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Hopeless Records Presents: The All Time Low Subscription Box (Mock campaign by Monica Skipper)

FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: Monica Skipper Ph: 262-812-9454, email: NEWS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ALL TIME LOW RELEASE MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION BOX LOS ANGELES (November 14, 2016) - All Time Low will be launching a monthly merchandise box on November 14, 2016. Each month the box will contain one to three exclusive merchandise items such as: vinyl pressings, never-seen-before photos, pins and patches, coffee and coffee mugs, stationery and more. Subscribers will be charged $20 each month (free to cancel at any time) or can put down a lumpsum for six months or a year. All Time Low created this box for the fans who are partaking in the upswing of collecting band merchandise and memorabilia. By sending the subscribers exclusive items each month, the fan saves hundreds of dollars by not having to hunt them down later when they’re at a higher price tag. Items will not be revealed online at any point in time and will never be sold separately. “We noticed an influx of fans wanting more than the basic tee they can get at any Hot Topic store,” said Alex Gaskarth, vocalist of All Time Low. “So we decided to not only sell unique items, but to provide them in completely fresh and exciting way.” The box can be purchased at as of November 14, 2016 and will begin to arrive on doorsteps in early January to accommodate for the holiday season. About All Time Low: American rock band All Time Low has topped the charts, sold over 1.1 million albums worldwide, raked in 100+ million views on YouTube, toured with bands like Fall Out Boy, Green Day and Foo Fighters, and have played major festivals like Soundwave in Australia and Vans Warped Tour in America. Made up of members Alex Gaskarth, Jack Barakat, Zack Merrick and Rian Dawson, All Time Low burst onto the scene in 2003 with their debut album, The Party Scene, and have released five studio albums to date. The band hit #1 with multiple album releases on Billboard's Rock Albums and Alternative Albums chart and debuted -more-

All Time Low Subscription box, page 2 of 2 their last three consecutive albums in the Top 10 on the Billboard 200. They’ve appeared on national television shows like Jimmy Kimmel Live! and The Tonight Show, were named "Band of the Year" by Alternative Press Magazine, and have won two AP Awards and two Kerrang Awards. All Time Low's sixth studio album, Future Hearts, is their most anticipated new album to date.The guys will also made their big screen debut in 2015, as well as provide the soundtrack for the film, Fan Girl, alongside Meg Ryan and Kiernan Shipka.


Email subject: ALL TIME LOW to Release Monthly Subscription Box

Dear Tyler Sharp at Alternative Press: It’s undeniable that young music fans are responsible for reviving the vinyl market to its highest point in 28 years. Fans are no longer interested in the plain black t-shirt with a logo slapped on it you can find at your local Hot Topic. The sales of merchandise items other than apparel are increasing across the board - items such as wall flags, stationery and candles are taking over webstores band by band. All Time Low are deciding to take their merchandise game to the next level, per fan’s persistent requests for items other than apparel. However, they’re doing it in a completely different way. This November, All Time Low will be launching a monthly subscription box. Each month, subscribed fans will receive exclusive items unavailable for purchase anywhere else. The boxes will contain items such as: vinyl pressings (new and old releases!), pins and patches, never-seenbefore photos and artwork, coffee and coffee mugs, stationery, never-heard-before demos and more. Subscriptions will be $20 per month and also available at 6-month and 12-month rates. Boxes will be live on November 14, 2016 at The launch of the subscription box will provide fans with items they absolutely cannot get anywhere else. This makes the re-discovered act of collecting music memorabilia much simpler and inexpensive for fans. Subscribers will no longer have to hunt down rare items when they’ve acquired a higher price tag. Instead, exclusive merchandise will arrive on their doorstep each month, for as long as they wish. Fans can expect to see their first box arrive in early January. If you have any questions or need any additional information, do not hesitate to contact me with the information below or respond to this email.

Best, Monica Skipper - on behalf of All Time Low Ph: 262-812-9454



All Time Low Subscription Box Facts & Figures The All Time Low Subscription Box is the first subscription of its kind in the music industry. This box provides fans with items they can’t get anywhere else, turning unique merchandise into collector’s items, that will then become memorabilia. The box was created to answer the fans who wanted merchandise other than the basic stock t-shirt at Hot Topic – in a completely new and fresh way. -

Boxes contain one to three items per month Month-to-month, 6-month and 12-month plans are available $20 per month (free to cancel at any time with the month-to-month plan) Boxes launch on on November 14, 2016 Boxes begin to arrive on subscriber doorsteps in early January

Items such as exclusive vinyl pressings, coffee and coffee mugs, stationery, never-seen-before photos and never-heard-before demos are just a few of the items fans can expect to see in their boxes. These products will not be revealed online at any point in time and will never be sold separately. This means that the items will maintain and grow their value over time and become prized heirlooms for subscribers. -

Vinyl sales were responsible for 30 percent of all physical music sales in 2015 o 7 percent of overall market share * Vinyl sales in the first half of 2015 contributed more to the music industry more than Spotify Free, Vevo and YouTube combined *

Sounds cool, right? But there’s more. A single “Golden Ticket” will also be disbursed throughout the first month’s boxes. This golden ticket is a pass to All Time Low shows for life, exclusive meet-and-greets and a prize pack of merchandise. Only one fan will receive the golden ticket. *We believe these numbers are made from the young music fans who are revitalizing the act of collecting of band merchandise. They hold their physical merchandise with high regard, with the addition some items also holding great monetary value. Overall, music fans are recognizing and regaining the lost significance of physical music and merchandise. *Statistics from Vinyl Factory


All Time Low Subscription Box Key Messages 1. Young music fans are reviving the idea of collecting merchandise and memorabilia. - Yearly vinyl sales are up to $416 million as of April 2016, the highest they’ve been in 28 years. Vinyl is responsible for 30% of all physical units of music in 2015. -

A growing trend is selling items such as coffee/coffee cups, pins/patches, hats, and even blankets. Fans want more than just a t-shirt they can get from any music store.


All Time Low’s subscription box provides fans with unique items they won’t find anywhere else, even their webstore.

2. The All Time Low Subscription Box contains items you won’t get anywhere else. - All items are exclusive to the box, such as: vinyl pressings, never seen before photos/artwork, never heard before demos, pins/patches, and more. -

This means fans no longer have to hunt down rare items later for a higher price tag.


For $20 a month the value cannot be matched. This will save the fan hundreds of dollars later when the items go up in value.

3. The All Time Low Subscription Box makes it easy for fans to accumulate exclusive and unique merchandise items over time for one low price each month. - Fan will be charged $20 on the first of every month, and are free to cancel at any time. 6-month and 12-month plans are also available to pay up front. -

Depending on the item value, the box may contain 1-3 items each month.


The box will launch on All Time Low’s webstore in mid-November to prepare for the holidays.

4. The All Time Low Subscription Box is holding a “Golden Ticket” contest with the first month’s box. - The golden ticket will be found in one lucky subscribers January box. -

This ticket is a free pass to All Time Low shows for life, along with exclusive one-on-one meet and greets and a prize pack of merchandise.

Media Advisory For Immediate Release November 4, 2016


Monica Skipper Ph: 262-812-9454, email:

*** INTERVIEW OPPORTUNITY / PHOTO OPPORTUNITY *** All Time Low to Host Secret Show, Pop-Up Shop and Reveal Party on November 12 WHAT:

All Time Low are revealing their new monthly subscription box with a secret show, pop-up shop and release party on November 12, to prepare for its launch that following Monday. The party will take place at Jack Barakat of All Time Low’s bar, The Riff in Los Angeles, and host many other bands and music influencers. The pop-up shop will feature limited edition items, resembling the same idea behind the box. Items sold at the shop will not be available in the box or on All Time Low’s webstore, ever. However, music publications, bloggers and influencers will take home the first month’s box. The secret show will feature an acoustic set from All Time Low, and then the big reveal!


All Time Low will take up any excuse to party, and this reveal is a pretty big one. The party will showcase what subscribers can expect in their boxes. This is the first service of its kind in the music scene and All Time Low are happy to be the front-runners.


Interviews and Visual of: - All Time Low (performance and reveal) - Influencers and bloggers (first to receive the box) - Other bands in attendance


Saturday, November 12 at 8 p.m.


The Riff 6356 Hollywood Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90028

Monica Skipper Social Media Posts

Instagram: Post #1: Image of closed box with All Time Low logo on the top. Copy: Something is coming…stay tuned. #AllTimeLow (5 words, 43 characters) Post #2: Image of box partly open, blue tissue paper, some merchandise peeking out. Copy: Exclusive vinyl, new merch, never-seen-before photos – waiting at your door every. single. month. Get ready. #AllTimeLow (16 words, 120 characters) Post #3: Image of box open, sample items shown in box and around it. Hashtag: #ATLSubBox on image as well as purchase link. Copy: It’s here! The first subscription of its kind from All Time Low features exclusive vinyl, merch and more – sent to your door every month. Link in bio to purchase! #AllTimeLow #ATLSubBox (33 words, 194 characters) Twitter: Post: Stop motion video featuring the box going from closed to open, reflecting the same design and look as the Instagram posts. Items come out of the box one by one. Copy: IT’S HERE. A subscription unlike any other. Available NOW: (10 words, 80 characters)

5 Gifts for the All Time Low Lover in Your Life All Time Low teamed up with AP to make a list of the best gifts for the Hustler in your life. Take a look at their picks below!

1. “Future Hearts� Journal - $20

Available in ruled, graph or blank paper, this journal is perfect for writing down your favorite lyrics, or catching an autograph at a concert. 2. Concert Tickets, Duh - $30

ATL literally never stops touring, so buy your friend some tickets to your local date. 3. Pint Glass Set - $40

This pint glass set makes it easy to party just like ATL. (But of course, drink responsibly).

4. Pom Pom Beanie - $30

Keep your head warm in style with this super plush beanie, because we all know the hell season is nearly upon (most of) us. 5. All Time Low Subscription Box - $20

That’s right. You could spend at least twenty dollars on the items above, or your ATL lover could get 1-3 items each month for $20. Not only is it cost efficient, but your fan will receive exclusive merchandise not to be sold anywhere else. Exclusive vinyl, stationery, never-before-seen photos and more – sent to you every month. The #ATLSubBox is available NOW on!

All Time Low Campaign  
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