering tours of the Huntington Lighthouse, allowing the public to see the rich history and value of its preservation. It is the only offshore lighthouse on Long Island that is regularly open to the public. The Lighthouse Preservation Society needs to raise a minimum of $250,000 in order to receive matching funds from an approved grant by New York State. That will allow it $400,000 to complete much needed restoration work. The Huntington Lighthouse needs 650 tons of rip rap, which are three to five-ton boulders, to protect the concrete at its base and landing, which is being eroded away at high tide. The base is vulnerable to waves and heavy boat traffic in the harbor, as well as easterly storms. The rip rap will help keep the force of the waves from wearing away at the basic structure. The cost of the required rip rap is estimated at $350,000. The Huntington Lighthouse is available for corporate meetings and private gatherings for a donation. The space accommodates up to 50 guests. For more information, visit

Calling all teens between the ages of 14-20!

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Lloyd Harbor / Huntington Harbor Lighthouse History

1716 1847 1854 1857


1861 1861 1867 1869 1878 1882 1884 1885 1892 1893 1897 1905 1907 1910 1910 1910 1912 1912 1915 1919 1919 1924

First Lighthouse in the United States; Built on Brewster Island in Boston Harbor. US Government purchases 5 acres of land on Lloyd’s Neck from Jonah Denton US Congress appropriates $4,000 for the construction of a lighthouse on Lloyd’s Neck Original light constructed on the Southern tip of Lloyd’s Neck. Its purpose, to help ships find refuge in Lloyd Harbor The lighthouse was a two-story, white wooden building with 11 rooms, an attic, and an offset white brick structure with a 5th Order Fresnel lens. November 15 - Lloyd Harbor Light Station illuminated. It consists of a 5th Order lens and a fixed white light. Abiathar Johnson (1806 -1888) is the first keeper. Census records list his occupation as ‘coaster,’ a person who moves (sails) along the coast making local deliveries of cargo May 17 - A. Ponticall replaces Abiathar Johnson. He serves as keeper for 6 months. A. Johnson (possibly Abiathar?) Serves as keeper until May 4, 1869 Congress sets maximum pay for Lighthouse keepers at $600 per year. This stays in effect until 1917 This averages out to $11.53 per week George R. Johnson is keeper from April 22, 1874 to November 1878 November - Neal Ward keeper until October 1885 at a salary of $500 per year. He then goes on to becomes keeper at Norwalk (CT) light Oct. 12 - The Lighthouse Board authorizes the light be changed from white to red. Uniforms authorized for all Lighthouse keepers. Robert McGlone assigned as keeper. He will remain as keeper at the original lighthouse and then move to the new lighthouse and serves until January 31, 1919. Sept. 20 - New breakwater erected to protect lighthouse and keepers house. Fixed red light (from ‘Report of Lighthouse board) More rip rap added to protect the Lloyd Harbor Light Station Huntington residents submit a petition requesting a 2nd lighthouse at the entrance to Huntington Harbor March 7 - Congress approves $40,000 to erect and furnish a new lighthouse US Lighthouse service contracts with the Charles Meade Co. to build a new lighthouse at the entrance to Huntington Harbor to mark an outcrop of rocks, approximately ½ mile offshore. Sept. 29 - Permission granted to set the crib (base) approximately 80 feet Northeast of proposed site because of a rock ledge, not allowing the crib to be floated to originally planned site Sept. 30 - After an eight day delay, the crib is set in place. Jan. 11 - Fog bell to strike once every 10 seconds (from ‘Report of Lighthouse board) June 16 - Lloyd Harbor light had been removed from old lighthouse and re-lit in the new lighthouse on this day at 7:42pm. First practical Fog Horns are introduced. John Grimes serves as keeper from Feb. 1, 1919 to March 31, 1919 Marvin Burnham is appointed keeper. He serves from March 31, 1919 to Sept. 3, 1926 June 19 - An act of Congress transfers ownership of the land occupied by the old Lloyd Harbor Lighthouse (Lighthouse Reservation) to the New York State Park

1925 1926 1928 1928 1929 1930 1933 1936 1938 1939 1947 1949 1950 1954 1973 1974 1985 1986 1987 1988 1996 2002 2003 2005 2006

Commission The ‘old’ lighthouse is discontinued as keepers residence. Because it is deserted, it is continually damaged by vandals. James Galler appointed keeper. He serves from Oct. 1, 1926 to March 31, 1928. Andrew Zuius, Jr. was appointed keeper. He serves from April 1, 1928 to March 14, 1929 March 21 - New York State transfers ownership of the Lloyd Harbor Lighthouse Reservation to the Town of Huntington Emil J. Brunner appointed keeper. He serves from March 14, 1929 to July 1, 1930 Joseph DuBois appointed keeper. He was 2nd Assistant keeper at Sakonnet Lighthouse, RI from 1927 to 1929. He serves from July 1, 1930 to June 30, 1933 Robert Howard appointed keeper. He serves from July 1, 1933 to Dec. 31, 1935 Arthur Bouder appointed keeper. He serves from Jan. 1, 1936 to March 31, 1938. In 1936(?) He rescues Albert Einstein from Huntington Harbor when his boat overturns. Richard J. White is appointed keeper. He serves from April 1, 1938 to June 30, 1942. July 7 - Coast Guard takes over the Lighthouse service. From this point on, the Lighthouse keepers are members of the Coast Guard. November 12 The original (1857) lighthouse is destroyed by fire. Newspapers report that careless hunters started a fire in one of the fireplaces to stay warm, and it caused the fire. Coast Guard automates The Huntington Harbor Lighthouse Red flashing light, every 2.5 seconds (from ‘Report of Lighthouse board) Fixed red light (from ‘Report of Lighthouse board) Fixed white light (from ‘Report of Lighthouse board) Flashing white light (from ‘Report of Lighthouse board) Save Huntington Lighthouse, Inc (SHLH) formed under the direction of Janis Harrington. It was a community response to the Coast Guard who wanted to demolish the lighthouse and replace it with a steel tower. June 1 - First Fund raiser for the Save Huntington’s Light House held at Tee Tee’s Landing. John Barry donates a totally new roof! We are on our way! Huntington Lighthouse placed on the National Register of Historic Places. Steel Pier was installed as a gift from the US Coast Guard. Formal tours of the yet unfinished lighthouse begin. Visitors step over and around scaffolding and materials, but are able to see the work that has been done. Ramp and Float was installed making access easy. Having ‘saved’ the lighthouse, the group is renamed ‘Huntington Lighthouse Preservation Society, Inc.’ Its goal is to further preserve and maintain the Lighthouse May 14 & 15 - First Long Island Lighthouse Challenge Can you visit 9 Long Island lighthouses and one museum in two days? Power cables from land to the lighthouse begin to fail. Coast Guard inspects the lighthouse and installs three small solar panels to temporarily keep the light going. Full size solar panels will be installed at a later date, as replacing the cable is not cost effective

2006 2nd LI Lighthouse challenge 2007 3rd LI Lighthouse challenge 2007 August - Coast Guard starts installation of stands for solar panels. They also replace the old electric panels and wiring in the watch room. 2007 Sept. 1 - Our first Lighthouse Musicfest! 5 bands and a few hours later, we’ve reached our goal of giving back to the boating community and we organized it and pulled it together in 6 weeks! We’ve also raised some funds to continue the restoration of the lighthouse and started a tradition. 2007 October - Coast Guard installs solar panels on watch-deck roof to power the light and the fog horn. They also replace the smaller batteries with large wet-cell batteries with enough power to run both the light and the fog horn. 2008 May 17 & 18 - 4th, ( and last) Lighthouse challenge. 2008 Music Fest 2 – Had it on the rain date! But all was well. Six bands and more boaters make it a success. Ye Olde Pirate Brotherhood add to the festivities and put on a great show for the boating public. We get a ‘fly over’ by a group of WWII military planes. 2009 Music Fest 3 goes off without a hitch. We’re getting good at this have it almost down to a science. More bands and boats galore! Lots of great work completed t the lighthouse on the interior. 2010 Music Fest 4 A stressful one….on the heels of a hurricane but turned out to be a Tropical Storm. Many boars from neighboring states are in attendance. Approx. 700 boats. 2010 Friday, Nov. 27 first ‘Lighted Boat Parade’ takes place in Huntington Harbor. 2011 June 3, 4, & 5 - ‘Boatyard Cabaret’, our first on land major fund raising event. Fabulous event and much success! Risa Finkel was a star in the first ever cabaret show in the boatyard at Coneys Marine. 2011 Another successful Music Fest!!! 2011 October Coast Guard removes the 500mm lens / light assembly and replaces it with a new LED light system. 2011 Lighted Boat Parade 2. 2011 Fall of this year we apply for a NY State Historic Preservation Grant in the amount of $250,000.00 to do the much needed foundation and Rip Rap work. 2012 WOW! We got the grant! Now we have to raise $250,000.00 in matching funds in order to receive the money. Lots of fundraising ahead. Estimates for this work is as high as $500,000.00 2012 Lots of changes in the organization starting with an all new website. Had our first ever volunteer mixer at Honu – fabulous success and met some terrific new volunteers! 2012 June 16th was the 100th Birthday Party for the lighthouse. The light was lit that night at 8:42pm. It was the most incredible party in the history of this organization. *Thank you David Tunney of Oldfields Restaurant in Greenlawn. 2012 Present: Lots of great things happening! Incredible media attention this year. Made it into Car and Travel, Huffington Post, Newsday, and a host of other newspapers and magazines! And now today, the 6th Annual Lighthouse Musicfest!

heAL Bodies ~ AWAKen Minds ConneCt heArts ~ serVe our CoMMunitY

Salutes and Congratulates Pam Setchell And The Amazing Huntington Lighthouse Volunteers Who Work Tirelessly To Protect, Restore And Promote Our Beautiful And Historic “Little Castle In The Harbor” You have served as a beacon, proving how a

small group of caring community members can make a tremendous impact for the good of all.

Congratulations and 100 more years of Rip-Rap Rockin’ ! 125 West shore rd • huntington


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COMMUNITY SERVICE PROJECT Are you involved in boating? Do you need community service for high school or college? If so, we need your help at the Musicfest! A new program is starting on the waterfront to give teens an opportunity to earn community service credit. If you are available on Labor Day Weekend, join us. Volunteer prior, during and after this wonderful event.

NEEDED: 짜 Young captains with the permission to use a family inflatable to help collect donations from boats in the mooring field during the course of the concert. (Valid Boating Safety Certification) 짜 Responsible teens (14 or older) to assist on the inflatable. 짜 Strong bodies to help move and load equipment to the lighthouse and move and load equipment after the musicfest. 짜 Parental Permission

Huntington Lighthouse Preservation Society


September 1, 2012 contact: MJ Maione 631-223-6721 email:

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MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ALL EMERGENCY EQUIPMENT ON BOARD Are Life Jackets out and ready for use? Are there enough Fire Extinguishers? Distress Signals on Board? Sound Producing Device? Appropriate Anchor and sufficient anchor line? Are your navigation lights working?

DO YOU HAVE OTHER SAFETY EQUIPMENT ON BOARD? VHF Radio, First Aid Kit, Bailer, Tools and Spare Parts


Do you have enough fuel and oil? 1/3 fuel rule. Is the engine working properly? Is the Boat Plug in? Is your Gear properly stowed?


Do they know where the emergency equipment is and how to use it? Do they know how to work the VHF radio? Do they know how to start/stop the boat?


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Happy Anniversary to Us!

Late 2011 to present has been a year of much excitement and celebration. We began celebrating our 100th Anniversary at the beginning of the year and haven’t stopped yet! We continued with our ongoing maintenance of the lighthouse but put our efforts into several fabulous new events to raise money and awareness. There have been many visiting professionals to look over our very serious foundation and Rip Rap issues. We took the time to step back and look over our beautiful lighthouse and analyze how far we have come and where we need to go in the next 5 years. We started hung our wreath a little earlier to coincide with the second Huntington Harbor Parade of Lights. It was a huge success and brought the festivities to many of our non-boating neighbors on land. Our Christmas wreath has become a tradition that must continue. In order for this to be a success we must thank several groups of people for this yearly event. First thanks to Martin Viette Nursery for greening the 12 foot frame donated by Sound Marine with beautiful fresh pine. Second, to the brave guys from the Huntington Harbormasters office who supply us with a warm boat to use as our transport, and who also supply most of the muscle with some of our volunteers and Mike from Seatow to get this 12 foot, 500lb wreath in place. Without them, we would not be able to give this present to the very lateseason boaters who pass the lighthouse so often. Another special person to thank is Adam Goldstein! For the past three years he has added

Christmas lights and a Chanukah Menorah in the window of the lighthouse. He figured out how to take regular 110 Christmas lights and re-wire them to work from a solar panel and a 12 volt battery! The darn lights stay lit from Thanksgiving until March! Our foundation and Rip-Rap Issues are more serious than ever. This year we were generously awarded a $250,000 MATCHING grant, which means that we will receive the grant if we, as a group, can raise the matching $250,000. As you can imagine, this is a daunting task! We are working diligently to raise the money but we need your help! Our tours are more popular than ever, with more people ‘visiting’ us each year. If you haven’t taken a tour of the lighthouse, there are two more tours this season. If you can’t make it, check our website at next spring and check the 2013 schedule. If you’re looking for a different Christmas present to give a boating friend, make sure to stop by before the tours end this season and pick up a sweatshirt or some Lighthouse Merchandise. Want a unique place to have a small party…The lighthouse is it! Your guests will never forget it! We don’t know how it happens, but every time we’ve needed some special help at the light, someone, as if by magic appears. Some of our saviours are the whole crew at Coneys Marine… whether it’s to lend us an extra fender for the dock, to help us with a boat when ours is out of commission, or to

take care of our boat in an emergency, they know when to appear with their magic touch. They are truly amazing. We can’t forget the Coast Guard who help us with some of the repairs and maintenance at the light. They’ve installed a better, brighter light for our little Castle on the Bay. We are sure you have seen it in your travels. Fund-raising is a necessary part of this labor of love. We have tried to make it fun but sometimes it doesn’t seem so! Every penny donated to the lighthouse, whether it be cash, buying a ticket to one of our events or purchasing a brick for our walkway, goes right back into the lighthouse. If you own a house on the water, you know what salt air can do to it. Now, imagine a house sitting totally surrounded by water with no one living in it to deal with the everyday problems. In early spring we check the lighthouse to see what damage mother nature has brought upon us. Over the past years we’ve noticed that the rip-rap, the rocks around the lighthouse, has moved. This is due partially to the bay freezing and thawing, and partially due to the wakes of passing boats. This past year, the rip-rap has moved enough that we can see damage to the concrete base of the lighthouse. Yes, it has been going on, undetected, for years, but now we can finally see it and it’s not pretty. The repairs will be costing many, many thousands of dollars that we do not yet have ($400,000 to be exact!). The frantic fund-raising continues. The history of the Huntington Harbor Lighthouse is not just the building, but also includes the men who were its keepers. Several years ago, we were in contact with a lady who is related to Abiatha Johnson, the second keeper of the old lighthouse. ( 1857 1869) This year we have been contacted by family members of Robert McGlone, keeper of both the old and the new lighthouse from 1888 to 1919, and of Arthur Bouder who served from January of 1936 to

March of 1938. Through these people we are able to fill in bits of information about our keepers. If you are related to any of our keepers, have photos of them, photos of the inside of the lighthouse prior to 1960, we would love to have copies, or better yet, hiresolution scans of them. If you’re not sure how to do this, we can do it for you. While giving tours, we speak of Robert McGlone and the other keepers as if we knew them, but as of now, we only have photos of one keeper, Marvin Burnham who served at the Lighthouse from March 31, 1919 to September 3, 1926. Check our website and Facebook pages to see what's happening!!

SPOT THE LIGHTHOUSE!!! Did you ever notice how many places use the lighthouse as their logo and inspiration??? Email your photos or post them on our facebook page!!!


Huntington Lighthouse and Salutes our Sailing Olympian

Erik Storck

KA &


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Question: What does a lighthouse need for its 100th birthday?

Answer: For 2,500 of its closest friends to give a gift of $100 to ensure that its light will shine on for another 100 years! Help The Huntington Lighthouse Live On Forever! Rip-RAp mAtching gRAnt fund The Huntington Lighthouse Preservation Society has been awarded a New York State Historic Preservation matching grant in the amount of $250,000 to help pay for seriously needed foundation repairs and reinforcement. It is imperative that additional rip-rap (granite stone) be placed at the base for protection from constant erosion, wave action and weather damage. Every dollar that you donate will be matched by the State of New York for completion of this endeavour to allow our light to shine for the next 100 years.

Thank You For Your Support! Checks made payable to:

huntington Lighthouse pReseRvAtion society , inc. (Rip-RAp fund) po Box 2454, halesite, ny 11743 A 501-3C NON-PROFIT ORGANIZATION

Happy 100th Anniversary To the Huntington Lighthouse From your friends at The Head of the Bay Club 191 Bay Road, Huntington, New York 11743 (631)427-5555

Kaiser Marine Services

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Help Pave the Way to Preservation. Don’t just sail by the Huntington Lighthouse, when you can literally pave the way to its preservation. ImmoRTALIzE YouR BuSINESS, ASSoCIATIoN, CLuB oR FAmILY NAmE IN SToNE AT THE BASE oF THE LIgHTHouSE if you’re a boater then you already know the importance of the Huntington lighthouse. This beacon, however, is more than just a navigational aid. Many local businesses and even the town consider it to be so significant that they have adopted its likeness as a proud symbol to represent them. For over 20 years, volunteers have physically and financially helped restore what years of neglect have done. This kind of support is continually needed to maintain the function and beauty of this historic landmark. That is why we ask for your help, too. You will not only be helping to maintain the lighthouse, but “preserving” your Business, association, club or Family Name in stone for generations to come. These pavers are not just cosmetic. When cemented in place, they will provide extra support to the base. What a wonderful gift or fitting memorial!

Complete this form and mail with your check payable to: Huntington LigHtHouse Preservation society P.O. BOx 2454, Halesite, NY 11743 PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY

__ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ Engraving will be in caPital lEttErs. The manufacturer will center the text at time of engraving. DESIRED PAVER SIzE _____________________ AmouNT ENCLoSED $____________________

We ask that you respond NOW. The sooner you respond, the sooner we can install them and the less chance there is of further erosion.

Your Name _______________________________________________________

––––––––––– PAVER SIzES AVAILABLE ––––––––– 4” x 4” capital letters $100 6 characters Per line 4” x 8” capital letters $150 13 characters Per line 8” x 8” capital letters $300 13 characters Per line 8”_____________________________________________ x 8” with logo $500 13 characters Per line

state ________________________________________Zip_________________

YOU MUst sUpplY A cAMerA reAdY lOgO

All proceeds go directly to the preservation of the Huntington Lighthouse and are tax deductible!

address__________________________________________________________ town ___________________________________________________________

Phone (we may need to reach you if we have a question) ________________________________________________________________

IN HoNoR/mEmoRIum CARD... if you are donating this paver for someone else, please indicate below whom you would like a card to be sent to. Their Name ______________________________________________________ address__________________________________________________________ town ___________________________________________________________

Huntington LigHtHouse Preservation society

state ________________________________________Zip_________________

P.O. BOx 2454, Halesite, NY 11743


Brief message (optional) _____________________________________________

Thank you for your donation! For more information, please contact Frank Knoll at 271-8534.


Third Annual

Huntington Harbor

Parade of LigHts T ,N 23, 2012 6:00 hursday




Join us for a holiday parade of lighted vessels... an exciting spectacle of decorated sail, power, commercial, recreational, individual, organizations and clubs vessels all parading through Huntington Harbor.

Sign up by Nov. 17th and your boat name will be included on the t-shirt! Prizes awarded. Reservations necessary, limited space.

For more details and/or registration go to: / 631.421.1985

WE ARE LOOKING FOR SPONSORS, TOO! Help make the HH BOAT PARADE a success. Please contribute to the HLPS and its ongoing preservation efforts at the Huntington Lighthouse.


THANK YOU for shining your light on





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For appointment 631-351-1555 266 Main Street | Huntington Village

The Huntington Township Chamber of Commerce Salutes the

Huntington Lighthouse Preservation Society as they present the Lighthouse Music Fest and Celebrate 100 Years of Light

Martin Viette


celebrating the 100th anniversary of the huntington lighthouse!


Located in East Norwich & Manhasset 6050 Northern Blvd/25A • East Norwich, NY 11732 516-922-5530 1984 Northern Blvd/25A • Americana Manhasset, NY 11030 516-869-8020

The Huntington Office of

Daniel Gale Sotheby's International Realty Celebrating our 90th year Congratulates the Huntington Lighthouse On its 100th Anniversary


Each office is independently owned and operated.

2012 Huntington Lighthouse Musicfest Journal  

Journal for the 2012 Huntington Lighthouse Musicfest

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