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Monica O. Montgomery is an international keynote, graduate professor, museum director and cultural entrepreneur, curating media and museums to be in service to society. As a sought after public speaker and coach for executives and career changers, she frequently trains leaders and and partners with universities and museums to facilitate diversity, leadership pipelines, equity & inclusion initiatives.

She is the founding director of Museum of Impact the world’s first mobile social justice museum, inspiring action at the intersection of art, activism, self and society. Monica is the Strategic Director of Museum Hue a multicultural platform, championing diversity and people of color, in arts, culture museums and creative economy

Monica is an alumna of Temple University with a Bachelors of Art in Broadcast Communication and LaSalle University, with a Masters of Art in Corporate Communication. She is an adjunct professor with Johns Hopkins University and Harvard University holding leadership positions in Museums As Sites of Social Action and American Alliance of Museums

About Monica


Highly sought after international public speaker and coach for executives and career changers for  diversity, leadership pipelines, equity & inclusion initiatives Graduate professor at Harvard University : Museums Public Programs and Social Change 2016 Fractured Atlas Arts Entrepreneurship Award Winner Founding Director of Museum of Impact the world’s first mobile social justice museum Founder & Strategic Director of Museum Hue a multicultural platform, championing diversity and people of color, in arts, culture museums and creative economy

Art & Culture Partners The Incluseum Bronx Museum Newark Museum Brooklyn Museum National Gallery of Ireland Studio Museum in Harlem Philadelphia Museum of Art Indianapolis Museum of Art London Transport Museum The Historic House Trust of NY Museum of Chinese in America The Metropolitan Museum of Art Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History McKenna Museum of African American Art The Charles Sumner School Museum & Archives National Museum of African American History Culture

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Recent Engagements ++Ronald Reagan Foundation and Museum Keynote : Game Face

++TEDx Charlottesville 2016: How To Be An Upstander

++Newark Open Doors Festival: Welcome Keynote - The Art is Ours

++ Philadelphia Cultural Alliance Member Meeting: Keynote Embracing Diversity

++Museum Workers Speak from a Moment to a Movement

++American Alliance of Museums:

We Are Not Hard to Find Diversity Panel

++ NYU The Art of Justice: Creating Institutions In Our Own Image


Museum Next: Inclusion in Museums/

People in Museums

++ Johns Hopkins Diversity Leadership Summit: Inclusion in Museums

++ Association of African American Museums: Beyond Binaries

++ NYCMER Annual Conference: Black Lives Matter in the Museum

++ Summit on Pedagogy: Hear. Care. Act. Strategies for Teaching BLM

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Monica is an energetic, innovative, and endless well of passion when it comes to community programming and event planning. I have worked with her on several grassroots projects, and she effortlessly engages audiences when zealously sharing about both past and present activist, educational and empowerment pursuits. Most recently, Monica served as a panelist at my 4th Annual Queen Geniuses Girls Empowerment Conference. She effortlessly spoke power and inspiration into the lives of the 100+ high school aged girls who were in attendance. ­ Regine Roy, MSW, President & Founder of Queen Geniuses, Inc.

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Olivia Denton 267-405-3268

Media kit monica o montgomery december 2016  

Monica O. Montgomery is an international speaker, museum director and cultural consultant, curating media and museums to be in service to so...

Media kit monica o montgomery december 2016  

Monica O. Montgomery is an international speaker, museum director and cultural consultant, curating media and museums to be in service to so...