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Teens camp was a blast. 11 teens gave their lives to Christ. Crossroads youth group from Fort Worth Texas will be here from July 22- 30 doing a missions trip for our church. Friday Night Rave is a service for the teens of Albuquerque in the South Valley community. We have worship and a message directed toward the youth. We have a time of fun and games directly after service. In August we will be going to Cliff’s Amusement Park for our Annual Freedom fest. This is a time where well known Christian bands come together and celebrate Jesus with their music and celebrate with the Teens of Albuquerque.

Praise God we took 17 kids to camp. God moved in a special way. Many have rededicated there lives to the Lord. It was great to see all of our campers getting help from the Lord. Jayla gave her life to the Lord at camp. This past week two of our campers Lamya and Quamae came to my office to talk about baptism and also accepted the Lord. We look forward to baptizing them on the 31st. We are having fun in Kids’ Zone learning about Joshua and living to the extreme for God. We are learning new songs and starting a Kids’ Zone Praise Team. See you

in Kids’ Zone.

It is almost time for school to start. Watch for upcoming activities and clubs happening on our valley campus from 2:30-5:30 Monday through Friday. You can sign up with Pastor DeAnn for these events Adult and teen volunteers are needed for afternoon activities and clubs. See Pastor DeAnn for information.

Caravans It is Badge Time! On Friday night August 19 we will be having a Caravan Awards Ceremony and New Caravan Year kick off! Caravan is an exciting scouting program for kids four years old through sixth grade. Our kids have been working hard to earn all these badges please be sure to be here to support and congratulate them.

Testimonies Augustine When I was a kid I remember my mom was real religious and I would go to church. I wanted what she wanted but people always beat me down. I prayed and it never worked so I lost my faith in God. I believed in Him but didn’t pray. I stopped caring about everything, got involved in gangs, and shootings I didn’t care if I died then, I ended up in jail for a while when I was 15. I lost friends and family. Then I realized I wanted something better and I wanted to change. I had to build up the strength to trust in God again. Then I knew I couldn’t do it all by myself and I knew I needed to give it all to Him. And I did. I got my family back and I am learning more. I stopped doing all the things I was doing. Even though I am still going through a rough time its ok because I gave it to the Lord. The big praise is that I am in more contact with my daughter and now I feel that I can be a good father. I know if it wasn’t in His plans I wouldn’t be here today.

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