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Monica Skipper Social Media Posts

Instagram: Post #1: Image of closed box with All Time Low logo on the top. Copy: Something is coming…stay tuned. #AllTimeLow (5 words, 43 characters) Post #2: Image of box partly open, blue tissue paper, some merchandise peeking out. Copy: Exclusive vinyl, new merch, never-seen-before photos – waiting at your door every. single. month. Get ready. #AllTimeLow (16 words, 120 characters) Post #3: Image of box open, sample items shown in box and around it. Hashtag: #ATLSubBox on image as well as purchase link. Copy: It’s here! The first subscription of its kind from All Time Low features exclusive vinyl, merch and more – sent to your door every month. Link in bio to purchase! #AllTimeLow #ATLSubBox (33 words, 194 characters) Twitter: Post: Stop motion video featuring the box going from closed to open, reflecting the same design and look as the Instagram posts. Items come out of the box one by one. Copy: IT’S HERE. A subscription unlike any other. Available NOW: (10 words, 80 characters)

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