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Sandia Valley Valle Out Shout Newsletter & Announcements July & August 2011

We are planning on handing out 1000 backpacks with school supplies this year at our Back-2-School Bash to K5th graders (elementary age). There are several other basic school supplies that we will need in order to complete the preparations for this event. Crayons Pencils Glue Sticks Lined Paper Spiral Notebooks Erasers Ruler Scissors Also, due to limited financial resources, we will not be sending out a mailer or doing a TV commercial for this event. Instead, we have spent about $400 on quality fliers to hand out personally, both in the neighborhood and to friends. This is a savings of nearly $4000 compared to what we have spent in the past on advertising for this event. We will spend about $2000 on backpacks for this event, which is also less than past years. We need your help! please put a little extra into the offering plate this week and mark it "back to school bash" in order to help us pay for this event where thousands of people will hear the message of Christ. The first event will be Saturday August 13th at 3:00pm at the Grace Restoration Center on Coors and Gunclub 4351 Coors SW, 87105 and Sunday August 14th at 6:00pm at the Valley church. If you’d like to donate any items just bring them to church office or sanctuary. New Mexico Tax Free Weekend August 5th-7th

40 days of Prayer & Fasting July 11th – August 19th Please join us in fasting at least one meal every day for the needs of our church, our district, our denomination, and the missionaries and evangelists that are connected with our church. Both the Valley and Mountain churches are fasting and praying during this time and we have already seen God move mightily in answering prayer. Ask an usher or staff member for a prayer request list. Don’t miss out on the blessings of God! For the next 30 days read 1 chapter of John, 1 chapter of Proverbs and 5 chapters of Psalms everyday Cry out to God with your prayer needs. Call in prayer requests daily at 877-0240 Chapel open for prayer daily 6am-8:30pm Then if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and heal their land 2 Chronicles 1:4

A Word from Pastor Fred Greetings Church, I want to testify that I am praying more than I ever have before and fasting at least one meal a day going into week three of our corporate time of a forty day period of fasting and prayer. I am personally praying on an average of over five hours a day and reading the Word along with other spiritual developing books more than ever in my life. I am excited to report that I am living in the presence of God. I am seeing the amazing signs and wonders follow the lives of the believers at Sandia during this time of corporate fast and prayer. I have seen people walking around the church and the campus both confessing sins and asking forgiveness from each other and God. I have seen people delivered from lifelong drug addiction and have witnessed relationships being reconciled. God is moving in a mighty way as God’s people are humbling themselves and praying. Our worship center is open every day from 6 am to 8:30 pm for corporate prayer where the church is coming together learning how to pray in agreement with our corporate church needs. Praying and fasting together is our only hope as God’s people to experience His perfect will for our lives. Along with praying and fasting together, we are also doing corporate devotions together as we are reading one chapter of the gospel of John, one Proverb, and five Psalms each day. As we come together as a church all seeking the same goal of seeking God’s face Sandia will continue to be effective for God’s kingdom.

Pastor Fred

Opportunities for Ministry Food Bank Get with Pastor Jeanna to see how you can help in this awesome ministry helping feed the South Valley Van Ministry Want to help grow the church get involved in the this ministry and pick up people in the community for church. Contact Pastor Jeanna for more info. (505) 553-8346 Grace Thrift Store We need volunteers. Contact Troy Rivas to schedule a time to come in and volunteer. (505) 877-1442

Grace Restoration Center A Church of the Nazarene Celebrate Recovery group is about 10 who have been meeting for the last 7 weeks. Lives are being changed. Two who were living together have realized that they need to follow Jesus and have given their lives to him, so now we are planning a wedding. People are being set free from addictions. Burdens are being lifted as they begin to put their hope and confidence in the only true and living God, Jesus Christ. Free Friday has brought in about 6 families in the last two or three weeks. Troy and I get to meet and talk with them and hear their hearts. We pray with them and direct them to other church services and helps like food bank and Caravans. Food bank Bible Study at Grace Restoration Center gives us a chance to get into the lives of people in such a way that encourages them and lifts them up during these tough economic times. Unlike government help programs, GRC is intentional in meeting families' physical needs and at the same time pointing discouraged families toward the one true and faithful source of Hope, Jesus Christ.

Our first Sunday morning service will be August 14, 2011.

Ushering Contact Pastor Monica to see how you can help. Caravans/Children’s Come help kids learn new things and earn badges in this Christian scouting program. Contact Andria Bailey for more info. Nursery Contact Samantha Rameris to see how you can help in the nursery. Prison Ministry Contact Pastor Fred or Mike Watkins for more info Nursing Home Ministry Contact P. Dave to see hoe you can help bring the gospel to those that can’t come to church Love Inc. (Love in the name of Christ) Get into peoples lives and volunteer your time contact Jeremy Herman for more info

Teens camp was a blast. 11 teens gave their lives to Christ. Crossroads youth group from Fort Worth Texas will be here from July 22- 30 doing a missions trip for our church. Friday Night Rave is a service for the teens of Albuquerque in the South Valley community. We have worship and a message directed toward the youth. We have a time of fun and games directly after service. In August we will be going to Cliff’s Amusement Park for our Annual Freedom fest. This is a time where well known Christian bands come together and celebrate Jesus with their music and celebrate with the Teens of Albuquerque.

Praise God we took 17 kids to camp. God moved in a special way. Many have rededicated there lives to the Lord. It was great to see all of our campers getting help from the Lord. Jayla gave her life to the Lord at camp. This past week two of our campers Lamya and Quamae came to my office to talk about baptism and also accepted the Lord. We look forward to baptizing them on the 31st. We are having fun in Kids’ Zone learning about Joshua and living to the extreme for God. We are learning new songs and starting a Kids’ Zone Praise Team. See you

in Kids’ Zone.

It is almost time for school to start. Watch for upcoming activities and clubs happening on our valley campus from 2:30-5:30 Monday through Friday. You can sign up with Pastor DeAnn for these events Adult and teen volunteers are needed for afternoon activities and clubs. See Pastor DeAnn for information.

Caravans It is Badge Time! On Friday night August 19 we will be having a Caravan Awards Ceremony and New Caravan Year kick off! Caravan is an exciting scouting program for kids four years old through sixth grade. Our kids have been working hard to earn all these badges please be sure to be here to support and congratulate them.

Testimonies Augustine When I was a kid I remember my mom was real religious and I would go to church. I wanted what she wanted but people always beat me down. I prayed and it never worked so I lost my faith in God. I believed in Him but didn’t pray. I stopped caring about everything, got involved in gangs, and shootings I didn’t care if I died then, I ended up in jail for a while when I was 15. I lost friends and family. Then I realized I wanted something better and I wanted to change. I had to build up the strength to trust in God again. Then I knew I couldn’t do it all by myself and I knew I needed to give it all to Him. And I did. I got my family back and I am learning more. I stopped doing all the things I was doing. Even though I am still going through a rough time its ok because I gave it to the Lord. The big praise is that I am in more contact with my daughter and now I feel that I can be a good father. I know if it wasn’t in His plans I wouldn’t be here today.

Grace Thrift Store Wow God had an awesome plan for the thrift store here in the South Valley! We have had 8 people make a commitment to Christ God is using us as a hub for the leaders of the south valley to come and pray, dream and support one another in our mission to save the South Valley! We have partnered up with Pastor Boggs of the Rio Grande Baptist Church, Pastor Morgan of Valley Christian Church, and a Pastor from a outreach Center in Juarez, Mexico. We also became a resource to Pastor Boggs and his church’s mission trip with supplies and getting them in contact with Love I.N.C as well. Every Day we have awesome workers from the youth @ the Albuquerque Reintegration Center and through them being there we have had a awesome breakthrough in the Life of Augustine and his cousin Miguel whom both gave their lives to Christ. We have had shoppers come into help, the South Valley community has been a huge support with dropping off donations and helping us with daily sorting and other daily needs. We are uniting the plaza that we are in and being a light to the business owners. Fernando Ortega was lead to Christ by Pastor Fred at his Zumba Shop! The daily traffic is steadily increasing due to low prices, great merchandise, Godly atmosphere and a loving and caring place! 4351 Coors SW, 87105 (505) 877-1442

Service Schedule Sunday Morning A.L.I.V.E. Bible Studies……….9:45AM Sunday Morning Worship… 11:00am Sunday Night Believers Service…………6:00pm Wednesday Night A.L.I.V.E Bible Studies……6:30pm Friday Night Youth R.A.V.E………………..6:30pm

Food Bank Sunday Night………………………..6:00pm Tuesday (Valley)……………………………...10am Wednesday (Grace Restoration)……..11am Wednesday(Valley)…………………6:30pm Friday Night…………………………6:30pm (you must attend service to receive a food box)

Celebrate Recovery Struggling with addiction? We have a biblical-based 12-step program that meets every Thursday at Grace Restoration Center at 12pm-2pm. Contact Pastor Jeanna for more info.

Help us save Money and Paper Join our e-mail distribution list. Email us at with the subject “put me on the list” and we will send you our newsletter via e-mail. It will as be available on our facebook page.

Mark Your Calendar

Breakfast in the Park

“Through The Storm” Psalm 107: 28-33 our very own, Pastor De Ann Rushing will be this years speaker We are going to the beautiful mountains of Glorietta, NM September 8, 9, 10th The cost is $ 120.00 If you need help raising the money we do have fundraisers. If you have any questions please contact Pastor Jennie 505-261-8903 or Amanda Dimas 505-227-5294 We will go over details at our next women’s luncheon held in August.

8/1-8/7 Family Camp 8/13 Back-2-School Bash 3pm (Grace Restoration) 8/14 Grace Restoration Center 1st Sunday Morning Service 8/14 Back-2-School Bash 6pm (Valley) 8/19 Caravan Awards Ceremony

Join us as we serve breakfast in Coronado Park (Train Park) on the 2nd and 3rd Saturday of every month. Schedule is as follows:

Faith Promise Conventions

Faith Promise Convention

Women’s Local Retreat is Coming!

Join us for an incredible Missions weekend on August 21st. Rev. Steve Baker from the BorderInitiative ( will be joining us on Sunday morning, August 21st for a Faith Promise convention and Sunday!

Don’t miss it!

August 13 – Adults August 20 – Senior Adults September 10 – Children September 17 – Teens


Sandia Valley Church of the Nazarene 505-877-0240 2315 Markham Rd. SW Albuquerque, NM 87105 Follow us on Facebook (click link)

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Sandia Valley Shout Out Newsletter July/August

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