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"And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it." Habakkuk:2:2 - The Holy Bible We are Arete Magazine: The voice of a generation that cares. We are the premiere niche media group catering to the socially responsible, altruistic lifestyle. We bring energy, inspiration and leadership to the lifestyle of giving, serving and creating. We have wrote the vision and made it plain, we invite you to run, share and spread the good news. Welcome to the premiere edition of Arete Magazine! A vision that has been brewing in my mind for years. Vision to me is simply the convergence of faith, innovation, and inspired action. Arete Magazine was born of a dream, envisioning the value showcasing a print publication providing a showcase for positivity, telling the stories and spotting the trends that shape social good. We focus on the lifestyle aspect of charitable causes, positioning giving back, getting involved and creativity as the new cool. Arete {pronounced Array} is an Ancient Greek term symbolizing: The fulfillment of purpose; The pursuit of excellence & The act of living up to one’s full potential. This concept is important as we enter a new decade in this modern digital age. Our society is striving to become, streamlined, sustainable and service oriented as our collective values shift to community, collaboration and cause. We are evolving, reflecting and becoming.... The Change We Want to See in the World. In this issue we are spotlighting local Visionaries: Shelton & Howard, Men of Vision who make Change Happen. We salute them and dozens of other through our Power of Service Honors. They include cover models: Shelton Mercer: Speaker, Humanitarian, Cause Marketer (Active in working to rebuild and assist Haiti) Mercer Advisory Group. Howard Jean: Speaker, Author, Educator (Mentoring advocate instrumental in steering college students to pursue teaching careers) Executive Director, They Call Me Mister Program, Cheyney University. Arete has so much in store for our readers. We look forward to sharing this journey with you and the world as we voyage toward Impact!

Giving Back Never Goes Out of Style! Monica O. Montgomery Fonder & Publisher Arete Magazine

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Business With A Heart Sponsor & Advertiser Directory Pg. 26 Arete Magazine puts purpose into the DNA of our brand. Become an official Business With A Heart Partner. Are you a good corporate citizen looking for a direct connection to socially-conscious consumers. Are you a small business or entrepreneur looking to position your company as a "Business with a Heart"? Advertising and partnering with Arete Magazine positions your company in a lane of social impact, creating a brand affinity between your products/ services and the savvy consumer looking to support good causes with their purchasing power. Arete aligns your business brand with our "spirit of service" philosophy. We believe that companies who give back to communities and causes will enhance their brand value and deepen customer relationships. We integrate the benefits of our social mission publication with the power of your advertising message to create a powerful partnership of Mutual Social Responsibility,’ where consumers and the brands they interact with every day take a mutual interest in and a mutual responsibility for being good citizens,” Arete Magazine engages our audience organically Influence: Showcase your company to consumers who are: trenders, spenders and recommenders, • Impact: Make a statement to the community, that will be remembered: Your company gives back and will continually reinvest in the local economy. • Cause Marketing: Showcase your companies charitable efforts, day of service activities, adopt a nonprofit initiatives and public private partnerships. • Brand Awareness: Create raving fans, when you advertise your company's "give back". Publicly associate your brand with a positive cause or charity.

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Arete Magazine appreciates all the contributions of countless individuals, supporters, advisors, and team members, that saw the vision and helped make it a reality. We thrive off your brilliance and We are here because of you!

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3rd Annual Toy Giveaway

For the third year in a row, Akon and the Konfidence Foundation gave back by hosting a Toy Giveaway to ensure less fortunate children in Metro Atlanta enjoy the holidays. On Monday, December 20, 2010, Akon and his mother Ms. Kine Gueye Thiam, President of the Konfidence Foundation, were on hand to personally distribute 2,000 holiday toys to Atlanta, Ga. children in need at Cascade Family Skating Rink. Each child received an age appropriate toy to take home. Additionally, Akon & the Konfidence Foundation teamed up with AG Entertainment’s owners, Alex Gidewon, Simon Gidewon, and The Gidewon Foundation to host the 6th Annual Christmas Holiday for Kids Affair on Monday, December 20th. The Foundations put together an afternoon of skating, games, music, food, and toy giveaways for over 600 less fortunate children living in the Atlanta metropolitan area. Akon was on hand to show support for the children with an autograph signing and handed out soccer balls, footballs and other toys to the children in attendance.  For more information on the Konfidence Foundation, please visit: or follow them on Twitter @Konfidencefdn.

Move. Makers

Justina Shaw – Opportunities PA By: Dennis Maurice Dumpson

“It’s not about being bold…it’s about being smart,” a quote straight from Milwaukee grown visionary, Justina Shaw, and she clearly embodies the attributes of a smart professional. As Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Opportunities PA, a grassroots organization geared toward helping young homeless youth gain self-sufficiency. In addition, she no stranger to the grind of a young professional; she is currently finalizing her graduate degree, she has a full-time job, and manages the operations of Opportunities PA and its 12 clients and host of volunteers and partners. Shaw says that she keeps going because she knows that her clients are depending on the success of her organization. She is a passionate advocate and champion for an ending to homelessness for youth and empowering them to increase the quality of their life, however, many would be surprised of the she traveled. The Calling As a young girl, Shaw, was raised in a single parent household with her twin sister and father. Her mother struggled with schizophrenia and mental illness. Her father offered a tough brand of love, and at age 16 he refused to give her any money for anything and told her “if you want it, you will have to work to get it.” In fact, he wouldn’t give her bus fare to get to the city to look for jobs, but Justina says that built character in her. She walked 20 blocks to find a job and guess what—she found a job! “That was a tough experience, but it showed me that if I wanted something I had to go and get it!” She shares that same work ethic with her clients of Opportunities PA—sharing that the organization is not built to enable the young homeless youth she serves, but to give them support and gradually the clients begin to create their path for themselves. When asked if she considers her self a visionary she confidently says “I am” Shaw adds “I feel I am called to do this…I am more of a social visionary—my gift is taking the resources we have in front of us and seeing how they can maximize their potential—and helping others find their full potential. That’s my gift” Shaw says she has made her own mistakes and wants to be a vision of hope for others—using her life as an example of how one can triumph despite their circumstance. What’s Next? So what’s next for Justina Shaw? In the next five years she wants to see Opportunities PA be a national organization and hopes to have an office in our nation’s capital, Washington, D.C. and eventually branch out to California and her hometown of Milwaukee, Wis. Moreover, she would like to be a voice for homelessness and immigration and she also has her eyes on political office in the future—but she is not sure of which office just yet. Yet, most of all, she wants to show that this model for Opportunities PA is successful. Her note to future visionaries, “Don’t be afraid to be isolated, don’t be afraid to be you…when I was younger I would say I am weird, but then I found out that I am not weird, I am just different from the average. That’s OK with me.”

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A Love Supreme! So He Didn’t Put a Ring on It By: Christine Pembleton

Well, the holidays are over and it’s a brand new year. It’s time to celebrate all the possibilities that lie ahead. For thousands of couples, the new possibilities include wedding dates, menu selections and honeymoon destinations. Oddly enough, twenty-five percent of all engagements happen between Thanksgiving and New Years every year. Well, if you got an IPAD for Christmas instead of an engagement ring from your boyfriend, you may be ready to talk about marriage for the first time. The good news is that you can talk about this touchy subject without coming off as needy or desperate. However, you need to avoid the common mistakes that make this conversation the beginning of the end in a long-term relationship. If you’ve invested enough time in your relationship and know he’s the one for you, there’s no time like the present open up the communication floodgates. Here are three tips to use when bringing up the subject of marriage with the man you’re dating. Think about why you want to get married. Before you talk to your boyfriend about marriage, think about why you want to get married in the first place. Do you want to start a family? Do you feel you’ve invested more time in the relationship than it’s worth? Are you getting pressure from outside friends and family to “get the ring”? Whatever the reason, take a few moments and consider your motivation for bringing up marriage to make sure this is what you want and not what you “should” want. Talk about what you need instead of what you want him to do. The best way to discuss a disappointment in a relationship is to talk about what you need instead of what the other person is doing wrong. When you talk about what the other person is doing wrong, you put them on the defensive. This can hinder them from responding to what you need instead and start an argument instead of an open discussion. Let him get back to you when he’s ready. After you’ve shared what you need in your life, show respect by letting him respond when he’s ready. He may respond immediately or give some thought and get back to you later on. Either way, his response to your conversation will tell you whether he’s serious about your relationship or not. Here’s one last thing to remember—even though you may feel frustrated by your relationship and want to give an ultimatum, giving an ultimatum is a bad idea. First of all, if you have to give an ultimatum, you know already know what his answer will be and it will probably not be the answer you want to hear. And second, if he does do what you say, how will you know if he really loves you for you? Is that really how you want to live your married life? If not, then ultimatums are not the way to go. You can say what you feel without them. Christine Pembleton * Personal Trainer for Your Love Life *President, Ready to Be a Wife or (888) 390-0226 ext 1 Tired of not having the man in your life that compliments you? Request a Get Acquainted Session with Coach Christine at


The Social Scene: Good Gossip NYC

During the wintry cold of December in NYC, 18 fashion/lifestyle bloggers and 5 emerging designers took to the catwalk for "The Bloggers Soiree Presents: Fashion Is Never Bottomless." A charity benefit for Bottomless Closet NYC. Over 140+ guests attended the fund-raising fashion show at the Soiree Nightclub. One of NYC's hottest nightclubs. The event was hosted by, Desiree Frieson, founder of The Bloggers Soiree and author of, and supporting partner Guests enjoyed live performances by international singer-songwriter Alexis Fox, and a belly dance performance provided by Custom Belly Dance Wear company Decotach. Bottomless Closet NYC is a non-profit organization providing clothing, resume writing services, workshops, financial management, and professional development services to disadvantaged women in New York City. The Bloggers Soiree honored Bottomless Closet with 75% of the proceeds and raised over $1,500 for the organization.

Learn More at:

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The Social Scene: Good Gossip: Philadelphia Philanthropist, Jill Scott: Blues Babe Foundation

On Dec. 4, Philadelphia’s culturally aware power players and socialites came out in full force to support the Blues Babe Foundation, the brain child of Philadelphia’s own, Grammy Award winning, R&B/Soul artist and actress, Jill Scott; as she returned to her hometown to host the second Blues Babe Foundation fund-raiser and silent auction. The event was held at Material Culture in Philadelphia, Pa. This was an event that no one should have missed and anyone who had an opportunity to attend will not soon forget! Camp Jill Scott, Music in the Classroom and the Blues Babe Scholarship Fund, are programs that the fund-raiser supports and directly impacts communities and especially youth in need. Everyone enjoyed cocktails, art, a silent auction, and to top it off everyone was graced with a special acoustic performance by Jill Scott herself! Philadelphians always enjoy the opportunity to welcome family back home and give them a warm greeting. Jill Scott continually gives back to the city that she was born and raised through her Blues Babe Foundation.


The Social Scene: Good Gossip New Jersey

[fund] RAISE HER: United Initiatives of Peace

On December 12, 2010, United Initiatives for Peace hosted it's first annual charity benefit, [fund] RAISE HER at the trendy Bobbi Brown Loft in Montclair, NJ. The goal of [fund] RAISE HER was to raise money for two very important programs implemented by United Initiatives for Peace; Bel Kan and You Got Schooled. Bel Kan is an annual 10-day summer camp for 100 girls affected by the earthquake in Port Au-Prince, Haiti that was implemented in August 2010. United Initiatives for Peace is a 501c3 tax exempt global non-profit organization that offers empowerment programs for females through sports (basketball) and the arts. For additional information on United Initiatives for Peace, please visit

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By: Dennis Maurice Dumpson On Martin Luther King Day 2010, Cities of Service and the Rockefeller Foundation named Philadelphia as a recipient of the Cities of Service Leadership Grant, enabling Mayor Nutter to hire the City’s first Chief Service Officer and establish the Office of Civic Engagement and Volunteer Service. Catie C. Wolfgang was appointed as the City of Philadelphia’s Chief Service Office after having a long successful career in service and volunteerism—most recently working with City Year. She has coined the tagline, match passion with action and she truly embodies it. In joining Cities of Service, Mayor Nutter pledged that Philadelphia would help the country achieve the goals of the historic Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act. Through this legislation, all Americans have been called to roll up their sleeves and address their community’s most pressing challenges. The City of Brotherly Love has always embraced service and volunteerism, but Mayor Michael Nutter is opening the door for a new opportunity to engage the City of Philadelphia in service with the advent of the city's Office of Civic Engagement and Volunteer Service. “As Philadelphians, we have always been committed to helping our fellow citizens. I am deeply proud of the ethic of service that permeates our city.” Said Michael Nutter, Mayor of Philadelphia. Serve Philadelphia has three primary goals: • Create or elevate volunteer opportunities that impact educational outcomes and contribute to community vitality • Make it easier for citizens of every age to volunteer • Support both public and private sector efforts to engage more volunteers in ways that have the greatest impact Wolfgang has already established a great relationship with various constituencies in Philadelphia, Pa. Her goal is to enliven passion for service in all members of Philadelphia, by sharing her passion for engagement and community collaboration. She has already begun building relationships with Philadelphians and positioning herself to be part of conversations focusing on community, progression, and service. We’re keeping an eye out on SERVE Philadelphia and Catie C. Wolfgang.



3 COMMON SUCCESS BLOCKERS AND HOW TO AVOID THEM It's 2011, the time to take massive action towards securing your dreams!

Achieving success is the responsibility of no one else but you. Make 2011 your year of massive action towards realizing your dream of entrepreneurship. If you're still debating whether or not your should start a business or if you've already started a business and stuck in "the valley"; you may be hindered by 3 common success blockers? Keep reading to discover out about what may be holding you from achieving your dreams and how to avoid these blockers. Holding On To The Past: Past performance is not indicative of future results. What happened in the past is in the past. Gather your lessons learned, fine tune and move on. You can not change the past and holding on to past disappointments will not allow you to take advantage of future opportunities. It's your decision, choose to look toward the future. Letting Naysayers Hold You Back: Certain people are experts at telling others what they can or can not do, have you noticed that? But here's news for you, people can only tell you what THEY can't do, they have no authority or jurisdiction on the heights of your potential or success. Walk away from naysayers, they've already put themselves in a box and given up on their dreams, please don't do the same. You are not subject to the limitations of another! Holding Yourself Back: Did you know the greatest treasure lies not in some undiscovered remote part of the ocean, but in the graveyard; buried with many souls who never used their talents, gifts and abilities. Don't bury your treasure! You have talents and skills that the world needs. You were put on this earth to do something special, something you can only do. There never existed another like you nor will there be one in the future, so create your legacy! Resolve in 2011 to discontinue any thoughts or patterns that keep you from reaching your destiny. There is no better time than right now! Tammy Freeman CEO, Pink Dot Concepts Work It Girl! Business & Opportunity Fair - Jan 23rd - Bethesda, MD Register:

The Power Of PR Giving: A Conduit for Brand Longevity When it comes to public relations, giving back is common. But as forward thinking, community-conscious entrepreneurs, nonprofit leaders and advocates, we should be inspired to give more than just for the sake of “good PR.” One of the most satisfying things I’ve experienced is helping clients connect with the public in ways that show their generosity and genuine desire to make a difference in the communities in which they live and work. Comprehensive, ongoing efforts through financial support or employee participation can help any organization achieve visibility as a good citizen and put the organization on the receiving end of goodwill. Such programs include, supporting urban renewal, performing arts programs, social and educational programs, children's programs, community organizations, and construction projects. Organizations may also improve goodwill and demonstrate a commitment to their communities when they open new offices or expand facilities. A prime example is how Aaron Feuerstein, CEO of Malden Mills, handled the manufacturer’s devastating 1995 factory fire. With more than 3,000 jobs at risk, Feuerstein paid workers full wages for 90 days, and 180 days for benefits. This gracious act cost $25 million, yet after rebuilding in the same community (not offshore) company profits were up 40%, customer and employee retention reached 95%, off-quality products dropped from 6-7% to just 2%, and production significantly increased. Fuerstein was quoted as saying, “I think it was a wise business decision, but that isn't why I did it. I did it because it was the right thing to do.” Make giving a part of your organization’s culture by aligning yourself with causes and practices that compliment your core values and beliefs. Not only is it “good PR” for the short term, but it enhances your legacy. Your brand will thank you in the long run. Dionne Watts-Williams, is a communications strategist and Principal & CEO of www. Inspired Creative Group is a firm specializing in innovative PR and branding strategies, and premier editorial services. Dionne is an experienced presenter. Some of her workshop topics include: “The Write Stuff”; “Put Your Best Brand Forward”; and “The Art of Anticipation: Intro to Crisis Communications.” She recently released an e-book, “PR: A Critical Necessity.” Learn more about Dionne by visiting


Men of Vision

Our cover models are dynamic Men of Vision and Power. Poised and Ready to embrace the challenges of the Social Ills that abound in our world. Shelton is a media consultant, strategist & speaker with a passion for leadership and a gift of discernment. His favorite quote is: Leaders can articulate goals that lift people out of petty preoccupations and unite them into pursuit of objectives that are higher than themselves -John Gardner Shelton states, "One of the great character traits as a leader is Adaptability, We have to adapt to environments, threats and opportunities when they come. Often if we don’t have playbook or road map, people start to wander and go off point. If you have a vision, write it down, and rehearse it in your heart,. Revise it, write it, revisit it. Align yourself with the right allies, no one is made to do these things on their own, Life, business, causes is not a solo sport, leaders with out followers aren’t leaders they are mavericks, you need to be able to have peers followers and leaders on your level to reach the vision". Shelton lives Generosity As A Lifestyle and his give back takes form several ways. He states "Altruism is key, My give back is financial and I give a lot of money to causes I care about,My primary focuses are global hunger relief, juvenile obesity, youth achievement and health and fitness for children and families through play. As an ordained minister, I've helped churches and pastors throughout the nation, who are looking for some coaching and strategic assistance. I acted as an advisor for the Impact movement, The largest conference of African American Christian students, which took place in Atlanta, I joyfully work with large scale and international non profits: National Urban League, Compassion International based in Denver. It's Fun! When it comes to having a Game Face Howard is no stranger to the poker face strategy. He states "I've always tried to manage emotions and how they effect my success. Being successful is not just something you do, its something you feel. You have to maintain the feeling of success, despite moments of adversity and unsavory feelings. I believe adversity adds character to who you are, it defines your goals, and clarifies your dedication. When you get knocked down on the way up, you build character, resolve and a sense of self." He states, "Often you have to be willing to be called insane for wanting to go so far, you have to be unshakable, build a rock solid mentality early on. It takes a small dose of insanity to maintain who you are and to hold on to your vision. Life can be a challenge to navigate you have to be a little crazy to endure. When you have a vision you must really believe it and be dedicated to the vision. You have to live with it and protect it as if it's a child. It has to be apart of your being. You only share it with people that will take you to the next level. For example, If we have child, your not going to partner with someone who doesn’t love the child as well. You will feel disappointed if you don’t accomplish your vision, It takes an unbridled level of passion".

Power & Purpose

Man Of Vi s i o n Shelton Mercer: Leading with Purpose


By: Dennis Maurice Dumpson

onscientious Leader. Dynamic Imagination. Non-stop Motivator. These are all good qualities that any good visionary embodies—these are also qualities that Shelton Mercer, III exudes. As a contemporary visionary, Mercer has taken his vision of strategic excellence and social innovation from Philadelphia to Silicon Valley to Hollywood. At age 25, Lucent Technologies & Avaya Inc tapped him to lead global initiatives for Fortune level corporations and he's pioneered cause-centered technology for Delaware Valley Association for the Education (DVAEYC) and catalyzed outcomes-based program management for Greater Philadelphia Urban Affairs Coalition (GPUAC). Did we mention he has also found time to lead the way for 1.2 million meals to be delivered to post-quake Haiti in 2010? Or that he's a devoted father, and ordained minister? Clearly, he lives the mantra that a successful businessman is a busy man, but what makes him a remarkable leader is that he still finds time to give back and pay his success forward.

L eading with Purpose Mercer has leveraged an impressive career in both the corpo-

Elijah White: Flyshots Photography

rate and non-profit sectors and his unique personal brand to grow several successful companies and affect global change. He is currently the Principal and Founder of The Mercer Advisory Group, a consulting/executive coaching practice and Senior Executive with Hollywood-based Different Drummer, a media strategy and fan/audience mobilization agency that has drives the "buzz" for box office hits, chart toppers, best-sellers and national causes, including the 'Jonas Brothers,' Disney's 'Princess and the Frog,' Chris Rock's 'Good Hair' and one of Oprah's 2010 "Favorite Things," 'Waiting for Superman.' Additionally Mercer is the strategic half of Olympic Gold Medalist Jon Drummond's 'S.T.A.R.T.,' the Dallas-based hi-performance sports training program that has produced dozens of blue chip collegiate athletes and track and field champions like top sprinter Tyson Gay. Clearly, he is no stranger to leadership. Mercer says that his parents and mentors affirmed early that he was a leader which gave him confidence to move forward as he has done, but he will be the first to tell you that this journey has been no crystal stair for him. “Leaders will find that people are not going to always understand who they are,” says Mercer. He adds that perseverance is key and that “success comes from a proper integration of passion and purpose - concepts that can’t just be talked about, they must be lived out!”

L iving On Purpose Many of our greatest leaders have had vivid imaginations that

have guided them. This imagination can also be considered vision—Shelton Mercer has vision and purpose! As chair of the Northeast Advisory Board of Stop Hunger Now, an international


hunger relief agency, he used his ingenuity and imagination to make international impact by mobilizing more than 6,000 volunteers (including Mayor Michael Nutter), in Philadelphia, to package 1.2 million meals for Haiti earthquake relief in 2010. Additionally he and Drummond's annual STREET GAMES™, a day long festival that teaches kids how play can prevent juvenile obesity and make communities better, has been enjoyed by over 5000 children and staffed by 500 volunteers. Mercer uses his influence and acumen to move people to do one big thing and it is all done with a purpose. In fact, his personal tagline is Live On Purpose—which you may see as his Twitter hashtag or hear in many of his inspirational speeches. “Purpose is everything, it's unlocks our identity and should influence our goals—it’s why we are here.”

W hen asked what being a visionary means, Mercer responded, “Visionaries see the future and paint pictures for others. Visionaries see it, articulate it, recruit others to partner with the vision, and they stay focused even when others falter.”

You can contact Shelton at and follow him on Twitter@SheltonMercer To make a donation to Stop Hunger Now go to

ARETE Magazine :: SavvyDoGooder.Com

Power & Presence

Power & Presence Howard Jean By Tamara N. Boynton

If life is a journey, then Howard Jean has been traveling at light

speed. Initially accepted to North Carolina A&T State University on a tennis scholarship, those plans were interrupted when he was introduced to the national Call Me MISTER program and instead attended Claflin University. Jean doesn’t seem to have regretted the decision to transition one bit.


ow the program's director at Cheyney University, Jean declares, "Call Me MISTER is not just a program but a lifestyle commitment…a mission to diversify the face of classrooms in America, change how African-American men are perceived by America and most importantly, improve the quality of how our children are educated.” The students in the program receive a full scholarship, mentorship, and leadership training in exchange for becoming teachers in inner city, urban, and rural schools.


oward Jean’s commitment to transforming lives has moved far beyond his teaching and day to day work. He is a man with a vision and global education reform, empowerment, and strategic give back opportunities are on his radar. He says his own organization; Success through Education Inspiration and Leadership (S.E.I.L.) is poised to help “educate the next generation of educators and reform broken school systems across the world.”


ven more impressive, Jean’s indelible gift for speaking has sparked a new movement for teens: “Embracing your celebrity, celebrating your own identity” ™. Jean believes, “The youth of today sometimes spend more time studying and idolizing their favorite actor, musician, or artist. I want to tell the youth -- the same air, same thoughts and same time it takes your favorite celebrity to perfect their craft -- [is also available to you]. They became who they were because they embraced the greatness within themselves.”

Elijah White: Flyshots Photography

Reminiscent of Rev. Run on the hit MTV reality show, Run’s

House, Jean is cultivating his own celebrity with a book based on his text messages. “My book simply started out as a daily text message. I sent texts focusing on what was revealed as it related to accomplishing goals and restructuring my life to a group of friends affectionately named “Movers and Shakers”. Eventually, the simple text messages became daily emails and even the focus of some company morning meetings. Jean says, “I felt that my perspective and voice on success and maintaining focus could help others as it was helping me, so I started writing the book.”

The working title “Be the CEO of YOU” shows just how serious

Howard Jean is about helping people reach their full potential. Jean explains, “When we hear CEO, leadership, importance, status and many other positive adjectives resonate within. When we see the word “YOU” there are mixed emotions. In my opinion, that shouldn’t be the case. At the core of everyone lies a dream, purpose and mission in life. That dream, vision, purpose


and mission has to be managed like a company and taken seriously as if it is worth millions of dollars.” How did you discover this fight for humanity? I discovered the fight at an early age as a youth in my community in Langley, SC, a rural town located in Aiken County, SC. My twin brother, Hayward, and I were blessed with a mother who instilled humanitarianism in us at an early age. Looking back on it now, my mother planted seeds of humanitarianism in us as kids by giving us the charge to help others in the community. We would serve as mentors, tutors, and members of community cleanup crews, tennis instructors and a list of other duties in order to help others that were not just less fortunate but who may not be in a position to help them. From there we went on to things on a larger scale to developing missions, supporting the homeless, boycotts and other endeavors to help others. What advice would you give for readers to bring their idea info fruition and manifest their vision? As mentioned in my upcoming book “Be the CEO of YOU (working title)”, it is important to create a list of “virtual mentors”. Because many of the people I look up to are far from reach, with the use of technology, they can be accessed anywhere at any time. Virtual mentors are people you look up to, admire and can learn something from. Don’t negate the traditional face-to-face mentorship experience. For those that don’t have the luxury of this form of communication, though, this technique helps. What does your give back / generosity look like? Giving back is habit and practice that does not happen overnight. I’ve heard many people say, “When I get a certain amount of money, I am going to give to people who need it.” I disagree with that notion. The amount of giving changes with access but everyone has something to contribute to the uplift of another. The cliché’ that every little bit counts was exemplified when my Haitian Brothers and Sisters suffered through the travesties and the world gave back in the form of $1, $5, $10 and so on. If we all can continue that practice then imagine what can be accomplished in all areas of the world.” You can contact Howard Jean via twitter @howard_j or

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The Generous Lifestyle: How to Give More—Without Hurting Yourself By William S. Jiggetts

Time, Money, Things—there is a really great feeling you get when you give. Giving to charity feels good! More importantly giving is about the opportunity we have to give back to others. It’s a valuable experience—that is why we think long, hard, and carefully before deciding where to allocate our charitable resources. We give to causes, groups, or institutions because we believe in the work that they do and you know that your contribution allows that work to continue. Some people say that, financially, they are in no position to give monetary support. However, would you do more if you could you had the resources? Well, you can! There are several ways to use life insurance to increase your charitable resources without costing you anymore than you are currently committing—or very little. Often times, this is the most effective and convenient way to give. There are also tax advantages to be realized with many gifting strategies. Charitable Giving Riders—A look at Planned Giving A charitable giving rider is attached to an insurance policy (generally it has to have a death benefit of $1M or greater) and pays the designated charity 1-2 percent of the policies face value upon the death of the insured. There are maximum limits to the amount of the charitable pay out. Those will vary by insurance carrier. Also, the charity in question has to be an IRS recognized 501(c) 3 organization. Churches do not always qualify for this rider, but it’s very likely that your church or pastor has a foundation that does qualify. Insurance Policy Donations Policy Donations provide a much larger gift to charities and will benefit the donor as well. Gifting an existing policy will reduce your estate’s tax liability by thousands of dollars as well as yielding you a current tax deduction. This strategy can also work with giving to your church directly. More importantly, the charity gets the full amount of the death benefit to continue the work you so strongly believe in. There is no limit to the size of the policy you can gift. Name a Charity as a Beneficiary This may be the simplest way to leverage your gift to the charity of your choice. The donor can change the beneficiary at any time, so you retain control of your decision throughout your lifetime. There will be restrictions and/or limitations depending on which state you live in, so consult with a knowledgeable advisor. While this strategy does have estate tax benefits, it will not have an impact on your current year’s tax liability. I recommend cash value policies for all of the aforementioned strategies. I would be happy to advise you. William S. Jiggetts is a Registered Representative and Financial Advisor of Park Avenue Securities, LLC (PAS) 212.701.7900 Securities products/services and advisory services offered through PAS, a registered broker/dealer and investment advisor. Financial Representatives, The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America (Guardian), New York, N.Y., PAS is an indirect, wholly owned subsidiary of Guardian. Strategies for Wealth is not an affiliate or subsidiary of PAS or Guardian. PAS is a member of FINRA, SIPC.


Bright to Brilliant!

Five Ways Volunteering Can Boost Your Career

By: Tai Goodwin

Income—$0. Value—Priceless. Giving back is a good thing. Whether it’s hands on service or assisting in the back office of a local non-profit, there are benefits beyond money that come from volunteering. Apart from just the positive feeling of sowing good actions into a cause you believe in and the impact on the lives of the recipients, volunteering can also help you professionally. Here are five ways volunteering can boost your career: It can fuel your passion. If your current job is not your ideal work, volunteering at something you enjoy is an alternative source of the passion that your you can’t get from your job right now. You can practice new skills. No opportunity in your current job to stretch or learn something new? Find a volunteer opportunity that allows you to explore new roles and skills that you’d like to develop. It’s experience you can add to your resume. Volunteer your way into a job. Maybe you don’t have the experience to earn the paid position yet. Signing on as a volunteer gives you a chance to learn the organization, build relationships there, and show that you have what it takes to do job. Expand your network. In addition to meeting people with a similar passion, you can gain exposure to people with personal and professional connections that can help you in your career. Exposure to new ways of doing things. Seeing how another organization runs things, and being exposed to different ways of managing, brainstorming, solving problems, can provide a fresh way to look at the challenges you face in your paid position. Looking for volunteer opportunities? Start here: : : Volunteer Match Global Volunteer Network Tai Goodwin specializes in helping you build a profitable career or business based on your passion and purpose. Sign up for her highly-acclaimed and free http://www." Career Makeover Strategies newsletter and learn seven ways to take your career from bright to brilliant.

Philanthropy Meets Fashion By: Bridget Cirks Giving back never looked so good—the La Vie En Rose fashion show cocktail reception, hosted by the Evoluer House, was haute and filled with Philadelphia’s fabulous fashion community—from the studded glasses to their Christian Louboutins, everyone came to give back with a purpose! The third annual Evoluer House Fashion Show and Cocktail benefit was held Friday, December 3, 2010 at The University of the Arts, Legendary Fashion Trailblazer, Cheryl Ann Wadlington, Executive Director of Evoluer house and CEO and Creative Director of Evoluer Image Consultants, hosted the La Vie En Rose cocktail reception and fashion show. An impressive list of honorary chairpersons were in attendance for the evening—including Sarah Dash of the star trio, LaBelle; Loris Diran, internationally renowned designer and owner/creative director of Loris Diran; and the Honorable Dame Jennifer Smith, (former Premiere of Bermuda) DBE, JP, DHuml, MP, the Minister of Education of Bermuda. The fashion show started with a fun and trendy black short patent leather dress accented with oversize pearl bauble necklace the models were teetering on astronomical sky high platform stilettos, which wowed the audience, the female model’s hair was styled contemporary, yet you could feel a 1930s in the upsweeps, buns, and chignons. Makeup was understated but the lashes were long and little bursts of color on the lips in varying shades of fuchsia and red. This first section was styled by Debra Ginyard, celebrity fashion stylist; her collection featured a couture club aesthetic showcasing big chunky jewelry, detailed structured tops, gold laminates, hot pants, and sequins. A favorite in the collection was a gold matte sequin jumpsuit with a peacock feather accent attached to the side, this collection started the show off exquisitely—it was exciting, stimulating, and flamboyant; a foreshadowing of more couture fashions. “Audrey Hepburn meets Posh Spice” was the title of the next collection. This collection had a wide range of wearable looks— the collection’s spirit would resonate with a woman who appreciates a subdued, but fabulous palate of black, cream, and tan. The elegance of Audrey stepped out with a Boat neck collars, sleeveless dresses but in an updated look with a crumb catcher skirt lined with pockets. Everything was expertly combined, yet it was still modern and unostentatious. I fell in love with the perfect coatdress in ivory with the beautifully constructed trendy and dramatic puffed shoulder and a wrap belt—completely lovely, playful, and very chic—Ms. Hepburn would most certainly approve. During the show it was easy to notice the comeback of the power shoulder, shoulder pads, and details on or near the shoulder. This trend is new for some and old for many of us who can remember Dynasty and Knotts Landing! However, the outfitting was also very flattering to all women, as some of us cover our arms, especially if we don’t have arms like our First Lady, Michelle Obama. Act three featured menswear styled by Raphael Monroe, Fashion Stylist. The popular retro trends from 1980s fashion are retreating out of vogue and the new 2010/2011 trend is military inspired, but with unique twists of femininity! Key items in


Monroe’s collection were his military inspired coats in army green and air force navy and paired with aviator boots. Most of the coats included shiny brass buttons and even men’s broaches. I was intrigued by the men’s poncho in a camel, which was paired with a beret—for a moment I thought I was watching the history channel live. The men didn’t lack accessories some models donned tinted sunglasses in yellow and green and the hair was slicked back and parted—a very 1930s clean cut English look. This collection was inspired, dapper, and it was unapologetically masculine. Bridget’s Fashion Tip: To achieve this look at home, men, pair a double breasted navy pea coat with a pair of good dark rugged boots—add a newsboy cap and you will look just as good as any runway model. For the finale, a parade of formal beautifully bright ball gowns graced the runway. All the dresses had great dramatic movement and were styled by Micah Lamar, celebrity fashion stylist. These dresses are not for the faint of heart nor body conscious, but each dress was better than the last filled with a confection of colors—fuchsia, then lapis, gold, and vividly bright white. Gladly, I did not see any feathers on the ball gowns, but the thigh high split did make an appearance—lots of leg! All of the gowns were long and billowy which would give any woman that dramatic entrance they desire! From this collection I could see that the 80s trend of fashion has departed and the 70s are being reintroduced in eveningwear again. Careful detail was given—trims, beading, and sequin were incorporated into the design. Most dresses included ruffles, cutouts, and sequins. Aside from the beautiful gowns the most exciting of all was bearing witness to the models commit shoe-icide walking in the outrageously high heels down a 21 concrete staircase to the catwalk! An amazing night was had by all, exploring Philadelphia’s fashion scene, but what makes The Evoluer House special is the marriage they forge between fashion and philanthropy. The Evoluer House, a nonprofit organization that empowers at-risk girls of color by fostering positive self-expression and personal development. The twelveweek curriculum promotes emotional, mental, and social well being to provide the young ladies tools to make positive choices. Visit:

Bridget Cirks, is a Midwest native and a Philadelphia transplant, she holds a bachelor’s degree in fashion merchandising and an Masters in Business Administration (MBA). Bridget has worked in various fields including fashion merchandising, retail, and management. Even at a young age Bridget knew fashion would have to be a part of her life. ARETE Magazine :: SavvyDoGooder.Com

From The Mouths of Babes Written By: Harambee Institute Students

Middle School students at the Harambee Institute of Science & Technology Charter School in Philadelphia, Pa., have something to say about how their generation can make a positive impact on the world. Several students from the school shared with Arete Magazine their view on the next generation! “I believe our generation offers hospitality and kindness. I say this because many teenagers do community service, by spending hours of our lives to serve our communities. Many teens in Philadelphia do community service through an organization called City Year. I would say at some point in time, every student in my class has done community service. With City Year teens go throughout the city of Philadelphia and help to make it a better place through community service projects, such as planting trees in a park or cleaning up a neighborhood.” –Kareema D., 8th grader “My family and I make a positive impact on my community by having family clean up day, family fun day and giving clothes to the shelters in my community. The family clean up day is a positive thing because it can help set a positive example for people in our community that like to throw down trash on the ground and don’t care. The family day helps bring people in the community together to have fun. And donating clothes to the homeless can help because they’ll have more stuff to wear. Instead of throwing it away it’s best to give it to someone that really needs it.” –Dajah D., 7th grader “When most people think of my generation, they think of violent music, lots of girls shaking their butts on TV and all that stuff. However, that’s not what we are all about. Have you ever heard the saying “the next generation is smarter than the last”? Well, it’s true. My generation is the smartest generation; we just don’t know it yet. My generation has a lot to offer to the world like new technology, and more kids are going to college at a very young age. Through education, my generation will make a big change in the world. Some things that kids from my generation do to make a positive impact are community service projects to clean up our communities. We are great role models, and there are people helping others out everyday. Like the teen nick award nominees, who go out of their way to help others and don’t expect anything in return.” –Faith G., 6th grader “Elders may look down on my generation because all they see are teens tearing down and destroying everything that the Elders fought for. However, there are some teens like myself who make positive contributions to our schools and communities. Elders focus so much on the negative actions that they over look the positive teenagers, and label us all as “trouble makers”. Well, I think it’s time for my generation to show the Elders that teens who make positive contributions to the community do exist. There are programs that young people can join to do positive things in their community. I recently joined a community service program called City Year. I joined because I wanted to be a positive teenager making a change in my community. Programs such as City Year give young people the opportunity to change the “trouble maker” label that got placed on us by the older generation. Youth from my generation have a lot of knowledge that can be shared with the Elder generation, but because of what the “trouble makers” have done to the minds of the Elders, they really don’t want to listen to what we have to say.” -Miana I., 8th grader “My generation does many positive things by becoming more involved in the community. My generation helps to build stronger communities by organizing community service projects that help orphans and needy families from all over the world. Our world is changing as we grow, so the youth are becoming more involved with taking


care of our home, Earth. We are working to heal our planet from pollution and abuse. The youth are very useful, we are not just a bunch of kids who kill each other, trash our world, be disrespectful to parents, or be lazy. There are kids from my generation who make it their mission to change the world. Kids from my generation are not only cleaning up our Earth, but we help other people who are sick or disabled. Some are also helping our brothers and sisters in Haiti. I know a teenager who is helping families in Haiti by raising money to donate. Now, if that’s not helping then I don’t know what is. The youth in my generation are helping to better our communities and our planet.” –Dafni P., 7th grader “Most people think my generation only knows about texting and Facebook, but there are really a lot of teenagers doing community service. I am currently enrolled in a community service program called City Year, which is a positive organization that teaches the youth togetherness and unity while participating in projects to help out the community. Some positive things we do are plant trees and clean up neighborhoods in our community. This makes a wonderful impact because it shows that my generation is making a positive difference in our own world” –Brielle P., 8th grader “I personally feel offended when adults say my generation is one that is insufficient and defeated. We are more than drug dealers and statistics. We are the generation with the most opportunities. Even though some teens are not using their opportunities wisely, it does not mean all teens are this way. Maybe if adults encouraged and motivated the youth more, then young people would achieve more. The media should highlight the positive attributes of the youth, instead of highlighting the few negative ones who hinder the community. My generation is striving to do great things.” – Ciani M., 8th grader “I think things have changed a lot from when my parents generation were teenagers. I don’t think that my generation realizes how much of an impact we make on the world whether it’s good or bad. Personally speaking, I think I offer something good to my community every day. For example, just picking up a simple piece of trash off the ground is making a positive impact on the community. Children in my age group sometimes don’t notice how many ways they can help out. There are children that give back to their community by joining organizations such as Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts or City Year. These organizations help the homeless and needy families. I also think that extracurricular activities keeps kids involved in positive ways. Participating in sports and other positive activities prevents the youth from being involved in gangs, drugs and alcohol. It also reduces teen pregnancy and the school drop out rate.” –Dejah D., 8th grader

ARETE Magazine :: SavvyDoGooder.Com

The Social Scene: Good Gossip NOLA Saints Greats Giving Back to their Community

The students at New Orleans’ Benjamin E. Mays Preparatory School received a great surprise. New Orleans Saints stars, Pierre Thomas and Courtney Roby, along with Saints legend and 2011 Hall of Fame semi-finalist, Willie Roaf, teamed up with Crocs, Inc. and Feed The Children to ensure that the students and families at Mays Prep had a holiday season that they will not be forgotten. On December 7th, the Saints superstars visited the students at Mays Prep and spoke with them about the importance of education, community involvement, and health and fitness; as well as gave free pairs of Crocs™ shoes to approximately 250 students, provided by Crocs Cares. Feed The Children also supplied approximately 400 students and their families at Mays Prep and their partner school, Carver Elementary School, with food and personal hygiene essentials. “This holiday donation is an opportunity for us to give back to the less fortunate and to a community that has given so much to us. Seeing firsthand the pure joy and excitement of a child when they receive their gifts will be a priceless moment,” said Courtney Roby. Mays Prep is a Hurricane Katrina relief school in its second year serving New Orleans’ 9th Ward Desire community where almost 98 percent of the school’s students live in Section 8 households.


Organic Beauty Vixen

Ethnic-Centered Skin Care Company Serves Skin of Color Issues While Preparing At-Risk Teens for Success By: Sherrell Dorsey

Danna Johnston didn’t have any major plans to create a company when she used to walk the aisles of her local drugstore searching for a nature-based product to help her with her skin issues. Frustrated after wasting both time and money on products just not made for darker skin tones, she decided to create AloeForMocha Skin Care—a complete line of products devoted specifically to the skin care needs of people of color. She spent years researching ingredients, learning about the main issues that affect darker skin tones (like dark circles under the eyes and hyper pigmentation) and conducting focus groups in an effort to create an effective and affordable product line. AloeForMocha Skin Care has done just that with an array of masks, toners, moisturizers, beauty kits, and cleansers customized for each person’s particular skin type. The company is based out of Seattle, Washington, but sells nationally, reaching customers online and in boutique spas and stores. Some of the ethnic-specific products include the Dark Circle Eye Gel, specifically formulated with advanced peptides to help customers address under-eye pigment issues with daily use. Another AloeForMocha popular product is the Brightening Cream, which uses nature-based ingredients like licorice root and willow bark to naturally lighten dark spots and scars for an even skin tone. Aside from the impressive and solution-oriented products, Danna Johnston has parlayed her skin care business into a not-for-profit foundation, The Danna K. Johnston Foundation, which assists youth living with challenges that detract from their success. “The Foundation is very serious about its hands on approach to making a difference in young women’s lives through tutoring and mentoring programs,” says Johnston. “Emphasis is placed on fostering the value of wise life choices while lending a hand with the utmost level of compassion and respect.” A portion of all AloeForMocha Skin Care sales is contributed to the growth of the foundation that currently works in collaboration with Seattle’s Rainier Beach High School through which at-risk female students are provided with a series of social and academic improvement activities. The Foundation strives to take a hands-on approach in its effort to make real differences in young women’s lives. “Values and wise lifestyle choices are constantly emphasized with the hope that these young women will come to understand that higher education is a real option and within their reach,” says Johnston. To discover more about AloeForMocha Skin Care and the Danna K. Johnston Foundation visit: Sherrell Dorsey is a beauty writer, licensed skin therapist and founder of Sherrell Dorsey Inc., a solution-oriented lifestyle brand of products and services that promote and encourage health, wellness, and sustain ability in communities of color. She currently writes beauty, lifestyle, and wellness articles for popular blogs and online magazines as well as her blog,


MLK Tribute

On the steps of the Lincoln Memorial on Aug. 28, 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. spoke those immortal words, “I have a dream.” Those words echo from the halls of history into our modern age; Where the thoughts, hopes and dreams of our society have returned to philanthropy, generosity and giving. Dr. King has long been celebrated as one of the most influential voices of our time, becoming an inspiration to millions during his lifetime and beyond. His legacy of peacemaking, coalition building, community engagement and progressive change, rings true, even today. As one of the foremost visionary leaders of the century, he carried an unyielding commitment to racial equality, nonviolence and compassion. Tragically, his life was cut short before he could witness the impact he would make. Dr. King's accomplishments and sacrifices paved the way for advances in civil rights, human rights, gender equality, diversity and inclusion and a renewed interest in community service. In 1986, the Federal government declared the third Monday of January a day of remembrance to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. With the passage of the 1994 King Holiday and Service Act, Martin Luther King day was transformed from a day of remembrance into a day of service. Designed to be a national day of volunteer service, Americans from all walks of life are called upon to celebrate the holiday as a “day on, not a day off,” by giving back to their respective communities, getting involved, and promoting Dr. King’s legacy. The Martin Luther King Jr. holiday is a national mirror that dares us to recognize our failings and still strive to live up to our ideals. We pay tribute to the philosophy of Dr. King, He knew that social good equals community uplift, and it must be reflected in every aspect of our lives to truly better the world around us!

7 Impactful MLK Quotes: • "I am not interested in power for power's sake, but I'm interested in power that is moral, that is right and that is good." • "An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity." • "Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase." • "Human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable... Every step toward the goal of justice requires sacrifice, suffering, and struggle; the tireless exertions and passionate concern of dedicated individuals." • "I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear." • "Nonviolence is a powerful and just weapon. which cuts without wounding and ennobles the man who wields it. It is a sword that heals." • Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.

Arete Magazine was founded on the inspiration of Dr. Martin Luther Kings quote: "Life's most persistent and urgent question is:

What are you doing for others?" Arete Magazine is a progressive new print & digital publication taking a fresh approach of telling the stories of cause, change, culture & charity. We believe volunteering and goodwill has the unique ability to bridge cultures and inspire positive transformation in individuals and entire communities. Our aim is to inspire optimism, activism and philanthropy through our content, brand and actions.

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Are you looking for new opportunities, get engaged and stay involved? Have you been seeking a hub for do-gooders and volunteers? Arete Magazine is the source for you! We connect you the community, citizens and causes that are making the most impact and inspiring change in our world. You are making a difference and we celebrate your efforts and your peers. You Care & We care Too! Follow & Subscribe To Arete Magazine. Here are 4 Ways To Join us on this social good lifestyle journey: 1) Subscribe: You dont want to miss an e-blast or an edition. Visit www. to purchase a digital/print subscription 2) Contribute: Email us your story or article and you may be featured in an upcoming blog or magazine issue. Email: 3) Advertise: Want to get the word about your fund-raiser, gala, mentoring program, professional seminar, product or day of service. Advertise! Email us for our media kit & Rates: 4) Spread The Word: Tell a friend about our Savvy DoGooder movement and encourage them to join our site We hope to see you and your Savvy DoGooder Crew making an impact out and about.

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Tasty: Creative, Culinary & Community Minded

Taste the delicious creations of culinary genius David Simms and you will be transported to the rhythms of the Caribbean and southern cuisine flavor profiles that are found in his food, i.e. succulent Swedish meatballs, savory salmon deviled eggs and sumptuous main courses of carefully prepared entrees and sides that all palettes are sure to enjoy. David Simms is the well net worked proprietor and Executive Chef of Eatible Delights Catering, with over a decade of experience under his belt and a veritable Who’s, Who of Philadelphia on his client roster. David is a proud graduated of Opportunities Industrialization Center. In 1996 formed Eatible Delights Catering, and built an amazing following. While rising through the ranks, David worked for The Olive Garden, Restaurant Associates and La Terrase Restaurant. Within his first year in business he had the honor of being selected to participate in the 1996 NBA All Star game, simultaneously providing large scale catering and event coordinating for Aretha Franklin and her entourage. Over the years David has built his empire from scratch, going on to form David’s Place Restaurant, operating a concession stand at Citizens Bank ball park, becoming an official Caterer of The Robin Hood Dell East and The African American Museum of Philadelphia. In recent years Eatible Delights with David at the helm has established a stronghold in North Philadelphia, at their Ridge Avenue commissary location, conveniently close to center city, art museum and university city catering clients. Simms uses his business to give back across the board, incorporating tenets of economic revitalization, apprentice training and reentry into his staffing and Human Resource practices. Over the last 8 years Eatible Delights has employed over 18 recovering addicts, and 10 Ex-offenders and countless unemployed low-income neighbors.. David is intensely committed to uplifting the communities where his employees live and work, he has reinvested in his employees professional development, continuing education, and personal growth. Eatible Delights is a proud partner of the Ridge On the Rise Business District involved with the beautification and other business development. Owner David Simms has established his company as a force to be reckoned with, doing over 300 events a month and donating his hospitality and catering services to big ticket non profit fund-raisers and galas, such as The Red Ball. David currently sits on the Board of Directors of the Christian Street YMCA, and the North Central Victims Unit. He is a member of the Multicultural Affairs Congress, African American Chamber of Commerce, and Diverse Philly. His clientele includes: Global Fusion Festival 2009, Philadelphia Business Journal, City of Philadelphia, Mayor Michael Nutter, Hon Cherelle Parker - State Representative, Keynatta Johnson - State Representative Dwight Evans - State Representative. Jill Scott, Aretha Franklin, The Whispers, Elton John, War, Will Downing, Patti Labelle, Peabo Bryson, Jodeci, Bell Bev Devoe, Bobby Valentino, and the late great Teena Marie. David is passionate about food service, hospitality and making his mission the betterment of communities in need. Eatible Delights Catering 2338 Ridge Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19121 215-236-3900

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Arete Magazine Salutes PECO Energy Education Team for their commitment to community and sustainable Corporate Citizenship. PECO is bettering our region by

"Giving Back & Paying It Forward"!

W h o ’s G o t N e x t . . .

Sulaiman Rahman: Chairman of African American Chamber of Commerce PA, NJ, DE “Just” Greg Corbin Founder - Philadelphia Youth Poetry Movement Paul "Frosty" Jackson S. Frosty Networx - Founder of Peace Out Anti Violence Project Tracy Webb the Founder Of Black Gives Back, President of Black Benefactors Zatina Gardner Singer / Poet / Actress. Partner - The Creative Quarters

Giving Back. Paying It Forward. It's How We Grow

Arete Magazine : Visionary Edition  

Are You A Savvy DoGooder? Then Arete Magazine is here for You! Our monthly mag spots the trends, support the movements, and highlight the pe...

Arete Magazine : Visionary Edition  

Are You A Savvy DoGooder? Then Arete Magazine is here for You! Our monthly mag spots the trends, support the movements, and highlight the pe...