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An all around creative solutions design studio

A strong image helps you become recognizable and stand out in today’s crowded market. We will define exactly who you are and what you want to communicate to the world. At BKDF we are all about solving problems and pushing the creative direction of our work beyond the standard boundaries of common design. IN TODAY’S WORLD A BRAND’S IMAGE IS ONE OF ITS MOST VALUABLE ASSETS. Your company’s image should be effective, strong and consistent with your principles and values. An effective image is one that conveys your message or product clearly to the world. Another important factor that will help your brand’s image is that there be coherence between what your company says and does; this will ensure credibility with your audience. All marketing communications, brand experiences and product delivery need to share a common ideal and add up to something meaningful, something with which your costumers and clients can relate.

We develop projects to improve brands communication with its audiences.

Our services at a glance

We will help you establish brand consistency in every piece that is created. In the end your workers and your clients should have the same feel or image about your brand.

Corporate Logo image design Letterhead Envelopes Business Cards Business Presentations Presentation Folders Invoices Email Signature

Consumer Packaging Design

Product packaging

Marketing Booklets Brochures Product Catalogue Flyers Postcards Point of Sale Display Posters Billboards Banners Truck decals


Motion Graphics


Web design; e-commerce/shops Social Media Email Campaigns Blogs

Digital Contact: Monica Angel, Creative Director/Partner Phone: 646.730.2212

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Bk Design Factory is a design studio located in Brooklyn, NY. For more information visit